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SureSmile® Aligners: Introducing Solutions for a Better Treatment Experience

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

Dentsply Sirona offers SureSmile® VPro™, SureSmile® Retainers and SureSmile™ Whitening Kit as part of its SureSmile Clear Aligner system to help clinicians provide patients with a better treatment experience.

Dentsply Sirona introduced SureSmile® VPro™, SureSmile® Retainers and SureSmile™ Whitening Kit as part of its clear aligner treatment offerings in the US. SureSmile VPro helps accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and may help reduce patient discomfort1,2,3 during treatment while SureSmile Retainers and Whitening Kit maintain patients’ brighter, whiter smiles once treatment is complete. The SureSmile Retainers are durable to withstand oral forces, including teeth grinding, without compromising effectiveness.*

The latest additions are part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to provide doctors with clear aligner solutions for a comprehensive treatment approach.

SureSmile — helping patients feel sure about their smile

By drawing on twenty years of experience in digital planning for orthodontic treatment, SureSmile combines its unique understanding of patients’ needs with advanced materials and technology to provide more predictable treatment plans with a comfortable and streamlined experience, fueled by results, to give patients the confidence boost that comes with a straighter smile.

SureSmile VPro is an orthodontic acceleration device that uses high-frequency vibration (HFV). When used with orthodontic treatment for just five minutes a day, the device delivers gentle vibrations that may reduce discomfort,1,2,3 improve aligner tracking, and accelerate tooth movement.2,3,4,5 and may speed up treatment time by up to 50 percent1,2. The device will now be included in the SureSmile Complete Case offering, the comprehensive aligner package, and is also available to order as a standalone product.

The new SureSmile® Retainer is used to maintain the alignment of teeth at the end of aligner treatment to help keep a beautiful smile. When retainers are worn as prescribed, they are an effective tool to prevent teeth relapse. The SureSmile™ Whitening Kit will also be included with all SureSmile Aligner treatments in the US at end of treatment to provide patients with a brighter, whiter smile.

With the addition of these solutions, the SureSmile system is now able to provide more options to help address patients’ needs throughout the clear aligner journey. “When patients come into my office, it’s important that they’re happy and feel equipped with the tools for a successful, comfortable treatment,” said Dr. Manal Ibrahim, who owns practices in both Naperville and Shorewood, IL.

SureSmile understands that every patient’s journey is different, that’s why they are committed to empowering dental professionals with clear aligner tools and solutions needed to provide their patients with best-in-class dental care.

For further information, please check the website:

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.

TheSureSmile VPro™ Series devices are intended for use by the orthodontic patient during treatment with aligners to facilitate minor anterior tooth movement. Rx only. See Instructions for Use for full Prescribing Information. SureSmile VPro may not be available in all countries, and this information is not intended as a promotion for any product that is not authorized by the laws and regulations of any of such countries.

* When under orthodontic treatment and used as prescribed

[1] Alansari S, Atique MI, Gomez JP, et al. The effects of brief daily vibration on clear aligner orthodontic treatment. J World Fed Ortho. 2018;7(4):134-140. doi:10.1016/j.ejwf.2018.10.002

[2] Shipley T. Effects of high frequency acceleration device on aligner treatment—a pilot study. Dent J (Basel). 2018;6(3):32. doi:10.3390/dj6030032

[3] Alikhani M, Alansari S, Hamidaddin MA, Sangsuwon C, Alyami B, et al. Vibration paradox in orthodontics: anabolic and catabolic effects. PLoS ONE. 2018;13(5):e01965.

[4] Alansari S, et al., The effects of brief daily vibration on clear aligner orthodontic treatment, J World Fed Ortho 2018.

