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Amrulo LTD Launches A New Tool For Digital Dentistry Migration

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Providers of innovative dental management solutions, Amrulo LTD, announce the launch of a new user-friendly tool to help service providers migrate from conventional to digital dentistry

Amrulo LTD, an Israeli company that offers a dental management and service platform, strives to deliver the best digital dentistry experience to both patients and service providers with the launch of its new tool. The new solution is designed to ease the process of adopting digital dentistry, offering a wide range of features and functionalities to help dental partners enhance service delivery and grow their practice.

A recent report by The Business Research Company put the value of the global dental services market size at approximately $365.6 billion in 2020. The report also projected the market value to reach over $551.9 billion in 2025, amidst increasing demand for state-of-the-art dental solutions from millions of people across the globe. Despite the amazing figures from the market and the emergence of digital dentistry as a major driver, a good number of dental practices still struggle to meet the needs of patients. However, Amrulo LTD is working to change this narrative with its recently launched tool.

Amrulo offers a plethora of services, the most notable being the Open system designed to be compatible with any lab and software, helping dental partners to maximize their benefits. The solution is the first-of-its-kind in the industry, enabling clinical managers to trace lab results seamlessly. The recently launched tool will support and ease clinicians’ transition into the digital realm, ultimately ensuring improved clinical results and decreased procedure failures.

With the release of its new tool, Amrulo hopes to promote digital dentistry by connecting digital partners in the dental industry on a single platform that integrates all brands of scanners and 3D printers. Other features and benefits of Amrulo include time-saving affordability, increased data accuracy, enhanced office freedom, and a secure platform that connects dental care providers with experts.

 “I have been working with CAD\CAM systems since 2012 and the Amarulo system facilitated better communication all the way between me and the clinics, making my work much more efficient,” says Ehab Safadi, who has been a Lab Owner and Dental technician for 13 years.

For more information about Amrulo LTD and the range of top-notch dental care solutions offered, visit


10,000 Kids Learn How to Keep Their Smiles Healthy During Back-to-School Outreach

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

10,000 children living in communities with restricted access to dental care learned how to keep their smiles healthy this fall thanks to “10,000 Smiles Ready to Learn.” Through this education initiative America’s ToothFairy distributed educational resource kits to 10 nonprofit dental service providers and educators for use during their back-to-school oral health outreach events. The initiative was made possible with financial support from MGE: Management Experts (MGE), and MGE’s dentists’ clients and their teams.

As members of the Dental Resource Program of America’s ToothFairy, these dental clinics receive donated dental supplies and equipment in an effort to increase access to dental care for kids in underserved communities, however printed oral health materials are a luxury that are often out of reach due to limited budgets.

“As a resource provider for safety-net dental clinics, we work to ensure our program members can provide access to care for every child who needs dental services,” said America’s ToothFairy Executive Director Jill Malmgren. “However, in order to see a decline in the number of kids with untreated tooth decay, which is much higher in underprivileged communities, our partners also need educational materials to help kids learn how to prevent decay in the first place.”

The education resource kits included crayons and coloring books that promote the daily habits needed to prevent tooth decay, bookmarks with oral health tips in English and Spanish, informational brochures for caregivers, and a basic dental hygiene tool that many children in low-income homes lack–a toothbrush.

One recipient, Sonrisas Dental Health in San Mateo, California, was grateful to receive the kits to use during outreach events including their Back-to-School Drive-Up Screenings, which provided free dental screenings for kids and focused on preventive care for children.

“We offer a back-to-school oral health kit to each participant, so they can start off the year with positive oral health habits,” said Sonrisas’ Maura LeBaron-Hsieh. “From the feedback we received from participating parents and guardians, many family members share toothbrushes. We want to promote the importance of each family member, especially children, using their own toothbrush.”

“10,000 Smiles Ready to Learn” is an expanded version of America’s ToothFairy’s Smile Guardian education initiative, which offers dental professionals the opportunity to sponsor oral health education kits for their local communities.

“Thanks to MGE, their dentists’ clients and their teams, we were able to provide resources for ten times the number of children than we can with a typical Smile Guardian sponsorship,” Malmgren added. “We are exceedingly grateful for their support, which has helped our organization, our partners, and the families they serve through a difficult time.”

