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Sterngold Announces Ellison Lecture

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016

Attleboro, MASterngold Dental, LLC announced the James Ellison, CDT will lecture on "Case Design for Removable Prosthetics" at the Fairmont Chicago on Friday, February 26 from 1:30-2:20 p.m.

Attendees will learn how to choose the best attachment for any patient needing an overdenture and preparation of the prosthesis for laboratory processing. Attendees will also learn the advantages of resilient attachments for removable prosthetics. For more information and details, visit

ADSO Announces Registration and Keynote Speaker for Annual Summit

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016

This week, The ADSO opened registration for the 2016 ADSO Summit at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The conference will begin the afternoon of Thursday, April 21 and go through Friday evening, April 22. Attendance is limited to ADSO members only. Learn about how to become a member here.

The summit will feature a number of distinguished panelists and speakers, including Keynote speaker Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report Editor and Publisher and National Journal political analyst. One of the nation’s leading authorities on American politics, Mr. Cook will speak about the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

With the addition of 15 new DSO members and almost 40 new Industry Partners last year, the ADSO Board of Directors and staff look forward to hosting over 600 attendees at this year’s event.

Key Events Include:

·A CEO panel – Learn from several CEOs including Steve Thorne (Pacific Dental Services), Dr. Rick Workman (Heartland Dental), Bob Fontana (Aspen Dental), and Doug Brown (Affordable Care).

·Over 20 breakout sessions with speakers including Dr. Paul Homoly (CSP), Dr. Michael Raynor, Ph.D. (Deloitte Services LP), Terry Scicluna (Integrated Dental Holding/MyDentist – UK), John Snyder (Permanente Dental Associates), Stephen Sweeney, Marko Vujicic, PhD (ADA), and more.

·Networking reception Thursday night at the world class nightclub, HYDE, at the Bellagio.

Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ:HSIC), title sponsor for the Annual Summit, is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit Follow the conversation on Twitter with #ADSOSummit.

P.I. Branemark to be Inducted Into Inventor's Hall of Fame

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016

There are 15 million Americans who have undergone dental procedures to implant crowns or bridges meant to fix gaps in their teeth or replace broken teeth, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). About 500,000 new patients are outfitted with dental implants every year and scientific literature reports a 98% success rate for these procedures. By 2022, the AAID reports that the combined market in the United States and Europe for dental implants should reach $4.2 billion.

This January 29th marks the 25th anniversary of the issue of a seminal patent in the field of dental implants, one that helped its inventor find a place in this year’s class of inductees to the National Inventors Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony in May will see Swedish physician and anatomy professor Per-Ingvar Branemark added to the list of innovators who are honored in the halls of that institution.

To read the full article at, click here.

Get Free Tickets to Sirona's Most Anticipated Celebration

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C (Jan. 28, 2016)- Sirona Dental, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry, will distribute complimentary tickets to the Superheroes of Dentistry party on Feb. 26, 2016, to those who register and participate in a brief Sirona booth tour during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (CMW)*.

Taking over the House of Blues on Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago, this superhero-themed party will thrust into action on Friday evening at 7 p.m.

All superheroes are invited to come donning their capes and masks to celebrate into the night with fellow superheroes and sidekicks! CMW attendees will not want to miss out on this night of epic proportions as Sirona recognizes our dental superheroes with a party that is out of this world.

To obtain complimentary tickets to this epic evening of amusement and lively entertainment, trade show attendees can register online to partake in a tour of the Sirona booth during the CMW exhibition. Tours are available on Thursday, Feb. 25, and Friday, Feb. 26, during regular exhibit hours (9 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.) and tickets will be distributed after the completion of the booth tour. Up to two tickets are available per person.

During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to experience the Ultimate Sirona Office and all that it entails, hear from some of Sirona’s leading clinicians, witness product demonstrations and learn more about Sirona product innovations.

Booth tours are available on a limited basis and are first-come, first-served. The party tickets will be available only after the completion of the Sirona booth tour and rules and regulations may apply.

The Superheroes of Dentistry party is the second of events leading up to the inaugural SIROWORLD celebration taking place in Orlando, Florida, in August. To learn more about SIROWORLD and to register for the tour, visit


*The Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires that manufacturers report transfers of value to physicians (such as educational programs, meals, etc.) to the Federal Government. The report includes identifying information about the physicians, including their name, business address, specialty, NPI and license number, the nature and amount of the transfer, and any explanatory details. In accordance with the Sunshine Act, it is required by law that the transfer of value of this admission to the SIROWOLRD event at the Chicago MidWinter Dental Show, provided to one attending Healthcare Provider, will be disclosed to the federal government. The ticket holder will be responsible for travel and other expenses applicable to the event. Other restrictions apply. Contact your representative for a complete list of program rules and restrictions. NOTE: The recipient of this offer is required to attend a Sirona booth tour at Chicago MidWinter. Dental professionals licensed in either California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada or Vermont may not register for this program. Other rules and restrictions may apply.

