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Sirona C30 to Deliver Comprehensive Digital Dentistry Curriculum

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Charlotte, NC (August 31, 2015) –Sirona Dental, Inc., the worldwide leader and pioneer of digital dentistry, will provide dental professionals with the highest level of education at its widely anticipated CEREC® 30th (C30) Anniversary Celebration. The three-day CAD/CAM extravaganza is scheduled at The Venetian® Hotel and The Palazzo® Hotel in Las Vegas Sept. 17-19, 2015.

Recognized as one of the world’s premier digital dentistry meetings, C30 is a comprehensive educational forum comprised of the leading minds and speakers in the CAD/CAM dental world, C30 will provide up to 18 CE credits across a full spectrum of digital dentistry topics and tracks including CEREC, Schick Intraoral Imaging, GALILEOS® Extra Oral Imaging, inLab®, and Orthodontics.

Sirona recruited a plethora of top-notch keynote speakers to enlighten and inspire C30 attendees, focusing on techniques, issues, and solutions unique to CEREC® users. General session speakers include: Frank Spear, who will discuss optimal patient care in the digital world; Rella Christensen, who will instruct how to overcome challenging clinical situations related to lithium disilicate; Sam Puri, who will review how properly prepare, fit, and finish CEREC® restorations; and James Klim, who will delve into the art of creating aesthetics.

Additionally, breakout sessions are available to cover many disciplines, including digital radiography, laboratory, implantology, and much more. “All dental professionals attending C30 will be enriched as a result of the immense educational curriculum,” remarked Michael Augins, president of Sirona Dental, Inc. “Sirona has enlisted some of the foremost individuals in the digital dentistry world to help CEREC practitioners enhance and differentiate their skill sets via a multitude of innovative lectures and hands-on courses.”

In addition to second-to-none clinical education, C30 will keep attendees engaged with world-class entertainment, including business and leadership speeches made by globally-renowned life success coach Tony Robbins; and Emmitt Smith, former NFL great-turned business entrepreneur and philanthropist. Furthermore, Grammy-Award winning rock band Train is set to perform on Friday, and C30 attendees will close out the event as they “Party Like a Rock Star” Saturday night at TAO the Nightclub.

For C30 participants who have yet to book a hotel room, special rates are available using a Sirona room block at The Mirage® Hotel for as low as $159 per night. All rooms in the Sirona room block at The Mirage are available on a first-come, first-served basis, are subject to availability, and may sell out at any time. The Mirage® is located across the street from The Venetian and The Palazzo, making it a convenient stay for attendees of the biggest event in digital dentistry.

To view a full listing of all educational courses and speakers, make hotel reservations, and for all additional information and registration, dental and laboratory professionals are encouraged to visit

NADL Cautions About Sources of Implants

Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015

Tallahassee, Fla. – The dental implant and prosthetic market in the US is projected to reach $6.4 billion in 2018, according the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. More than 30 million Americans are missing all their teeth in one or both jaws and require an implant procedure. With the increasing demand for dental implants, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) created the “What’s In Your Mouth?” campaign to inform dentists about what they can do to ensure quality restorations for their patients.

When a patient goes to the dentist and receives a treatment plan for implants, he or she might assume their dentist creates his or her restorations. However, because implants and other dental restorations are typically created in dental laboratories, it is difficult for dentists to know how the implant was produced, the condition of the laboratory, or what materials were used. 

“No matter how well trained a dentist is or how clean his or her dental instruments are, the patient could still suffer health complications if the implant contains grey-market materials,” says Gary Iocco, co-chair of the NADL Public Awareness Committee.

According to a 2014 NADL Materials and Equipment Survey, more than 85 percent of dental laboratories provide custom milled implant abutments for dentists. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission, nearly 38 percent of dental restoration units are made overseas by foreign dental laboratories. Additionally, domestic laboratories remain unregulated in more than 40 states by their respective state boards of dentistry.

As implant demand continues to rise, NADL’s “What’s In Your Mouth?” initiative suggests 5 ways dentists can ensure their patients are getting the quality restorations they deserve.

1. Dentists can find out if their state requires minimum dental laboratory standards here.

Most state dental practice acts do not regulate or set standards for operation for dental laboratories or dental technicians. It is important that dentists seek to work with individuals and companies that have voluntarily achieved “third-party verification” of their skills, knowledge and operating standards.