“We are delighted to team up with America’s ToothFairy to help so many children learn about the importance of healthy dental hygiene habits,” MGE Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Blumberg added. “The initiative was made possible with financial support from MGE: Management Experts and the generosity of MGE’s dentists’ clients and teams who generously contributed to support this important initiative. It is something we are immensely proud of.”

For more information about education resource sponsorship, contact Jill Malmgren at

DenMat Receives Patent for Caries Resistant Composite Material

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

DenMat Holdings, LLC (“DenMat”), has received a patent for a caries resistant composite material. Patent no. US 11,141,355 B2 was issued on October 12, 2021. This patent allows DenMat to continue to forge ahead in demonstrating its commitment to the art and science of dental innovation. The new patent allows for the creation of a disruptive platform that can be applied to virtually any restorative material where strength, esthetics, and long-term clinical success are important.

“DenMat was founded in 1974 on the basis of providing innovative products to dental practices worldwide. We continue that tradition and expand on it by investing in disruptive and innovative platforms. We are excited about leveraging this caries resistant composite technology into our development of new dental products and materials. Dentists have come to trust us with products that provide predictable clinical outcomes, and we are excited to welcome new practices to experience our innovation,” stated DenMat’s CEO, David Casper.

“Dentistry is experiencing a wave of disruptive technology that benefits dentists and provides superior clinical outcomes for their patients. As a recognized leader in dental material manufacturing, we are well positioned to lead in new, innovative platforms.”

DenMat expects to launch the first product in this new category of restorative materials in Q1 2022.


Dental Whale Chooses Sunbit as Preferred Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Technology Partner

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sunbit is endorsed by Dental Whale for use by its 19,000 affiliated dental practices across the U.S.

Industry trailblazer Dental Whale®, which continues to successfully steer dentists in private practice toward better and more efficient business solutions, today announced it has selected Sunbit as its preferred Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution. Dental Whale is the nation’s leading solutions provider for 19,000+ private dentists and dental support organizations (DSO), providing marketing, scheduling, repair, equipment and technology solutions to improve their practices. Effective today, Dental Whale will recommend Sunbit to all of the dental practices across the U.S. that the company supports.

Dental Whale Leader, Joe Cavarett said, "When we experienced how Sunbit generated increased case acceptance and scheduled treatment for our own Practice Group patients, we wanted to share their financing solution with our members and their patients. Every patient deserves to be given a comprehensive treatment plan and financing options. Sunbit helps practices support the oral health of more patients."

Sunbit has rapidly become the de facto BNPL leader in the dental industry, with a broad spectrum of patients approved with excellent terms and no hidden fees. Moreover, Sunbit powers the application process and manages the collections process. The dental office gets paid immediately, which contributes directly to the cash flow of the business.

Based on its own Sunbit pilot program at select locations, Dental Whale confirmed that Sunbit offers access to best-in-class approval rates, terms, and support for dental leaders and their patients. Sunbit offers access to financing for dental procedures with 6, 12, 18 and 24 month payment plan options, and 85% of patients who apply using Sunbit technology are approved. All well-qualified patients get access to 0% for 6- or 12-month payment plans.

“We piloted Sunbit at two of the Dental Whale locations, and we were amazed — in the first 90 days, their technology approved 87% of patients, helping us generate $126K in additional production,“ said Dr. Steven Wingfield, DMD & Practice Management Focus Area Leader at Dental Whale. “Our patient financing approval rates have doubled with Sunbit. Not to mention the extremely fast approval process, which enables us to fulfill more treatment plans and provide a better experience for the patients and staff. We are excited to extend the program to all of our locations,” he added.

Sunbit is proving that Buy Now, Pay Later offers dental practices a valuable new option for dental care financing and access. Sunbit removes the friction from the financing process to make it a closing tool instead of a pain point for patients -- reducing embarrassing declines, scrambling for financing alternatives, and treatment delays.

“Dental Whale is a market stand out, and we couldn’t be more excited about their decision,” said Paul Monahan, Executive Director of Business Development, Dental at Sunbit. “We feel like there is significant synergy between our organizations, from Dental Whale’s white glove approach to client support, to its proven ability to benefit a practice’s bottom line, to its philosophy and mission. Today is an exciting first step in what we hope is a long-standing relationship,” he added.  

