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Introducing Renamel® OPALITE™ and Renamel® Flowable OPAL™ from COSMEDENT®

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024

Renamel® OPALITE™ is a new enamel microfill shade with subtle opalescent effects that brighten the tooth and give it optical depth and vitality. This particular microfill will have a color adaptive effect as well as maintaining the value of your restorations. Use as a final layer on your anterior restorations to emulate a bright natural enamel.

Renamel® OPAL™ is a flowable translucent microfill with opalescent optical properties that is unique to anything on the market. This material recreates the subtle dichroism found in natural enamel. Due to the transmission of light, when illuminated, opals and enamels will appear at times a delicate orange or blue. Use beneath the final enamel layer to create a natural incisal opalescence that is built into the restoration.

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