2. Dentists can find a Certified Dental Technician to work with here. (Click on the CDT logo under “Show”)

The ability of dentists to deliver a high standard of care in restorative and cosmetic dentistry is enhanced by working with a formally educated, trained, and/or Certified Dental Technician. Dental technicians bring considerable experience and subject matter expertise in the areas of dental materials, technology utilization, shade verification, and implant dentistry. Dental technicians are true partners in helping dentists grow their practice. Dental technicians, although generally operating behind the scenes in the oral health team, are a crucial part of ensuring the delivery of quality dental care.

3. Dentists can find a Certified Dental Laboratory to work with here, and find a Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit System (DAMAS) accredited laboratory here.

Dental restorations increasingly are being imported from countries like China, India, and Vietnam. Depending on the country, those dental laboratories might not be subject to the same scrutiny that domestic laboratories receive from the US Food and Drug Administration. It is crucial for dentists to be informed of where exactly they are getting their restorations from.

The DAMAS specifications provide a clear-cut process for improving documentation in every facet of laboratory operations including: dental prescriptions/work authorizations; patient contact materials; subcontractor/supplier agreements; material and equipment purchases; employee training; maintenance and calibration of equipment; labeling; customer complaints; and material traceability. To ensure product quality and foster a professional industry relative to quality assurance, NADL offers this system as a resource to dental laboratories.

4. Dentists can stay up-to-date on legislative updates here.

Staying informed will help dentists and their staff become a go-to source for patients’ restoration questions.

5. If dentists are working with a CDT and CDL, they should inform their patients that they are receiving quality dental restorations. 

Patients have a right to know. Patients should have access to their personal dental records that outline the patient contact materials that are used in their restorations and also in what country such finished restorations are manufactured. Patients should be aware that approximately 25 percent of domestic dental laboratory sales and 38 percent of actual restorations are manufactured overseas. There are 42 countries that currently have foreign dental laboratories registered with the US Food and Drug Administration.

For information on the campaign, please visit the website:

SaliMark OSCC Salivary Diagnostic Test Available Now

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

Broomall, PA – August 26,  2015 – PeriRx LLC, a premier developer of breakthrough, non-invasive, oral diagnostic technology, has officially launched SaliMark™ OSCC, an advanced molecular DNA test for the early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma. The salivary test is now available from the online ordering systems of Henry Schein Dental, Patterson Dental and Benco Dental*.

“We’re very excited to bring this accurate, easy-to-use and non-invasive oral cancer screening tool to market,” said Stephen M. Swanick, CEO and founder of PeriRx, LLC. “The fact that these three leading dental suppliers all agreed to distribute SaliMark™ OSCC is a not only a testament to its efficacy but also their recognition of the test’s strong potential to lower the mortality rate of what the National Institute of Health says is the world’s sixth leading cause of cancer, which kills one American every hour of every day.”

Development of this simple-to-use, painless and noninvasive test was based on the strong scientific foundation of NIH-funded research with initial discovery and pre-validation work conducted by Dr. David Wong of the University of California at Los Angeles.  What’s more, more than a decade of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and National Institute of Health-supported research make SaliMark™ OSCC the world’s most scientifically-validated molecular DNA biomarker test for oral squamous cell carcinoma.

The test is indicated for use when a visual oral examination (via naked eye or fluorescent device) detects a suspicious lesion or oral mucosal abnormality. SaliMark™ OSCC’s highly-accurate risk assessment capabilities can help the clinician make a more informed and confident decision on whether to refer the patient to a specialist for a biopsy.

“Although biopsies are the gold standard for determining pathology, they are invasive procedures that come back negative 90% of the time,” explained Swanick. “SaliMark™ will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of any oral cancer exam protocol.”

For more information about PeriRx, LLC or its SaliMark™ OSCC salivary test for oral squamous cell carcinoma, including scientific data, presentations, videos, peer-reviewed dental journal articles and product literature, visit, call 610-544-3500 or send an email to

*Not yet approved for sale in the state of New York. Regulatory approval process is currently in progress. However, New York dentists who pre-register their practices online will be kept on file and notified immediately when SaliMark™ is approved for sale and use in their state.

Benco Delivers Singular Style with Herman Miller and Nemschoff

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

PITTSTON, PA — August 27, 2015— The sophisticated furnishings of Herman Miller and Nemschoff have been used in stylish, versus sterilizing, healthcare environments for five decades, elevating the human experience of care. As a new Herman Miller Healthcare dealer, Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately-owned dental distribution company, now offers oral health professionals an elevated new world in which to work.