[5] Judex S, Pongkitwitoon S. Differential Efficacy of 2 Vibrating Orthodontic Devices to Alter the Cellular Response in Osteoblasts, Fibroblasts, and Osteoclasts. Dose Response. 2018;16(3):1559325818792112. Published 2018 Aug 16. doi:10.1177/1559325818792112 

ClearChoice Partners With Planmeca to Bring Enhanced Digital Imaging Capabilities for More Cohesive Care to Dental Implant Patients Nationwide

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

Planmeca’s Innovative Viso® G7 CBCT Imaging Unit Will Serve Patients At More Than 75 ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

For over 17 years, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have provided innovative and quality dental implant care to patients across the United States. Each center focuses on the same mission: delivering patient-centric, best-in-class solutions and techniques that can improve the lives of those suffering from acute oral disease. Today, ClearChoice Management Services (CCMS), the administrative support team that serves the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center network, announces a new partnership with Planmeca and Henry Schein to further elevate the patient experience with enhanced digital imaging technology. After extensive research and a pilot that thoroughly examined multiple products, the ClearChoice doctors decided to integrate the Viso® G7, an advanced CBCT imaging unit Planmeca offers, into the ClearChoice network of more than 75 centers across the country. The distribution and implementation of the full Planmeca suite to each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center will be managed by Henry Schein Dental, the dental division of Henry Schein, Inc.

ClearChoice envisions the CBCT as the 'hub' of a digital treatment plan for a patient, with the ability to combine CBCT, intra-oral and facial scans into a complete digital record that can then be utilized throughout the patient's treatment process from initial exam to final restoration. Dr. Theresa Wang, the lead pilot Prosthodontist, noted that the Viso G7 features a large field of view with low radiation to the patient, artificial intelligence that reduces noise and scatter, as well as movement correction to provide more diagnostic images and enrich treatment plan presentations.

Dr. Thomas Berry, Vice President of Surgical Support for CCMS, also favors the Planmeca system, saying, “The Planmeca Viso G7 offers strikingly clear scans, modules for creating surgical guides, and significantly less radiation to the patient. The unit also has the ability to perform a 3-D facial photo of the patient that overlays the CBCT image.”

“The combination of superior image quality, smooth workflow and ease of use made the Planmeca Viso G7 the perfect choice for ClearChoice," stated Planmeca USA President, Glen Kendrick. “Many of the innovative features of the Viso G7 fit ClearChoice's patient-centric approach, including Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocols and Planmeca CALM, a proprietary patient movement correction algorithm. Innovative technology coupled with our dedication to continuous and ongoing education of both clinicians and staff, Planmeca is ready to partner with ClearChoice to provide a high-quality and seamless experience for a complex dental procedure," noted Kendrick. With tools for all specialties, the Planmeca integration includes the all-in-one Planmeca Romexis® software. Romexis allows for 3D visualization, customized treatment planning and centralizes 3D imaging along with the 2D intraoral images captured by the Planmeca ProSensor® HD and Planmeca ProX™ intraoral X-rays further streamlining ClearChoice’s workflow.”

The ClearChoice Network continues to be a leader in comprehensive dental implant restoration and advanced oral treatments by thoroughly testing and utilizing the latest technologies, materials and procedures. To learn more about ClearChoice, please visit or follow ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers on Facebook and LinkedIn.  

Benco Dental and Overjet Announce New Partnership

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

Global leader in dental AI and the nation’s largest independent dental distributor collaborate to bring FDA-cleared dental artificial intelligence platform to dentists everywhere.

A new partnership unites Benco Dental, the nation's largest independent distributor of oral healthcare technology and supplies, with Overjet, the global leader in dental AI. Overjet offers an FDA-cleared dental artificial intelligence platform that can accurately deliver clinical insights to improve quality of patient care and practice performance. Through the collaboration with Benco, this software will now be accessible to dentists across the U.S.

"Doctors have embraced Benco as a trusted innovation pipeline, and Overjet is leading a machine learning revolution that, in the simplest terms, liberates them from the considerable workflow inefficiencies and clinical disadvantages of being their own radiologists," said Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental Managing Director.

"We're excited to help speed the adoption of tech advances across oral healthcare, and our customer base has supported this commitment by investing nearly one in every four dollars they spend on the latest advances."

Overjet increases the diagnostic precision and accuracy of dentists through advanced machine learning methods which analyze the content of dental radiographs and identify and quantify important findings. The platform is proven to:

· increase case acceptance through heightened patient education,

· automate administrative tasks by detecting coding and billing errors, and

· increase productivity through the identification of treatment opportunities.

