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  • Covers all facets of adhesive dentistry
  • Compatibility, sensitivity, and bonding to various materials
  • Each section addresses clinical significance, in-depth information, and a summary
AEGIS Dental Network
  • Step-by-step guide to hard tissue surgical techniques
  • Fully illustrated
  • Enhances armamentariums for hard tissue procedures
AEGIS Dental Network
  • Illustrates a sound surgical approach
  • Addresses a variety of clinical situations
  • Effectively demonstrative clinical diagrams
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AEGIS Dental Network
  • Demonstrates a variety of dental suturing techniques
  • Explores various suture materials and needle designs
  • Selection recommendations for various surgical applications
AEGIS Dental Network
  • Harold C. Slavkin's personal history
  • Explores the evolution of craniofacial biology
  • Traces biological and cultural changes in the field
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