The integration of Herman Miller and Nemschoff lines of furniture into its CenterPoint design showrooms will allow Benco Dental to provide a unique opportunity for its customers: Addressing all of their interior design needs in one place. 

“From flooring to wall coverings, and now with the addition of the Herman Miller and Nemschoff lines of furniture, our CenterPoint Design team is ready to create the dental practice of singular style. With our new product offerings from Herman Miller, our company has proven its commitment to being the sole source for all dental practice needs,” said Pat Arsenault, Director of Equipment Sales and CenterPoint Services at Benco Dental.

Aligned in their missions of empowering great people to do great work, the three enterprises offer products and services of a complementary nature as well. Founded in 1950, in 1957 Nemschoff entered the healthcare market with designs based on a study exploring ways to improve care for the elderly. This began the company’s legacy of research-based design. Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff made their official debut as unified brands in 2011, bringing together unmatched expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive product offering globally. Within the past 83 years, Benco Dental has grown from a single downtown location to a national network of more than 65 regional locations, five distribution centers, and two design showrooms.  Those CenterPoint design showrooms, one at the company’s Pennsylvania headquarters and one in Southern California, feature North America’s largest selection of dental equipment and technology, as well as a hands-on dental design experience, to assist dentists in the planning and construction of a new office.

Charles Cohen, Benco Dental managing director, said that he looks forward to uniting Benco’s full-service approach with Nemschoff’s commitment to craftsmanship and Herman Miller’s research-led approach to offer inventive designs based in ergonomic and healthcare expertise.

“As part of the Benco difference, we strive to deliver a broad array of products and services and insightful solutions. We begin each initiative by asking ‘what does the customer want’,” Cohen said. “Our goal is to combine Herman Miller and Nemschoff’s problem-solving design with Benco Dental’s industry expertise and willingness to try new ideas.”

IADR: Brazil’s National Oral Health Policy An Example for Other Nations

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

Alexandria, Va., USA – Today, the International and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) published a Discovery! article titled “10 Years of a National Oral Health Policy in Brazil: Innovation, Boldness and Numerous Challenges.” In it, authors Gilberto Alfredo Pucca, Jr., University of Brasília; and Mariana Gabriel, Maria Ercilia de Araujo and Fernanda Campos Sousa de Almeida, University of São Paulo, discuss Brazil’s National Policy of Oral Health, also known as “Smiling Brazil.” 

Brazil is the only country with more than 200 million inhabitants that has a universal health system, funded by federal, state and municipal budgets. In recent decades, the system has evolved from an exclusionary to a universal model, the unified health system (Sistema Único de Saúde [SUS]), where everyone is entitled to healthcare and the government is required to provide it. Primary healthcare is the backbone of the new system, in keeping with the guidelines set forth by the Primary Healthcare Reform, recommended by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization. 

Evidence shows that Brazil is tackling its health inequalities. In a clear demonstration that the country is overcoming this challenge, it was removed from the World Health Organization’s hunger map in 2014, after 22 million were lifted out of extreme poverty, meaning that the segment of the population living in extreme poverty fell from 25.5% to 3.5% between 1990 and 2012. For Brazil to take these strides, it had to deploy actions across different sectors and take individuals as well as society as a whole into consideration. Bearing in mind this integral approach, oral healthcare was incorporated into the public healthcare system. 

Smiling Brazil was launched in 2004. Under its initiative, oral health was designated one of the four priority areas of the SUS. This policy changed the concept of oral healthcare by pursuing the integral care system envisaged for SUS at its creation. The authors of this paper believe that smiling Brazil is an extraordinary experience that can be emulated and adapted to the conditions of other countries and other healthcare systems, evidently taking into account internal political and budgetary considerations. Positive evidence of the accomplishment of this goal can be attested to by observing: oral health epidemiological indicators; financial investment and professional development; and the building of an oral healthcare network throughout the policy’s existence. 

 “As IADR strives to improve oral health worldwide and eliminate oral health disparities, it’s encouraging to know that the Smiling Brazil initiative has been successful and is helping Brazilians have access to oral health care,” said IADR Past President Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro. “I hope that Smiling Brazil can serve as an example to other nations that are researching methods to eliminate healthcare disparities and provide all its citizens with access to health care.” 