Dental Practices and Labs Have a New Reason to Smile More with Sterngold Total Smile™

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sterngold Dental reveals a new reason for general dentists, oral surgeons, and dental laboratory owners to smile more: it’s called STS™.

STS™ is the short reference for Sterngold Total Smile™, a comprehensive solution for restorative dentistry, made possible by Sterngold’s deep heritage and foothold in the industry, along with its suite of quality yet affordable products spanning the dental implant and attachments, dental supplies, and digital solutions categories. STS™ means a better handle on cost, time, and quality concerns, while delivering a swifter restoration of a beautiful smile for patients. Simply put, STS™ is a single source solution for a beautiful smile.

STS™ brings cost-effectiveness and higher margins for the practice, along with a range of new, affordable treatment opportunities for its patients. It also supplies the widest range of implant and attachment selections with the advanced capabilities of digital dentures. How is this possible? Gordon Craig, President of Sterngold, answers the question: “What we’ve done is combine our multiple implant systems, such as the $99 All-in-1 TRU® and PUR® conventional implants and the MOR® mini implants, with our immense range of attachment options, and added in our digital solutions. The result is a full suite offering composed of seven customary services plus the ability to provide a custom solution. One of the popular programs utilizing STS™ is our Dental Lab Partnership initiative, taking off on STS™ : Implant-to-Crown option.” (For a full list of STS™ options, download the flyer.)

Ultimately, STS™ means smiles all around, especially for the patient, who is expected to benefit from the price differential of the quality treatment and prosthetic outcome. The segment that will derive the most from STS™ is that of the small to medium sized, independent practices and dental laboratories, who are vying for access to top tier quality and more affordable pricing. Adds Gordon: “Because we are independent like those in this segment, and manufacture our implants, prosthetics and the majority of the components housed within the STSTM package, we are able to pass on unrivaled savings to our customers. STS™ has been developed during the pandemic, recognizing our capabilities and an unfulfilled need among our customers for a single source with affordability as the differential advantage. We started by sharing this concept in select industry events and sales consultations with clinicians and dental labs. The overall response was really positive, so we have now rolled it out globally. We would like to let those in this segment know that they now have access to the package.”

Find out more about STS™ and how it can really help you achieve your growth targets. Email or call 800-243-9942 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or set up a short consultation. You may also visit: 

Exocad Releases ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway Software For Single-Visit Dentistry In North America

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2021

Fast and intuitive crown design software integrates with open hardware

exocad, an Align Technology, Inc. company and a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider, today announced the availability of ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway in the United States and Canada.

The next-generation CAD software for single-visit dentistry will be showcased by exocad at the 2021 Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York City, held between November 28 and December 1.

This new release will provide dentists with design tools for a vast range of indications along with a wide choice of integrated devices. The chairside workflow is highly automated, intuitive and optimized for practice use. Newer users of CAD/CAM can benefit from fast wizard-guided workflows, while expert users can select free design sequences that offer greater flexibility.

The software includes a step-by-step guide through the design process and a smooth integration with open intraoral scanners, production devices and implant systems.

ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway also enables the in-house design of FDA-cleared custom abutments. “This software was designed to help clinicians who are adopting a single-visit dentistry model,” said Larry Bodony, president, exocad America, Inc. “With ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway, dentists can streamline their workflow – from the first restorative steps to the manufacture of the surgical components needed to complete a treatment plan.”

The new release offers improved automatic design proposals. Instant Anatomic Morphing enables efficient adjustments: the anatomy of teeth automatically adjusts in real-time for dynamic occlusion. Smile design with exocad’s advanced 2D/3D approach is now faster, thanks to AI-based detection of facial features. exocad’s cloud-based data transfer tool, dentalshare, simplifies the communication and collaboration between clinicians, dental technicians and production centers. ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway seamlessly integrates with exocad’s leading lab and guided surgery software programs, DentalCAD and exoplan.