“We are very excited to partner with Benco. This partnership is bringing two best-in-class companies together to improve oral health for all through innovation. The combination of Overjet’s powerful dental AI and Benco’s expansive dental distribution network will further accelerate the digital transformation of AI in dentistry,” said Dr. Wardah Inam, CEO and co-founder of Overjet.

“We are also thrilled to bring Overjet’s FDA-cleared cutting-edge AI technology to Benco customers to create evidence-based dentistry that boosts operational efficiency, practice performance, and patient outcomes.”

To learn more, visit: 

Pacific Dental Services Surpasses Major Milestone in Same-Day Dental Restorations

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

PDS-supported dental practices have produced more than three million CEREC restorations with the help of computer-aided design and manufacturing, surpassing a major milestone.

Pacific Dental Services® (PDS), one of the nation’s leading dental support organizations, closed out the first quarter of 2022 by achieving a major milestone: more than three million same-day dental restorations have been produced within the company’s supported dental practices to date. PDS-supported dental practices use computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to produce dental restorations onsite, offering a convenient, high quality and efficient solution to patients in urgent need of a tooth replacement. As the first milestone of its kind in the dental industry, this achievement illustrates PDS’ commitment to clinical excellence through modern dentistry with advanced, proven technology.

The CEREC® system, manufactured by Dentsply Sirona, has been available since the mid-1980s, but less than 10% of dentists in the United States currently offer their patients this chairside, same-day solution for dental restoration. The CAD/CAM process includes the digital image, design, mill and cement of a natural-looking dental crown, inlay/onlay, or veneer on the same day, reducing the number of visits patients need to make to their dentist. PDS first implemented it into its supported practices over 15 years ago and today, nearly all of organization’s supported dental practices offer this innovative technology.

“Our goal is the ensure our supported clinicians have the ability to offer their patients the most advanced, proven technology that enables convenient and comprehensive dentistry. Achieving three million CEREC CAD/CAM restorations is a testament to that commitment,” said Stephen E. Thorne IV, Founder and CEO of PDS. “Same-day CEREC CAD/CAM technology is a key dental differentiator that allows PDS-supported dentists the ability to perform complex restorations faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than traditional restorative dentistry. It serves as a cornerstone of the comprehensive care our supported clinicians provide their patients every day.”

Bart Stears, DDS, owner dentist at PDS-supported dental practices Dentists of Tucson, Miramonte Dental Group, and Every Kid’s Dentist and Orthodontics in Tucson, Arizona, added, “CEREC CAD/CAM same-day dentistry is a standard. Today’s patients are looking for convenience, comfort, and esthetics, as well as state-of-the-art equipment that offers faster, safer and long-lasting restorations. With CEREC, I’m able to deliver all of these in the same day.” Dr. Stears has been using CEREC CAD/CAM in his general dentistry practices for nine years.

In addition to CEREC CAD/CAM same-day dental restorations, PDS-supported practices also offer patients clinical treatment tools at the forefront of oral and whole-body health such as dental-medical integrated health records which provide a better understanding of a patient’s overall health, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), digital X-rays, soft tissue diode lasers, salivary diagnostics and the VELscope® oral cancer screening system. Additionally, PDS-supported practices offer general dentistry and a wide range of specialty services in the same location, such as endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and periodontics.

DentaQuest’s Brian Jones Named to TeamSmile Board of Directors

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

His passion for access to oral health care aligns with the nonprofit’s mission to provide children in need with life-changing dental care

Brian Jones, vice president of commercial, individual and exchange for DentaQuest, recently joined TeamSmile’s Board of Directors, reinforcing both a personal and professional dedication to improving oral health for all.

TeamSmile [] is the nation’s premier advocacy group that partners oral health professionals with professional athletic organizations to provide life-changing dental care to underserved children across the country. Through their programs, children receive free oral health education, screening, and treatment and are taught to recognize that the mouth and body are linked to overall health.

Jones joins the board as its eleventh member, following his long-term involvement and support of TeamSmile through his work with DentaQuest’s corporate citizenship efforts. DentaQuest has been the exclusive national dental insurance partner of TeamSmile since 2017 and actively supports many local TeamSmile clinics across the country.