The Discovery! article “10 Years of a National Oral Health Policy in Brazil: Innovation, Boldness and Numerous Challenges” is available in the OnlineFirst portion of the JDR, at Reporters and writers may contact Ingrid L. Thomas at to request a PDF. 

ACP Honors Technician Pigliacelli

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

CHICAGO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)Steven Pigliacelli, MDT, will receive the Dental Technician Leadership award from the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP). Pigliacelli is to be honored during the 45th Annual Session of the ACP held in Orlando from October 21-24.

Pigliacelli has more than 30 years of experience with Marotta Dental Studio as a dental implant specialist. He is a Certified Dental Technician with the National Board for Certification and has a Master of Dental Technology from the ASMDT Certificate program at New York University. Pigliacelli is a Faculty Instructor in Post-Graduate Prosthodontics at NYU College of Dentistry, Department of Prosthodontics.

He manages Marotta Dental Studio and is the technical liaison between the dentist and the laboratory for case planning, telephone support, and quality control. He directs the GPR and Prosthetic Resident Rotation at Marotta, an intensive educational program that focuses on dental technology and the value of the technician/dentists relationship.

"I am honored to be selected for this award," Pigliacelli said. "I welcome being a part of a community that focuses on new and challenging ideas and strategies in today's changing world of dentistry."

The Dental Technician Leadership Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the prosthodontic community and made outstanding contributions to the dental laboratory profession and the discipline of prosthodontics.

Heraeus Kulzer Launches Universal Bonding Agent

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015

South Bend, Indiana, August 27, 2015 –Several definitions for the word ‘universal’ seem to exist on the dental market when describing a bonding agent.  Yet, universal simply means ‘generally applicable’, and that is how it should be. For an adhesive to be generally applicable, it should naturally be compatible with all kinds of dental materials. It should also work with different bonding techniques and cover all indications for the adhesion of direct and indirect restorations. To be truly universal, it should also be conveniently easy to use and precise in application. As a basic requirement, it must be safe and provide excellent, durable bond strength. Last but not least, as a modern bonding agent, it should meet all these demands in one bottle.

With iBOND Universal, Heraeus Kulzer introduces a new bonding agent that combines all these properties in an intelligent new formula for instant and reliable bond strength.

For the creation of iBOND Universal, scientists from Europe and Japan have cooperated in order to develop a bonding agent that combines the best of two worlds. The result: an acetone-based universal adhesive with a unique moisture control system. Acetone acts like a water chaser and supports the fast evaporation of water. During the air-drying, the water phase is separated from the monomer phase and improves the bonding efficacy. This effect leads to easier air-drying, reduced technique-sensitivity and a homogeneous bonding layer. The different components interact to allow the fast evaporation of water, effective etching, and good penetration into the dentinal tubules. This intelligent new formula of iBOND Universal contains MDP and provides instant and reliable bond strength.

iBOND Universal is also compatible with light-, self- and dual-cure materials without the need of a dual cure activator. That means reliable bond strength for all common types of restorations and materials, from resin cements and core-build-up materials to self-cure composites and compomers for the cementation of indirect restorations. Silicate ceramics are bonded with the additional iBOND Ceramic Primer. iBOND Universal can be applied for bonding of direct restorations for all cavity classes and fissure sealants, sealing of cavities and core preparations, cementation of indirect restorations, or sealing of hypersensitive tooth areas. Restoration fractures or chippings and localized caries lesions at the restoration margin can be repaired at one appointment instead of costly replacements, making the process very effective and economical. This allows the direct, easy repair of all types of dental ceramics including oxide and silicate ceramics, composites and metal restorations with one layer of iBOND Universal in combination with composites.

As one of the world’s leading dental companies, Heraeus Kulzer once again proves its profound knowledge of clinical needs and innovative products.  

2015 Dental Industry Metrics Report Now Available

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

PEORIA, AZ: august 27, 2015-The 2015 Dental Industry Metrics Report© is now available from The Anaheim Group, publishers of Dentalfax® Weekly. The 365-page report contains performance data on 90 publicly traded dental industry companies. The report includes companies based in over a dozen countries.

The 2015 Dental Industry Metrics Report contains information such as sales growth, earnings per share, market value, return on assets and return on equity, number of employees, price to earnings ratio, and sales multiple for each company profiled. In addition, the report includes industry-wide averages for insurance companies, manufacturing organizations, lab management firms, practice management companies, distributors, and consumer over-the-counter product firms. All of the sales and stock data are for the completion of the most recent fiscal year for each company.