Users of the new ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway can benefit from an in-office system that integrates with their current workflows. Further highlights include:

• Highly automated preoperative workflow: dentists can easily recreate the existing tooth anatomy if they choose to maintain the exact same shape and function of the tooth

• In-house design of custom abutments and screw-retained restorations (FDA-cleared)

• Expanded options for seamless integrations of intraoral scanners, 3D printers and milling machines

• Bi-directional communication with exocad’s guided surgery solution exoplan*

• Simple interdisciplinary collaboration between practitioners and dental laboratories through efficient integration with DentalCAD, exocad's leading lab software

In 2021, for the third year in a row, the Cellerant Group, an independent group of technology-minded clinicians, selected ChairsideCAD as their 2021 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award winner for clinical design software.

ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway is now available in North America, EU and other select markets. exocad names its releases after current EU “European Capitals of Culture” and selected the Irish city of Galway for the current release cycle.

Additional information is available at

Henry Schein One Releases PhoneSight Internet Phone Solution To Improve Patient Communication

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2021

New VoIP Phone Solution Integrates with Patient Communication Software for a Seamless Front Desk Workflow and Enhanced Patient Experience

Henry Schein One announced today the availability of PhoneSight, a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution that integrates with Henry Schein One patient communication software Dentrix Patient Engage, Demandforce, and Lighthouse, to help dental teams streamline front office operations.

PhoneSight helps automate the dental patient communication process while being more cost-effective than a traditional office phone system. The system's simple interface and integration with Dentrix Patient Engage, Demandforce, and Lighthouse make it easier for dental offices to make and route calls and personalize patient interactions. When a patient calls the practice, PhoneSight uses Smart Caller ID to instantly display important patient information, such as upcoming appointments, for team members to review before picking up the phone. Office staff are better prepared to help the patient via the phone, improving the quality and speed of service for patients.

“For dental practices, patient communication is a key component of their overall workflow and has a profound impact on the patient experience,” said Mike Baird, Chief Executive Officer, Henry Schein One. “We’re excited to offer PhoneSight as a powerful patient communication tool that can help automate interactions so dental professionals can optimize their time and focus on providing the best possible patient care.”

In addition to Smart Caller ID, PhoneSight offers features that deliver an enhanced experience for incoming callers including custom greetings; auto attendants to present routing options; and custom hold messages and music.

For more information on PhoneSight, please visit

Desktop Health Appoints Industry Veteran Lou Azzara as President of the Dental and Biofabrication Parts Platform

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2021

Desktop Health, a healthcare business within Desktop Metal, Inc. committed to developing 3D printing and biofabrication solutions for personalized medicine, today announced the appointment of industry veteran, Lou Azzara, to advance its digital dental healthcare strategy with dental laboratories and its global dental practice for 3D printing technology solutions.

Azzara will lead a best-in-class team focused on increasing digital transformation across the Desktop Health platform. Leveraging dental labs’ core capabilities, this dedicated team will design and implement the workflows and infrastructure to support innovative 3D printing technologies, resins, and software solutions, to build the most dynamic and competitive platform within the dental ecosystem.

“Dental parts is a $30 billion market with 10 percent digital workflow1. This represents a massive opportunity to deploy our technology and team to increase digital reliance,” said Michael Jafar, President & CEO of Desktop Health. "This platform will also serve as a key manufacturing advantage for our future healthcare applications."

Azzara’s distinguished career spans nearly 30 years, creating and scaling breakthrough healthcare products, most notably in the dental healthcare industry. He recently served as CEO of the Dental Services Group® (DSG) where he led the company through an acquisition that resulted in the creation of the second largest dental laboratory network in the world. In addition, he was co-founder of one of the most recognized brand names in the dental world, CaptekTM. Previously, he led the development of Argen Digital, the largest digital solution center serving the dental laboratory, and for several years, provided digital technology and advanced restorative solutions to the dental industry at BEGO® USA. Azzara is actively engaged within the dental industry, serving in numerous advisory roles as well as supporting dental and technology education.

"We are at a period of monumental advancements in digital dentistry where we can dramatically influence a paradigm shift in personalized medical device manufacturing methods,” said Azzara. “Desktop Health is building a platform that allows us to be closer to the customer and, for the first time, invest in the inherent DNA within dental laboratories to deliver personalized end-products that are rooted in research and innovation. Through this initiative, Desktop Health will be the first to invest in the end-to-end ecosystem of the dental lab, putting disruptive technology-based solutions into their hands to enhance their workflow. This will allow us to be available to every single dental lab in the industry and leverage global manufacturing capacity to service a broader healthcare community.”

