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Imagine a future where every brushing is effective

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2024

An innovative solution to pediatric preventative oral care was unveiled at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) annual meeting, held in Toronto May 23-26, 2024, that promises effective plaque removal for every child.

Introducing the NEW Willo AutoFlo+, a fully automated toothbrushing system, designed to give all children more consistent toothbrushing results.

Manual plaque removal is the mainstay of oral health, but children struggle to brush their teeth effectively, due to:

• Lack of dexterity - young children particularly may lack the motor skill development to ensure consistency

• Limited patience and focus – children can get distracted

• A lack of understanding of proper techniques

The NEW Willo AutoFlo+ toothbrush with OptiClean brush head addresses the challenges of childhood toothbrushing to deliver effective brushing through automation.

Consistent bristle positioning - for effective cleaning of facial, lingual and interproximal surfaces

Consistent brushing motion – bristles gently sweep side to side to effectively remove plaque

Consistent duration – 2-minute timer takes the guesswork out of brushing time

Manual or powered toothbrushes need to be properly positioned and are manually moved around the mouth, which can result in missing hard-to-reach areas. The new Willo OptiClean brush head ensures bristles are in contact with each tooth for the full duration of the brushing cycle, meaning every tooth surface is covered.

The plaque removal power of automation

A randomized, examiner-blinded study, showed that the Willo automated toothbrush demonstrated significant plaque removal during a single use compared to an ADA approved manual toothbrush in children aged 5-13. (p<0.001, N=63)1

• Reduction in plaque measurement ~60% after brushing with Willo compared to 20-25% with a manual toothbrush1

• Willo was superior in all areas of the mouth with up to 7.1 times more plaque removal vs the control toothbrush in the posterior lingual region1

To discover more about how pediatric toothbrushing is being transformed through the power of automation, visit


1. Willo Data on File. Plaque Study 2024


CDOCS Introduces “Practice to Patient Blueprint for Clear Aligner Success” Hands-On Workshop

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2024

With clear aligner patient demand continuing to rise, CDOCS is taking a distinct approach to clear aligner hands-on training to help digital dentists on their journey to clinical excellence and economic success.

“We’ve seen workshops that tackle the business side of clear aligners. We’ve seen workshops tackle the clinical side. We are exceptionally positioned to provide expert training on both in one workshop,” said CDOCS Faculty Chair Dr. Dan Butterman. “Clear aligner therapy is a digital experience. No one has trained and supported more digital dentists successfully than CDOCS.”

Taught by Dr. Vishal Sharma and Dr. Ankur Gupta, CDOCS introduces its Practice to Patient Blueprint for Clear Aligner Success hands-on workshop. Utilizing a practice-to-patient approach over the two days of learning, this workshop uniquely combines both the integration and implementation of clear aligner protocols into the whole practice and the clinical essentials needed to deliver predictable, aesthetic results.

What Will You Learn?

On day one, attendees can expect to learn best practices and strategies for marketing, billing, team engagement, and patient acquisition.

Participants will also receive the proven “Clear Aligners Success Guide: Team Scripts to Boost Case Acceptance,” highlighting practical scenarios encountered in practices and providing detailed guidance on how different team members should respond.

On day two, the focus shifts to clinical essentials needed to deliver predictable, aesthetic results efficiently and effectively every time, including attachment placement and IPR. These methods were developed to build confidence in a dentist’s ability to do more cases and make seamless “when to treat, when to refer” decisions by implementing straightforward clinical protocols that simplify case selection, delivery, and follow-up.

“Dr. Sharma and I are practicing dentists, so we know the issues our peers face,” Dr. Gupta said. “We know it’s hard to not sound sales-y when talking clear aligners with your patients. We know case selection can be difficult. We know attachment placement and IPR can seem daunting. Well, Dr. Sharma and I have learned the strategies that have created some of the world’s most successful clear aligner practices and are ready to share them with you to address all your questions in a relatable manner.”

Who is the Ideal Attendee?

This workshop is ideal for ALL clear aligner systems and all general dentists and their team members, no matter where they are in their clear aligner journey.