“Through community-based collaborations, we are embracing the responsibility and an opportunity to deliver a system of care that addresses the needs of children across the country. Imagine a world where all kids have access to quality oral health care in a fun, loving environment. That is why I am thrilled to join TeamSmile’s board,” Jones said. “We need to break down the barriers preventing people from accessing the care they need, starting in childhood. DentaQuest places incredible value on working with community partners, and TeamSmile shares in that belief, making this a great fit.”

DentaQuest is rooted in outcomes-based, cost-effective dental solutions to increase access to care for a variety of populations. Currently, Jones leads DentaQuest’s commercial business unit, comprising group business in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and direct-to-consumer business in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Prior to this role, he managed strategic business development activities for all DentaQuest market segments, including Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, marketplace, commercial and vision.

Prior to joining DentaQuest, Jones launched The RAIL Group, a strategic business development consulting firm where he leveraged his 15 years of corporate strategic planning, management, leadership development, and business development experience with small and large businesses, nonprofits, associations and educational institutions.  

MyAdvice Unveils New Offerings Within Complimentary Catalyst Website

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

MyAdvice, a leading provider of software-based marketing solutions for medical, dental, and law practices, announced today that it has added new functionality to its industry-leading Catalyst website. Offered free of charge and hosted by MyAdvice, the Catalyst website now provides new elements to help maximize conversions including lead capture forms on every page, click-to-call and automated chat.

With Catalyst, small practices that lack the resources needed to build websites from scratch or maintain ongoing hosting fees can easily establish a web presence. The website builder helps organizations create and customize attractive websites with pre-built content within minutes, regardless of skill level.

Designed for both desktop and mobile use, new features support existing Catalyst website functionality including:

· Curated content pre-built for all major medical and legal specialties and services

· Complete customization of typefaces, color palettes, and images to fit a particular look or tone

· Pre-designed templates for maximum user engagement

· Website builder that helps inexperienced users create and optimize web pages

The Catalyst offering is part of MyAdvice’s six-stage Pyramid of SuccessTM, a proven step-by-step plan for how and when to implement growth-oriented marketing tactics for greatest impact, including website design and maintenance, local search, client reviews, social media presence, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search.

“Having an attractive website presence is a must-have in today’s competitive business climate, especially since three in five consumers will choose one provider over another due to a robust online presence,” said Shawn Miele, CEO of MyAdvice. “With the new functionality, Catalyst not only allows organizations to ramp up attractive, effective websites quickly at no cost, but it also helps drive maximum conversions to support greater client acquisition and retention.”

For more information on MyAdvice, click here.

FDI World Dental Federation Launches Consensus Statement on Sustainable Oral Healthcare

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Paving the way for an industry Code of Good Practice

FDI World Dental Federation (FDI), today, launched its inaugural Consensus Statement on Environmentally Sustainable Oral Healthcare, aimed at moving the oral healthcare sector towards more environmentally friendly practices that ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of the profession.

The Consensus Statement was released today at a special summit organized by FDI that brought together a diverse range of influential stakeholders, including leading figures from industry as well as health professionals, academic experts, legislative authorities, and dental associations.

"It will come as a surprise to many people that the healthcare sector is responsible for around five per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, of which oral healthcare is an important contributor," said Prof. Ihsane Ben Yahya, FDI President and dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences, Casablanca, Morocco.

"The dental industry has a collective responsibility to reduce its environmental impact and today's Consensus Statement is the first major step to achieving that. The Consensus Statement reflects the growing recognition within the oral healthcare community that we must strive to improve oral health in a sustainable manner in compliance with UN targets. Healthier mouths mean a healthier planet."

Oral healthcare contributes to the environmental burden through air pollution arising from the release of CO2 associated with travel and transport, incineration of waste, lack of recyclable packaging, the greenhouse gas impact of anaesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide, and the high consumption of water.

The Consensus Statement identifies the complex drivers that underpin current behaviours and practices and recommends remediation strategies based on the 4 Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rethink.