The 2015 Dental Industry Metrics Report is a useful resource for investors, as well as dental company executives interested in comparing their company’s performance against specific competitors or the industry as a whole. The report is available immediately via Direct Download for $295. To order the report or obtain additional information, send an email to or call 623-334-0091. A faxable order form may be downloaded at

Investing Tooth Fairy Money Could Payoff in Retirement

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015

OAKBROOK, Ill., Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- It'll take a little discipline and a lot of patience, but it turns out a good source for retirement income for today's kids may be right under their pillow. According to a new analysis out today from Delta Dental Plans Association, if today's 6 year olds invest all the money they receive from the Tooth Fairy, they could be sitting on a combined total of roughly $70 billion by the time they reach 67, the traditional retirement age.

That could mean a whopping $21,000 per child when current 6 year olds in the United States hit retirement age, if, that is, they invest all their Tooth Fairy earnings. Delta Dental's 2015 The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® found the Tooth Fairy visited 81% of homes in the United States, meaning out of the current 4.1 million 6 years olds about 3.35 million received gifts.

The retirement income figure is based on a 6 year old (average age for 1st tooth loss) receiving the national average Tooth Fairy gift of$4.36 (from Delta Dental's most recent survey of U.S. parents of 6-12 year olds), with 6.5% in-mouth inflation (the typical increase for Tooth Fairy gifts from year to year) for each subsequent tooth, and a 9.6% return on investment based on historic stock market returns (S&P 500 average) per year until they turn 67.

By region, the retirement savings will vary in line with the average 2014 Tooth Fairy gift:

  • Northeast: $20,477 (average 2014 Tooth Fairy gift of $4.16)

  • Midwest: $13,910 (average 2014 Tooth Fairy gift of $2.83)

  • South: $25,362 (average 2014 Tooth Fairy gift of $5.16)

  • West: $23,004 (average 2014 Tooth Fairy gift of $4.68)

According to Delta Dental's The Original Tooth Fairy Poll®, the average Tooth Fairy gift reached a record high last year, up 24.6% from 2013 when the average gift was $3.50

Implant Company Noris Comes to US

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Buffalo, New York has been a hub for premier dental work and dental education for the past 10 years and continues to grow with support from domestic companies. But it was not until recently that international companies gained interest in Buffalo and its dental niche.

Reports from WGRZ, ADA, BizJournals, and the Buffalo news have shed light on a major partnership that has been established between two dental gurus. Noris Medical has agreed to partner with Evolve, the digital arm of Cheektowaga, New York-based Evolution Dental Science.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), Noris is touted as “one of Israel’s largest manufacturers of implants and dental devices.” This partnership will establish a US headquarters for Noris, which already has offices in Rome, Moscow, Mexico, Barcelona, and Mumbai. Noris' business reach stretches to 20 countries worldwide. Bringing in Noris medical will not only give Evolution premium products and a respected household name in the dental industry, it will also create new jobs for the Buffalo dental community. Evolution forecasts that this partnership will create 25 to 30 jobs ranging from sales positions to administrative staff.

“We’re just adding to the heavy dental community that we already have here, with Ivoclar (Vivadent), UB Dental, Great Lakes (Orthodontics), and Evolution,” says Andy Jakson, Evolution's Owner and CEO.

Evolution Dental Science has been in business for 21 years but is always looking for ways to advance its product quality and development.

“We really fell in love with their line of implants and the quality of implants that Noris provides,” Jakson says.

Evolution will look to combine cutting‐edge laboratory technology with quality implants provided by Noris to create the most advanced dental laboratory Buffalo has to offer. Jakson has a close personal connection to the dental education system in Buffalo, having started his career studying at the Harkness Vocational Center. Through this new partnership, both Evolution and Noris say that they will look to advance the availability of new-age dental education in Buffalo.

"This was highly suited with a university here, a dental school here, and the quality of the workforce that we're looking at to add on. It's great," says David Sklarski of Noris USA.

Evolution also will provide dentists and oral surgeons with the proper training and on-site education needed to work with these new implant systems. Both companies can hold their own separately, but together they look to create a new digital dental identity.

“With them, we could do everything much bigger, much faster,” says Remi Siev, owner and CEO of Noris.

Both companies expect these changes to be implemented within the immediate future and are hopeful for the advancement of available dental education within the Buffalo community.

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