CDOCS, a Spear company, is the world’s largest community of digital dentists and the leading provider of digital dentistry education, equipping dental professionals with the clinical training and resources to achieve modern dental excellence. Since 2006, CDOCS has empowered members through specialized educational tracks, hands-on workshops led by experienced faculty, and supported by the world’s largest community of modern dentists. Whether new to digital workflows or a seasoned practitioner, CDOCS offers membership tiers to support continuous skill development and practice growth. As the premier destination for modern dental technology education, CDOCS is committed to helping members thrive in the digital age. For more, visit

Pictured: Dr. Ankur Gupta (left) and Dr. Vishal Sharma will be teaching “Practice to Patient Blueprint for Clear Aligner Success” Hands-On Workshop.


Pro Football Hall of Fame Running Back & Entrepreneur Emmitt Smith to Keynote at the Productive Dentist Academy Conference

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA), the leading dental consulting and marketing firm in the nation, is thrilled to announce that Pro Football Hall of Fame Running Back Emmitt Smith will be the keynote speaker at the Productive Dentist Academy Conference, which will be held September 12-14, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Frisco, Texas. This year’s conference is especially significant as it marks the 20th anniversary of PDA, celebrating two decades of excellence in dental productivity, practice growth, and creating Investment Grade Practices™ around the nation.

“We are leveling up our speakers and content this year, and inviting Emmitt Smith — an icon of perseverance and excellence — as our keynote speaker is a testament to that,” says PDA Co-founder & CEO Dr. Victoria Peterson. “To celebrate our 20th year, PDA is committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our attendees, ensuring they leave empowered and equipped to transform their practices and earn the lives they deserve to live.”

Emmitt Smith’s illustrious professional football career spanned 15 seasons, during which he set records for most career rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. His achievements include three championship rings, eight Pro Bowls, and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Beyond football, Smith is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, which makes him the perfect keynote speaker for the PDA Conference.

“I am truly excited to present the keynote address at the Productive Dentist Academy Conference,” says Smith. “I look forward to sharing my journey and insights with productive dental professionals who are all dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement.”

The PDA Conference promises a comprehensive, full-immersion experience designed to help dental professionals increase production, decrease stress, and elevate the patient experience. Attendees will benefit from tailored learning tracks, including:

Productivity: For first-time attendees, focusing on unlocking peak productivity through scheduling, patient advocacy, team alignment, comprehensive diagnosis, financial access, and authentic marketing.

Clinical Calibration: Enhancing co-diagnosis, periodontal care, risk assessment methods, and patient communication.

Investment Grade Practice™: Aimed at maximizing practice value and positioning for long-term success, with a focus on business acumen, market messaging, and attracting high-quality employees.

“This year’s conference is designed to immediately boost productivity and well-being for our attendees,” says PDA Chief Communications Officer Regan Robertson. “With hands-on workshops and expert-led sessions, we’re excited to provide an environment where dental professionals can align their team systems, reclaim their time, and achieve their personal and professional goals.”

For more information about Productive Dentist Academy or to register for the PDA Conference, please visit

About Productive Dentist Academy:

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) is an award-winning dental business and marketing consulting firm based in Anacortes, WA. At PDA, we know independent dentists are uncertain about the future of private practice and are concerned there may be no other option than to sell to a dental service organization (DSO). That's why PDA built the Investment Grade Practice™ platform to be the advocate and level the playing field so independent dentists can optimize profitability, improve patient experience, and align teams to the dentist's core vision. Founded in 2004, employee-owned PDA empowers thousands of dentists internationally so they can make confident decisions as a leader, re-engage their passion, and achieve financial and personal satisfaction. For more information, call 800-757-6077, email, or visit

Pictured above: Pro Football Hall of Fame Running Back & Entrepreneur Emmitt Smith


America’s ToothFairy Set to Exceed $20 Million in Donated Products for Safety-Net Dental Clinics

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

When Edward* brought his family to their local food pantry in Summit, New Jersey, to pick up fresh produce, his children had more than hungry bellies. Sadly, his four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son had learned to live with dental pain. Everything changed for them that day when Edward learned that the KinderSmile Oral Health Program would be visiting the food pantry to connect families with essential dental services.

Upon examination, the KinderSmile team discovered 12 cavities and the need for multiple root canals, deep fillings, and extractions for Edward’s daughter, and eight cavities in her little brother’s mouth. It was a predicament KinderSmile is all too familiar with; delayed treatment turning minor tooth decay into an urgent dental crisis.

For families like Edward’s, dental care is a luxury that is often out of reach for many reasons. 

In communities with high poverty rates or a shortage of affordable dental care providers, safety-net clinics like KinderSmile can struggle to keep up with demand. Children who live in these communities often wait a year or longer to get an appointment, leading to more costly treatment.