AAO Expanding Its Donated Orthodontic Services Program Nationwide

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

St. Louis – January 28, 2016 – The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) announces it is expanding its Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) program nationwide to provide opportunities for low-income children across the country to receive pro bono orthodontic treatment. The program previously operated in nine states.

“Every child should have the opportunity to have a healthy, beautiful smile that will have a positive impact throughout their lives,” says Morris N. Poole, DDS, president of the AAO.  “Thanks to the generosity of AAO member orthodontists who donate their time and talents to the program, more young patients will have the opportunity to achieve a functional bite, an attractive smile and good oral health.” 

The DOS program is designed to provide orthodontic treatment to economically disadvantaged children that lack insurance coverage or who do not qualify for other dental health assistance where they live. 

DOS is administered by the Dental Life Line Network (DLN), an organization that helps match patients who need care with doctors who can provide it.  Applications are available at  Qualifying criteria include a low-income threshold and an examination by a general dentist to assess overall oral health.  Applicants must be patients of record of a general or pediatric dentist or a dental clinic. Dr. Poole notes that many accepted patients come into the program as a result of a referral from their family dentist. 

“We are working hard to make the program as inclusive as possible,” says Dr. Poole. “A $200 program administration fee is required at the time of application.  While it’s a relatively low fee, we appreciate that it may be a stretch for some families.  To that end, provisions are in place to provide assistance, which is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.”

DOS typically advises that patients who have special needs seek orthodontic care through medical insurance or state-funded programs such as Medicaid.  

As the DOS program builds its network of volunteer orthodontists nationwide, it expects to offer free treatment to 250 young patients in the coming year. Since 2009, nearly 500 patients have been treated in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia. 

Mindful of children who do not live near a volunteer orthodontist, the DLN will attempt to identify a nearby orthodontist who is willing to offer them pro bono treatment.

In states with two or more pro bono programs, Dr. Poole recommends that families apply for only one program at a time, leaving the option open to apply for alternative programs in the future if an application is declined. 

Dental industry partners supporting Donated Orthodontic Services include Dentsply GAC International and Align Technologies. 

Crosstex's New Products to Enhance Your Waterline Treatment Portfolio

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

JANUARY 2016 – Crosstex further expanded its infection prevention and compliance portfolio with the acquisition of the Sterilex® Liquid Ultra product from Sterilex Corporation. Sterilex Liquid Ultra is a proprietary product developed for the treatment of dental unit waterlines. The product was specifically developed to penetrate and remove biofilms from dental unit waterlines, to kill biofilm bacteria and to disinfect the interior surfaces.

Sterilex Liquid Ultra is the first and only product to be granted the following claims by the US EPA: removes biofilm from dental unit waterlines; prevents and suppresses formation of biofilm in dental unit waterlines, kills biofilm bacteria and maintains dental unit waterline effluent water at less than 500 CFU/mL.

As a leading global provider of infection prevention and compliance products, Crosstex is the dental industry market leader in biological monitoring/sterility assurance and dental unit waterline cartridge systems. “With the addition of Sterilex Liquid Ultra to our product portfolio Crosstex is now the market leader in the dental waterline product category” states Andrew Whitehead, Crosstex Senior Vice President of Business Development.Gary Steinberg, President and CEO of Crosstex stated, “Dental unit waterline disinfection continues to be one of the fastest growing market segments in the dental industry. As with our DentaPure® acquisition last year, Sterilex Liquid Ultra has an equally strong market position with their unique and innovative proprietary technology that provides a strategic benefit to our overall waterline treatment business.”

About Crosstex/SPSmedical

A division of Cantel Medical, Crosstex manufactures a wide array of unique and innovative infection prevention and compliance products for the global healthcare industry. Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Crosstex is a recognized leader for its portfolio of waterline treatment, biological monitoring, sterility assurance packaging and personal protection equipment (PPE). Sold in more than 100 countries, the range of products distributed to medical, dental and veterinary practices and facilities include our award winning (5 consecutive years) Secure Fit® technology face masks, DentaPure waterline treatment cartridges, Sure-Check® sterilization pouches with internal/external multi-parameter indicators, Tyvek® pouches with 510K approval, SteamPlusType5 chemical integrators, ConFirm® and Passport®Plus in-office and mail-in biological indicators, Rapicide® OPA/28 high level disinfectant. For information on the full line of Crosstex infection prevention and compliance products, please contact Crosstex at 631-582-6777 or visit

Sterilex® is a registered trademark of Sterilex Corporation, used under license

NYU and UCLA Awarded NIH Grant to Study the Use of Non-Psychotropic Cannabinoids to Suppress Chronic Oral Cancer Pain

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dr. Brian Schmidt and Dr. Igor Spigelman will focus on the therapeutic utility of recently developed synthetic cannabinoids, which work to relieve the chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain symptoms of oral cancer without “getting high.”