Desktop Health’s business is focused on bringing additive manufacturing (AM) technology to the dental and healthcare community to improve patient outcomes, turn-around times and pricing. Over the past several months, Desktop Health has acquired Beacon Bio, developer of biofabrication capabilities (currently in late stage R&D) and introduced several breakthrough materials for the development of dental device applications, including chrome cobalt as well as FDA 510(k)-cleared FlexceraTM Base and FlexceraTM Smile alongside a powerful AM technology portfolio that includes EnvisionTECTM print platforms and Desktop Metal’s high-speed metal binder jetting technology, the Shop SystemTM.

“Through innovation and science-based solutions, we are bringing added value to our dental and healthcare customers and their patients,” said Jafar. “Desktop Health is the only business with the speed, capabilities and now go-to-market partnerships, to create a technology-advanced parts platform with additive manufacturing at its core that will enhance the client experience and impact the future of personalized dental device manufacturing.”

1 Source: Global Industry Analysts, Inc., Dental Laboratories – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics (July 2020).

MouthWatch Demonstrates How TeleDent™ Connects Patients Across All Healthcare Touchpoints to Dental Care

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

MouthWatch, LLC a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, will be highlighting its enhanced TeleDent platform which continues to connect individual practices and multi-location dental groups to innovative opportunities for improving dental care delivery.

Dental decision makers can learn more about how teledentistry is making convenient access to care a reality in sustainable, profitable ways. MouthWatch will be demonstrating these new enhancements during the Greater New York Dental Meeting at booth #3121.

According to MouthWatch Founder and CEO Brant Herman, “The latest TeleDent enhancements were designed to encourage frequent, convenient, and visually enriched communication between providers and patients and ultimately persuade patients to be more actively engaged in improving their oral health, no matter where they might be.”

The latest TeleDent™ enhancements can deliver the following benefits:

• Deploy across multiple locations and a variety of dental and medical environments

• Improve patient retention

• Attract new patients

• Increase patient value

• Boost operatory efficiency and production

• Enhance care plan acceptance

• Minimize operatory use for consultations

• Reactivate lapsed patients and delayed treatment plans

• Share dental care communications with allied healthcare providers

TeleDent delivers all the benefits of a sophisticated, scalable telehealth platform to a dental care environment. For more information, visit


U.S. Veterans Gain Access to Oral Health Care Through a Partnership Between Delta Dental and the Dental Lifeline Network

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

This Veterans Day, Delta Dental thanks the members of our armed services for bravely serving our country and underscores our ongoing commitment to expanding access to oral health care.

Through a continued partnership with Dental Lifeline Network's (DLN) "Will You See One Vet" campaign, Delta Dental companies across the country are improving access to oral health care for veterans. Since the program's inception, Delta Dental companies have contributed more than $400,000, including over $155,000 in 2021, which has supported the mobilization of $3.6M in oral health care delivered to over 2,000 veterans, according to DLN.

This funding enables DLN to connect thousands of veterans with volunteer dentists, hygienists, and other oral health care professionals to receive care, as many veterans do not have dental coverage through their VA benefits.

The "Will You See One Vet" campaign aims to expand the network of dentists and their teams who volunteer to see one veteran with special needs one time each year. Funding from Delta Dental has supported this effort and aided in recruiting more than 1,000 volunteers to participate in the campaign.

"Because oral health is integral to overall health, it is critical to expand access to oral health care to everyone, including our nation's veterans," said James W. Hutchison, President & CEO, Delta Dental Plans Association. "Delta Dental is proud to continue our partnership with the Dental Lifeline Network to deliver care to our nation's heroes."

"We couldn't be more thankful for Delta Dental's ongoing dedication in helping Dental Lifeline Network make a life-changing and life-saving impact on the lives of more veterans," said Fred Leviton, DLN President & CEO. "Many of our nation's heroes would not get oral health care if it were not for the ongoing support of our volunteers and supporters like Delta Dental."

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