“Dental insurance, transportation, inconvenient hours for working parents, and lack of professionals who are willing to spend the extra time and resources to treat patients who are very young, those who may have behavioral problems, or those who need more time because of a disability, are some of the barriers that underserved communities typically face,” KinderSmile’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Nicole McGrath-Barnes, said.

In recent years the organization has seen an increase in the cost of infection control and clinical supplies required to maintain the health and safety of their staff and patients. Although their monthly supply expenses have nearly doubled, they are not seeking any additional fees from patients to close the gap and provide access to oral health education and dental care regardless of insurance status.

“We rely on donated supplies to maintain the high standard of care and volume of children that we are able to serve,” McGrath-Barnes added. “We are proud to provide dental homes with the feel of private dental offices, where patients are treated with dignity, respect, and cultural sensitivity.”

As a member of the Dental Resource Program of America’s ToothFairy, KinderSmile qualifies for free resources including donated dental supplies and equipment to help them stretch their budget and serve more children. 

KinderSmile was one of 31 nonprofit dental care providers that recently received donated dental burrs from SS White Dental, which donated more than 1.2 million dollars’ worth of carbide and diamond burrs to America’s ToothFairy. Now in their 19th year, the nationwide nonprofit organization will reach more than 20 million dollars in distributed dental supplies and equipment to their Dental ResourceProgram (DRP) members this year.

“We believe that nonprofit dental clinics are the best way to ensure that all families can access the dental home their children need to treat dental disease and prevent tooth decay from happening in the first place,” said Jill Malmgren, executive director of America’s ToothFairy. “Safety-net clinics can break the cycle of poor oral health in low-income and underserved areas with support from the dental community.”

To increase access to dental care, America’s ToothFairy leverages its partnerships with major dental companies to provide donated supplies so that nonprofit dental clinics can stretch their budgets and serve more kids than they could alone. Since 2006 DRP members have provided oral health services in under-resourced communities across the United States, serving more than 10 million kids and caregivers, including Edward’s family.

Since his encounter with KinderSmile, Edward has been bringing his children regularly for comprehensive care. After several visits the kids have been receptive to treatment, and their mouths are nearly fully restored. They will be able to start school free of pain and infection, better equipped to eat, speak, sleep, play, and learn, with better confidence and self-esteem.

“We are so thankful to have SS White as a partner to help more kids get the dental care they need to be healthy,” Malmgren added. “Our program members count on the generosity of others to expand care to the kids that need it most. Donated supplies free up resources to help our members serve more children and shorten wait times.”

“We strive to change the shape of dentistry every day. It’s critical to us that kids receive dental care and resources to improve their oral health,” said Tom Gallop, CEO of SS White. “We are proud to support America’s ToothFairy and their mission to increase access to dental care for children and teens living in underserved communities.”

Other recently donated products include an assortment from Cosmedent, GC America, and Tokuyama, toothbrushes and toothpaste from Crest and Oral-B, and dental puppets and toothbrushes from SmileMakers.

For more information about donating dental products and equipment or office supplies to the nonprofit dental care providers served by America’s ToothFairy, visit

About SS White

As a dental manufacturer, SS White has always strived to bring high quality dental products to market, to enable practitioners to work more accurately and precisely, and to maximize comfort and quality for each and every patient who enters a dental office. The company proudly bears the name of its founder and continually maintains its original objective: better products for better dentistry. Learn more at

About America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation 

As a resource provider, America’s ToothFairy increases access to oral health care by supporting nonprofit clinics and community partners delivering education, prevention, and treatment services for underserved children. Since its inception in 2006, America’s ToothFairy has distributed more than $23 million in donated products, educational materials, and financial grants to improve oral health outcomes for children and youth in need. For more information, visit

*Name has been changed.


Pictured above: Staff at Dental Health Arlington in Arlington, Texas, share their thanks after receiving donated dental burrs. To date, 31 nonprofit clinics have received dental burs from a recent donation from America’s ToothFairy and SS White Dental worth more than $1.2 million.

exocad Introduces Partialcad 3.2 Elefsina for more Design Flexibility for Partial Dentures

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024

exocad, an Align Technology, Inc. company and a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider, today announced the release of PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina for the design of high-quality removable partial dentures. PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina introduces QuickSnap, a new workflow to design the first complete digital partial dentures, to all users. Additionally, the new release enables the streamlined design of screw-retained hybrid dentures, as well as the design of clasps with a single click, to save valuable design time.

“PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina is the latest evolution of software development in removable partial dentures. We aim to provide designers freedom and flexibility when tackling the challenging work of partial denture design,” said exocad CEO Tillmann Steinbrecher.

Former beta feature QuickSnap for more production efficiency now available to all users

“Labs can now 3D print the framework, gingiva, and teeth in parallel, increasing production efficiency,” said Steinbrecher. “The printed parts can be assembled in a few minutes with a light-cure assembly process, saving valuable time.”

PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina is now available in all markets where exocad software is sold.

PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina is an essential part of the Align Digital Platform™, Align’s integrated suite of unique, proprietary technologies and services delivered as a seamless, end-to-end solution for patients and consumers, orthodontists and GP dentists, and lab/partners.

exocad names its releases after current EU “European Capitals of Culture” and selected the city of Elefsina for this year’s release.

Additional information is available at

The exocad webshop is available via

About exocad

exocad GmbH, an Align Technology, Inc. company, is a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider. exocad vigorously pushes the boundaries of digital dentistry, providing flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software for dental labs and dental practices worldwide. More than 60,000 valued customers plan implants and create functional and refined restorations with exocad’s DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan software. exocad and DentalCAD, among others, are trademarks of exocad GmbH or one of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, and are registered in the U.S. and other countries. For more information and a list of exocad reseller partners, please visit

exocad announced the release of PartialCAD 3.2 Elefsina for the design of high-quality removable partial dentures. (Source: exocad) 


Hartzell™ Cone Socket Scalers and Curettes Now Available Through Nordent®

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Nordent®, a leading dental instrument innovator, is pleased to announce a new addition to their product line-up — the original Hartzell™ Cone Socket Scalers and Curettes. The industry-proven line now features 40 new tips with Nordent’s proven, tried-and-true signature stainless steel or long-lasting, sharpen-free titanium nitride (TiN) infused tips for a unique, customizable experience.

“We are excited to reintroduce Hartzell’s renowned designs to the dental industry, now backed by Nordent’s well-known quality manufacturing processes,” said Chad Cochrane, President of Nordent. “Hartzell’s unique cone socket design has long been a favorite of dental professionals, and we are so proud to make these popular, sought-after products available once again.”

Nordent partnered with dental industry veteran Andrew McIver-Hartzell on the re-introduction of the popular cone socket instruments. “I’m thrilled to partner with the Nordent Team to reintroduce the iconic Hartzell designs to the dental industry,” said Andrew McIver-Hartzell.

With the reintroduction of the Hartzell Cone Socket Scalers and Curettes, Nordent brings back the high-quality, detachable tips and compatible Hartzell handle with the added bonus of being masterfully produced by the craftspeople at Nordent. Dental professionals can replace individual tips one at a time and dispose of end-of-life tips, cutting down on office waste and costs. Hartzell’s 9.5-mm diameter, lightweight and ergonomically designed handle provides a secure handle grip with interchangeable tips that allow dental professionals to customize for their needs.

Hartzell cone socket instruments are now available through Nordent authorized distributors. For more information, please visit

About Nordent Manufacturing

A passion for premium craftsmanship and industry-leading innovations has transformed Nordent over the last 55 years into the market leader you know today. Behind the sharpest name in dentistry is a team of trusted advisors dedicated to your success and ready to provide you with unbeatable support.

“I’m thrilled to partner with the Nordent Team to reintroduce the iconic Hartzell designs to the dental industry,” said Andrew McIver-Hartzell (pictured).


Carbon Introduces AO Stack, Enhancing 3D Printing Capabilities with Increased Unattended Model Throughput for M2 and M3 Printers

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Carbon, a leader in product development and additive manufacturing technology, proudly announces the launch of AO Stack, the newest addition to its Automatic Operation suite of solutions. Specifically designed for the Carbon M2 and M3 printers, AO Stack is another software tool designed to increase printing capabilities, allowing dental labs to print multiple builds worth of DPR10 models in one print run without supervision.

AO Stack allows Carbon users to produce up to three times more models in a single unattended print cycle, perfect for the last print of the day. This underscores Carbon’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of dental lab technology and continuing the innovation within the Automatic Operation suite of solutions launched earlier this year.