Chronic pain affects more than 50 million adults in the U.S. Upwards of 9 out of 10 cancer patients suffer from pain, with oral cancer ranked consistently as one of the most painful cancers. This chronic pain management represents a major socioeconomic and clinical challenge because the side effects of existing treatments—mainly prescribing opioids—greatly limit their effectiveness, especially over time.

Alternatives to opioid treatment are found in synthetic and naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBs) which have demonstrated effectiveness in numerous chronic inflammatory and neuropathic disorders in both human and animal models. However, major impediments to the widespread use of CB-based therapies are their psychotropic side-effects, mediated by the activation of central nervous system (CNS) CB1 receptors (CB1Rs).

In other words, cannabis-based drugs work wonders to alleviate chronic pain for patients, but up until now they have come with undesirable psychotropic side effects—patients “get high.”

“We have developed a novel class of drugs, peripherally-restricted cannabinoids (PRCBs), that are free of central nervous system side effects, for treating chronic pain,” said Igor Spigelman, PhD, professor in the Division of Oral Biology & Medicine, UCLA School of Dentistry. Brian L. Schmidt, DDS, MD, PhD professor in the NYU College of Dentistry Department Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and director of NYU’s Bluestone Center for Clinical Research and the NYU Oral Cancer Center, added: “With this funding, we propose to broaden our research to determine the antitumor potential of PRCBs, their effectiveness against cancer pain, and also against chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain.”

The purpose of the five-year, $2,494,784 R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI) is to test PRCBs for oral cancer and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy pain reduction. To this end, the research team proposes three specific aims for their investigations:

1. To examine the efficacy of novel PRCBs against the chronic pain symptoms of oral cancer. The team hypothesizes that cancer pain can be alleviated by decreasing sensory fiber activation and by reducing tumor burden. Molecular and clinical assays will be used to quantify the anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of PRCBs. Other experiments will measure the decrement and restoration of orofacial function following PRCB administration. The team will also study the effectiveness of continuous PRCB administration and the possible development of tolerance to the PRCBs for the relief of cancer pain symptoms.

2. To examine the effects of novel PRCBs on proliferation and apoptosis of human oral carcinoma cell lines. Using state-of-the-art sensors which can monitor the reduction in the cancer tumor’s size or rate of growth in real time, the researchers look to measure the dose-response rates of their synthetic cannabinoids being administered.

3. To determine the effectiveness of PRCBs to suppress or prevent the painful symptoms of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathies (CIPNs) without the psychotropic effects of traditional CB treatment. CIPN is a major side effect of chemotherapeutic agents. The researchers have developed their synthetic cannabinoids which have been shown to suppress CIPN symptoms in male rats via CB1R activation, at doses that produce no CNS side effects, and without development of tolerance to daily dosing. Given potential advantages of PRCBs over brain-penetrant cannabinoids, it is important to test if pretreatment with PRCBs can prevent the development of CIPN.

The research team looks to achieve these aims through the use of innovative and validated operant assays which provide a measure of cerebral processing and orofacial function in mouse oral cancer and rat CIPN models. Gender differences in cancer and CIPN pain sensitivity and their responsiveness to PRCBs will be determined. The researchers note, to their knowledge, that no one has studied gender differences in CBR responsiveness in CIPN. Therefore, putative gender differences in responsiveness to PRCBs in CIPN and their causes must be explored. It is also important to establish dose parameters for continued suppression of CIPN symptoms during continuous PRCB administration. The team will also look at whether PRCBs are more or less effective in reducing oral cancer pain in male versus female mice. While oral cancer pain affects men more often than women, it can be profoundly difficult to relieve in both sexes.

“In order to further characterize PRCBs, we plan to perform pharmacokinetic studies and determine their receptor targets with tissue-specific transgenic mice,” said Dr. Schmidt. “We will be looking at how the synthetic cannabinoid moves through and out of the body, charting the time-course of its absorption, bioavailability, distribution within the tissues, and measuring the body’s ability to effectively metabolize the drug.”