Whilst highlighting some of the unavoidable environmental impacts linked to providing accessible dental check-ups and treatments to facilitate good oral health and reduce inequalities in healthcare. It also makes the case for minimizing "avoidable" oral healthcare, arguing that it is best achieved through both the delivery and maintenance of good oral healthcare, focused on prevention with the promotion of good oral hygiene, healthy low-sugar diets, and avoidance of tobacco.

"Prevention is better than cure and it is the most impactful and practical way of reducing the need for clinical interventions and associated environmental impacts," said Prof. Nicolas Martin, Chair of the FDI Sustainability in Dentistry Task Team and Clinical Professor in Restorative Dentistry in the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

"When treatment is required, oral healthcare should focus on the provision of durable fillings, using high-quality products and materials that will last longer and/or require fewer replacements."

The Consensus Statement is supported by a concise commentary Sustainable Oral Healthcare – A Joint Stakeholder Approach published in the International Dental Journal today. 

Crest Launches First-of-its-kind Toothpaste, Crest Densify, to Help Extend the Life of Your Teeth

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

More than half of Millennials say losing a tooth is their #1 aging concern, ahead of going gray and getting wrinkles according to a new survey*

Teeth lose density over time, which can lead to decay that wears them down, but there are simple steps you can take to help avoid this. Today, Crest – the #1 Toothpaste brand in America – is launching its biggest innovation in years, a premium toothpaste that actively rebuilds tooth density by re-mineralizing enamel: Crest Densify.

Fewer than 1 in 5 millennials rank density and enamel protection as the top benefit they look for when selecting a toothpaste, but more than half are worried about losing their teeth as they age – ahead of going gray, getting wrinkles, or even gaining weight.* That is why Crest is looking to help people invest in the wellness of their teeth, which starts with the right toothpaste and routine.

Crest Densify uses a new premium formula to offer a trusted defense against early tooth decay and features the same trusted active ingredient in many other Crest products, stannous fluoride.

How it works:

• Strengthens Teeth: Re-hardens enamel (remineralization) for strong healthy teeth

• Protects Teeth: Prevents future decay (demineralization) by creating 24-hour density protection against density loss, with twice a day brushing.

“Most people don’t realize how important maintaining the density of your teeth is in relation to the longevity of your smile,” said Carlos Quintero, Vice President of Oral Care North America, Procter & Gamble. “Crest Densify toothpaste extends the life of your teeth by actively rebuilding tooth density every time you brush. With this new launch, we want to encourage people to prioritize the wellness of their teeth every day and strengthen their smile for years to come.”

New Crest Densify is a simple switch to ensure you keep your smile healthy and strong. The toothpaste will be available in March at select retailers with nationwide distribution to follow. Learn more at or on social @Crest.

*February 2022 survey of 1,500 U.S. respondents between the ages of 24-44; OnePulse 2022

Lois Banta partners with Ryan Vet, MBA for the future of Speaking Consulting Network

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

For more than 25 years, the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) has been the authority in training and equipping dental speakers and consultants to lead with integrity in educating and furthering the dental industry. Founded by Linda Miles, CSP, in 1996, the Speaking Consulting Network has launched countless well-recognized, international names, thought leaders, and influencers.

In 2010, Lois Banta acquired the Speaking Consulting Network from Linda Miles and has led the organization for the past 12 years. The organization is known for its membership having some of the most influential speakers and consultants in dentistry for nearly the past two and a half decades.

Founding member, Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, founder and CEO of LionSpeak Communications Coaching, reflects on her journey and the future of SCN, “As a founding member of SCN, I’ve known this group was special from Day One. If you’re looking for guidance, tools, and most of all loving support for your consulting, speaking, or writing career in dentistry, join SCN. It’s like a rocketship to your dreams!”

SCN’s influence is affirmed by having more speakers present at major national meetings than any other speaking and consulting group. This includes thirteen SCN members as featured speakers at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting this past February and an additional eight speakers at the Hinman Dental Meeting this month in Atlanta, Georgia. In each, these numbers represent more speakers than from any other group or organization. The members of Speaking Consulting Network directly reach no less than 15,000 unique practices each year and its members are frequently featured in national journals, publications, and magazines.

