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DS Core™: Upload of historical X-ray data from Sidexis® 4 software now available

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2024

Dentsply Sirona helps connect different digital systems to create flexible workflows. DS Core™, an open cloud-based platform, offers the capability to seamlessly integrate Dentsply Sirona equipment, saving the generated data centrally in a database and making it usable for various workflows as easily as possible.

DS Core™ provides dentists with a comprehensive patient media library. Previously, new media files were automatically uploaded, but the new uploader can now also integrate historical image data. The new uploader is available from the equipment menu in DS Core™. Once installed, users can upload historical data patient by patient (Sidexis® version 4.3.1 and newer) or upload all patient data for the past one, three and five years, or the entire history (Sidexis® version 4.4).

Dr. Conrad Kühnöl, a dentist in private practice from Dresden (Germany), sees this option as another important step toward systematically storing the large amounts of data generated in practices and using it expediently in patient communication and treatment: “It is absolutely essential to establish a workflow that simplifies the handling of digital data records. In my view, DS Core™ makes this sustainable for the future. The same patient data is available in the cloud for all practice computers used. Oral scans, photos or X-ray images can be viewed any time. The program organizes the data autonomously with no intervention required by the dentist. Current and historical X-ray images and photos are organized separately via interfaces between DS Core™ and Sidexis®, so the entire patient history can be retrieved. This means that each patient record remains clearly structured despite the increasing volume of data.”

“By integrating historical imaging data, we offer our DS Core™ customers a comprehensive patient overview,” explains Max Milz, Group Vice President of Connected Technology Solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “This total view of the patients’ data can reveal valuable insights for treatment planning in collaboration with specialist colleagues or lab partners. DS Core™ serves as a catalyst for holistic patient care, empowering dentists so they can advance with confidence.”

DS Core™ Communication Canvas: Annotation for 3D X-rays and canvas remembers previous arrangement of media.

In line with the expanded options for uploading historical X-ray images to DS Core™, the Communications Canvas in DS Core™ has also received several updates: Firstly, the Communication Canvas now remembers the individually set-up arrangement of media and existing annotations from a previous session for a patient, to allow the dentist to dive right into the prepared patient conversation. This makes it easier to prepare for the patient consultation and supports the evaluation of the case.

Secondly, the annotation tool has been extended. Freehand and text comments can now also be added to 3D X-ray images, not just 2D images. Relevant findings can be highlighted during consultation and used for effective patient communication.

Users can delete, edit, hide and track the annotations on slice views of the 3D X-ray image.

Further information on Sidexis® 4.4 can be found here, and more details on the new Sidexis® Uploader can be found here.

* DS Core™ subscription “Light” or higher required


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