In order to measure potential off-target actions and peripheral side effects of PRCBs, the researchers will use a suite of invasive and non-invasive physiological tools, assessing the potential development of tolerance to PRCBs after chronic administration.

“We are keenly interested to determine if pretreatment with PRCBs may actually prevent oral cancer pain and reduced oral cancer proliferation,” said Dr. Schmidt. “Successful completion of the proposed studies would allow us to translate pre-clinical findings to a clinical trial; thus this work would improve outcomes for cancer patients.”

From a public health perspective, the researchers note that, tragically, approximately half of all oral cancer patients will not be cured with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the US; however, in certain regions of the world it is the most common cancer. The intensity of oral cancer pain escalates with disease progression, and terminal patients generally experience debilitating pain during their final months of life. Currently, there is little that can be done for these patients. The global burden of oral cancer pain is enormous.

NIH/NCI Grant: 1R01CA196263 - 01A1 MPI Names: Schmidt, Brian L and Igor Spigelman

DenMat Brings in Master Ceramist Brad Jones

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lompoc, CA - DenMat® announced an important new addition to its team, master ceramist Brad Jones. In addition to his 36 years of experience creating world-class restorations for some of the world’s top esthetic clinicians, Jones is one of the few ceramists in the world who has achieved a fellowship in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). 

“We are excited to bring Brad’s expertise to the DenMat Lab,” says Robert Cartagena, Chief Operating Officer. “His ability to create beautiful, natural looking smiles with the latest minimally-invasive techniques will bring a new level of value to our customers and their patients.” 

DenMat will be introducing a number of new laboratory products and services to the dental community throughout 2016. The first of these is A.R.T., DenMat’s new Additive-Reductive Template process for Lumineers®, the No. 1 patient-requested veneer in the world.

“We are continuously looking for ways to make complex minimally invasive veneer cases simpler for our customers, and we believe that A.R.T. is an important step in this process,” Cartagena says. “This new process facilitates communication between patient, dentist, and laboratory, and ensures that what is fabricated is exactly what is desired. Ultimately, it will dramatically increase patient satisfaction and decrease remakes.” 

Jones is joining the DenMat team as Director of Esthetics and will be operating out of the company’s headquarters in Lompoc, California. As of January 2016, the company is launching updated educational programs to introduce Lumineers dentists and new customers to the A.R.T. offering. A course schedule can be found on

Roland Mills Receive Certification

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Irvine, Calif.– Roland DGA Corporation announced that its latest DWX-51D and DWX-4W dental mills have been validated by VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) for use with the company’s dental prosthetic materials, including VITA ENAMIC®, VITA SUPRINITY®* and VITABLOCS® Mark II.

“Dental materials from VITA, including hybrid ceramic and glass ceramic type materials, are becoming increasingly popular with dental technicians, dentists and their patients due to their superb aesthetic appearance, strength and shortened processing time required,” said Brian Brooks, senior dental product manager for Roland DGA Corp. “The certification provides not only an endorsement for the excellent accuracy and quality of dental prosthetics produced with our milling machines, but also peace of mind to our customers and prospects that our devices meet the high quality standards set by VITA.”

The certification has been given for milling VITA ENAMIC® with the DWX-51D equipped with ZDB-100D/50D/30D milling burs developed specifically for milling dental hybrid type materials. Introduced in 2015, the DWX-51D 5-axis dry mill is capable of producing copings, crowns, full bridges and abutments and other prosthetics from materials such as zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK and gypsum with unparalleled speed and precision. Also launched in 2015, the DWX-4W, Roland’s first wet mill, is now certified to mill VITA ENAMIC®, VITA SUPRINITY® and VITABLOCS® Mark II. The DWX-4W is specially designed for milling glass ceramics and composite resins, featuring 4-axis milling and a 4-station automatic tool changer.

“Our DWX series dental mills were purposely built using an open architecture design in order to integrate into an existing workflow with commercially available dental CAD/CAM software and hardware,” said Brooks. “This feature allows us to partner with exciting dental companies like VITA to ensure that our customers always have access to the latest, most advanced prosthetic materials rather than being locked in to a single source.”

Matt O’Connell, president of VITA North America added, “We are thrilled to partner with Roland DGA by providing cutting-edge CAD/CAM restorative materials that take full advantage of the advanced technology that Roland DG has developed.”