“The introduction of AO Stack is a milestone in our ongoing quest to innovate and provide transformative solutions to our customers,” said Brice Harkey, Senior Product Manager of Oral Health at Carbon. “By allowing up to three builds worth of models on a single unattended print, AO Stack offers the opportunity for an increase in overnight production capabilities without additional hardware or oversight.”

Key Features of AO Stack Include:

Increased Unattended Throughput: Capable of producing up to three times more models in a single print run than traditional single-layer printing, while unattended.

Ease of Integration: AO Stack is designed for seamless incorporation into daily operations, supported by comprehensive resources from Carbon Academy.

AO Stack Availability and Integration:

Starting May 17, 2024, AO Stack will be accessible to Carbon M2 and M3 customers utilizing DPR10 as part of their subscription.

For access, please reach out to Customers must be on a software release version 1.41 or above to access this feature.

For more information about AO Stack and the AO Suite from Carbon, visit or contact your local Carbon representative.

About Carbon:

Carbon is a 3D printing technology company that empowers businesses to develop superior products and bring them to market faster. Utilizing its proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, Carbon offers versatile printers, advanced software, and high-quality materials that converge to deliver exceptional functional parts. From prototyping to mass production, global enterprises rely on Carbon's solutions to deliver products that surpass performance and aesthetic expectations. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Carbon is at the forefront of 3D printing innovation and continues to evolve its capabilities across various industries. Follow Carbon on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay updated on the latest developments.


orthobrain Awarded Product of the Year for its simplyclear Aligners

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

orthobrain®, the company that offers orthodontics to dentists, proudly announces that its simplyclear® aligners were recently awarded Product of the Year by Benco, a national, family-owned dental distributor.

The simplyclear aligner system provides patients with an easy, effective way to achieve healthier, straighter smiles.

“We started offering simplyclear aligners because of patients’ and dentists’ desire for high-quality and affordable aligners. And we go beyond the plastic. Our products come with concierge-level clinical support. That means with orthobrain, dentists are never alone when it comes to providing orthodontic care,” explained Richard Uria, President of orthobrain.

“What orthobrain offers aligns with Benco’s mission and purpose,” said Julie Radzyminski, Vice President, Business Development, at Benco Dental. “orthobrain is helping revolutionize the industry, by delivering a great product that works for the practice and their patients. The product, technology, and partnership are ways we can drive dentistry forward, together and deliver results for years to come.”

Only orthobrain offers a virtual ortho team offering access to US-based experts in business optimization and clinical support from start to finish. The brand’s Perfect Smile Plan™ features orthodontist-written diagnoses, treatment plans, aligner designs, and personalized assessment videos of patients by orthodontists. To help dentists increase revenue, orthobrain works with dentists to provide quality care that results in fewer refinements, lower costs, and ultimately increased profitability.

About orthobrain

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Dan German, an orthodontist who treated over 30,000 patients in one of the country's top teen aligner practices, orthobrain® is committed to providing confidence and opportunity to the dental community. The company offers a proven dental practice growth system that makes integrating orthodontics easy and profitable. This total solution combines digital technology, proprietary AI, learning systems, simplyclear® aligners or, and case management provided by US-based orthodontists.

About simplyclear

There are a lot of aligners on the market, but until SimplyClear® (launched in 2022), none were designed to support doctors beyond the plastic. orthobrain’s breakthrough aligner system provides dentists with everything needed to help them deliver orthodontics with confidence. For more information, please visit simplyclear aligners.

About Benco Dental

Benco is a national, family-owned dental distributor offering curated products and solutions and a committed, caring team that makes it easy for dental providers to grow more successful businesses and deliver better patient outcomes.


Planmeca Strategic Expansion of CBCT Imaging with New Product Release

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Planmeca announces the expansion of the superior imaging line to include the Planmeca Viso® G3 for the North American market—a multifunctional CBCT device to meet all 2D to 3D extraoral imaging needs. The Planmeca Viso® G3 completes Planmeca’s next-generation CBCT units alongside Planmeca Viso® G7 and Planmeca Viso® G5—all powered by all-in-one Planmeca Romexis® dental software.

“We are thrilled to offer this addition to our highly regarded Viso product line,” stated Glen Kendrick, Planmeca USA President. With all the benefits of Planmeca Viso technology, the Viso G3 allows clinics desiring a 3D with fantastic usability and outstanding image quality to be introduced to the superiority of Planmeca CBCT imaging.”