Judy Kay Mausolf, one of dentistry’s most prolific influencers, speakers, and authors, confirms “SCN is a cornerstone dental organization and has been instrumental in helping hundreds of dental speakers, coaches, and writers flourish for over 25 years! It was truly the launching pad for my career. The future of SCN is very bright and exciting with Ryan Vet joining the helm to lead us into a very fruitful future!”

On January 6, 2022, dental industry veteran and dental speaker, Ryan Vet, MBA, partnered with Lois Banta by acquiring a majority ownership stake in the Speaking Consulting Network. He plans to continue the legacy established by both Linda Miles and Lois Banta. “When I look at Ryan Vet…I wish I could live to be 150 and see where you guys [take SCN],” reflected SCN founder, Linda Miles, on a call with the network’s members earlier this month. “Work hard and help other people,” Miles continued. “SCN is even better than I ever dreamed it could be. I look forward to seeing what Ryan and Lois can do together.”

Lois Banta will remain the CEO and the face of SCN. From the outside onlooker, little will change. “I’m not going anywhere,” Banta exclaims. Vet will primarily be working on strategic initiatives to continually reinforce the legacy of integrity and excellence in the dental speaking and consulting industry that has set SCN apart for now three generations.

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate with various organizations in a number of industries. There is something special that continually drew me back to SCN, first as a sponsoring partner, then a member. The level of integrity, the quality of excellence, and the true community was unmatched by any other organization I had experienced in dentistry, or elsewhere,” Vet reflects. “These people are the real deal. They are headlining conferences, showing up on magazine covers, and are the major thought leaders in dentistry.”

Banta adds to the excitement of the partnership by stating, “Ryan first came to SCN as a sponsoring partner. He understands the business side. Plus, he is a Millennial, and that adds perspective. Not to mention, his wife is a full-time mother and also a full-time practicing dentist.”

SCN member Roy Shelburne, DDS, also attests, “SCN, a life changer for me! Over the last 12 years I’ve witnessed this same group of empowering members share from their hearts generously to all who are part of this organization.”

Banta and Vet are committed to moving the organization forward into the next generation while adding value to its membership base and promoting excellence and integrity throughout dentistry.

The duo is excited to continually add value to its existing members as well as helping to bring new talent to the dental industry by developing high quality speakers, writers, and consultants. Additionally, Speaking Consulting Network is committed to developing even more value by providing resources and thought leadership to the industry as a whole in the coming years. 

Envista Announces DEXIS Brand Name for Imaging Business

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Envista Holdings Corporation ("Envista") today announced Envista’s KaVo imaging business will be re-branded as “DEXIS”. Dental professionals have known the DEXIS brand as the leader in digital intraoral radiography and diagnostic software innovation for over 20 years. The DEXIS brand will now represent a full portfolio of award-winning imaging and digital solutions including cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), handheld x-rays, intraoral scanners, sensors, and navigated surgical solutions.

DEXIS will combine other leading brands including i-CAT, Gendex, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, and NOMAD, which with DEXIS are pioneers in x-ray generation, digital intraoral radiography, panoramic and cephalometric imaging, and 3D CBCT imaging. We have one of the largest installed bases of dental imaging devices in the industry with over 150,000 imaging devices currently utilized in dental practices. End-users of imaging devices can utilize our new diagnostics and treatment planning software suite DTX Studio to access all clinical patient images in one place, using one software.

Envista Holdings Corporation CEO Amir Aghdaei said, "We are excited to unite our imaging portfolio under the DEXIS brand and unveil our new DEXIS logo that will be featured on our entire imaging portfolio. This is one step in our continued efforts to create integrated, digital workflows that connect all our products and enable dental professionals to treat and improve more patient lives. We are living out our strategy to digitize, personalize, and democratize dentistry and look forward to the future.”

Headquartered in the United States, DEXIS is present in over 50 countries and has a workforce of approximately 1,000 employees. Over the rest of 2022, the imaging portfolio will transition in branding from KaVo to DEXIS with different schedules by product and by region. DEXIS continues to value its distributor partnerships and is excited to partner with distributors around the world to bring end-to-end, digital, diagnostic workflow solutions to dental professionals.

The DEXIS sales and service teams can be reached at Learn more at or @DEXISimaging on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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