VITA ENAMIC® is a hybrid ceramic material which combines the high load capacity and aesthetics of a dental ceramic with the elasticity of a composite. It is finished without firing. VITA SUPRINITY® is high-strength, zirconia-reinforced glass ceramic acclaimed for its high load capacity. It also esthetics are based on integrated translucency, opalescence and fluorescence. With optimized edge stability due to fine-grained configuration, it can be used for prosthetics that require precision. VITABLOCS® Mark II is a feldspathic glass ceramic with more than 25 years of clinical experience providing bonding to the tooth structure.

Roland DGA will be demonstrating the DWX-51D and the DWX-4W milling VITA prosthetic materials at LMT Lab Day, February 26 and 27, in Chicago, Illinois. Interested attendees can also join free continuing education clinics given by Roland DGA and VITA while gaining CE scientific credits for attending.

To learn more about Roland DG's DWX dental milling machines, please visit

For more information about VITA ENAMIC®, please visit

For more information about VITA SUPRINITY®, please visit

For more information about VITABLOCS® Mark II, please visit,27568.html.

* VITA SUPRINITY® is currently not approved in the U.S.

Study shows VELScope is a Succesful Aid in Guided Surgery for Early-Stage Oral Cancer

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Vancouver, British Columbia, January 27, 2016 — LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. (“LED” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: LMD) is pleased to announce that the results of a study, titled “Fluorescence Visualization-Guided Surgery for Early-Stage Oral Cancer,” have been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association–Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.

The publication reports the findings of a retrospective, case-control observational study that was conducted on 246 patients from September 1, 2004, to August 31, 2009. The study showed a significant reduction in the rate of local recurrence of early-stage squamous cell carcinoma and high-grade precancerous lesions in patients where VELscope tissue fluorescence visualization was used to assist in determining the surgical margin for excision, compared to those patients where conventional methods were used.

“This is really a revolutionary way for surgeons to visualize a diseased region,” stated Dr. Catherine Poh, principal investigator and Provincial Oral Medicine Leader for Oral Oncology at the BC Cancer Agency. “We are now working with head and neck surgeons across Canada to conduct a multi-center trial that will convince the world to change practice and improve the treatment of oral cancer.”

“The results of this important clinical study will be of great interest to oral cancer patients and practitioners alike,” commented Dr. David Gane, CEO of LED. “It adds to the growing body of peer reviewed literature that corroborates the use VELscope as an effective adjunct in oral cancer treatment, while further supporting its use in concert with a comprehensive oral examination to screen for the presence of oral cancers and pre cancers.”

“Fluorescence Visualization-Guided Surgery for Early Stage Oral Cancer” has been published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association–Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (JAMA Otolaryngology Head Neck Surg. Published online January 14, 2016. doi:10.1001/jamaoto.2015.3211). For access to the complete study, visit

About Dr. Catherine Poh

Dr. Catherine Poh is an associate professor in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia, a clinician scientist at the BC Cancer Agency, and an oral pathologist and researcher at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. She is also a Canadian Institutes of Health Research clinician scientist and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. Dr. Poh is also one of two practicing oral maxillofacial pathologists in British Columbia, Canada, and an active staff member of the Oral Oncology Department of the BC Cancer Agency as well as the Oral Mucosal Disease Program at Vancouver General Hospital. Her primary research focus involves application of molecular and imaging tools for community screening, early detection, and management of cancerous and precancerous oral lesions.

About VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment

The distinctive blue-spectrum light of the VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System causes the soft tissues of the mouth to naturally fluoresce. Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinct patterns that are visibly disrupted by trauma or disease, such as neoplastic lesions, chemical irritation, and side effects from medication, thermal damage, and fungal, viral or bacterial infections. Use of the VELscope Vx handheld adjunctive device allows a wide variety of oral abnormalities to be discovered, often before they become apparent to the unassisted eye. It is also the only tissue fluorescence device with photo/video documentation capabilities through the viewing mechanism, a key function for referrals and patient records.

There are more than 40,000 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed in the United States alone every year and early detection is critical for survival; when detected early, the five-year survival rate rises from less than 50% to more than 80%. VELscope systems are used during more examinations for oral cancer and other oral diseases than any other adjunctive device. For more information, visit

About LED Medical Diagnostics

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, LED Medical Diagnostics Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiaries LED Dental Inc. and LED Dental Ltd, provide dentists and oral health specialists with advanced diagnostic imaging products and software, in addition to the award-winning VELscope tissue fluorescence visualization technology. Backed by an experienced leadership team and dedicated to a higher level of service and support, LED Dental is committed to providing dental practitioners with the best technology available by identifying and adding leading products to its growing portfolio. The Company is currently listed on the TSX-V under the symbol “LMD”, the OTCQX under the symbol “LEDIF”, as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “LME”. For more information, call 884.952.7327 or visit

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