Planmeca Viso® G3 brings industry-leading usability and visibility for diverse clinics and clinical needs, from endodontics to implantology. With a Field of View (FOV) ranging from 3 x 3 to 20 x 10 cm, the Planmeca Viso® G3 offers high-quality 3D images of the full dentition and the capacity to capture detailed panoramic images and bitewing images for highly detailed diagnosis of interproximal caries.

Planmeca Viso® G3 has advanced features to ensure patient safety. These include the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ protocol, which has been scientifically proven in nine studies to reduce the effective patient dose without a statistical reduction in image quality. Additionally, the proprietary Planmeca CALM® algorithm for motion artifact correction can be applied both before and after acquisition to reduce the need for retakes, limiting radiation exposure. The Planmeca Viso® G3 includes freely adjustable 3D volume size and anatomical target selection. The user-friendly patient positioning programs, which include a live video view and virtual FOV adjustments, prioritize a patient comfort workflow. The Planmeca Viso® G3 feature set provides a smooth and efficient imaging workflow without compromising safety or patient comfort.

Planmeca’s innovative product design assures that the Planmeca Viso® G3 can be upgraded to Planmeca Viso® G5 for a larger maximum 3D volume, securing a sustainable solution to grow with an expanding practice. Additionally, expanded treatment capability is available with the addition of the Planmeca ProCeph™ one-shot cephalostat.

About Planmeca USA:

Planmeca USA is a subsidiary of Planmeca, the largest privately held company in the dental equipment market and one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of dental X-rays, CAD/CAM, and core equipment. With a North American office located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, Planmeca is well established in high-tech dental markets and currently serves 120 countries worldwide. For more information, visit


DS Core™: Upload of historical X-ray data from Sidexis® 4 software now available

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2024

Dentsply Sirona helps connect different digital systems to create flexible workflows. DS Core™, an open cloud-based platform, offers the capability to seamlessly integrate Dentsply Sirona equipment, saving the generated data centrally in a database and making it usable for various workflows as easily as possible.

DS Core™ provides dentists with a comprehensive patient media library. Previously, new media files were automatically uploaded, but the new uploader can now also integrate historical image data. The new uploader is available from the equipment menu in DS Core™. Once installed, users can upload historical data patient by patient (Sidexis® version 4.3.1 and newer) or upload all patient data for the past one, three and five years, or the entire history (Sidexis® version 4.4).

Dr. Conrad Kühnöl, a dentist in private practice from Dresden (Germany), sees this option as another important step toward systematically storing the large amounts of data generated in practices and using it expediently in patient communication and treatment: “It is absolutely essential to establish a workflow that simplifies the handling of digital data records. In my view, DS Core™ makes this sustainable for the future. The same patient data is available in the cloud for all practice computers used. Oral scans, photos or X-ray images can be viewed any time. The program organizes the data autonomously with no intervention required by the dentist. Current and historical X-ray images and photos are organized separately via interfaces between DS Core™ and Sidexis®, so the entire patient history can be retrieved. This means that each patient record remains clearly structured despite the increasing volume of data.”

“By integrating historical imaging data, we offer our DS Core™ customers a comprehensive patient overview,” explains Max Milz, Group Vice President of Connected Technology Solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “This total view of the patients’ data can reveal valuable insights for treatment planning in collaboration with specialist colleagues or lab partners. DS Core™ serves as a catalyst for holistic patient care, empowering dentists so they can advance with confidence.”

DS Core™ Communication Canvas: Annotation for 3D X-rays and canvas remembers previous arrangement of media.

In line with the expanded options for uploading historical X-ray images to DS Core™, the Communications Canvas in DS Core™ has also received several updates: Firstly, the Communication Canvas now remembers the individually set-up arrangement of media and existing annotations from a previous session for a patient, to allow the dentist to dive right into the prepared patient conversation. This makes it easier to prepare for the patient consultation and supports the evaluation of the case.

Secondly, the annotation tool has been extended. Freehand and text comments can now also be added to 3D X-ray images, not just 2D images. Relevant findings can be highlighted during consultation and used for effective patient communication.

Users can delete, edit, hide and track the annotations on slice views of the 3D X-ray image.

Further information on Sidexis® 4.4 can be found here, and more details on the new Sidexis® Uploader can be found here.

* DS Core™ subscription “Light” or higher required


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