Volunteers Needed for CDA Cares Free Dental Clinic in Modesto

Posted on August 13, 2018

The California Dental Association Foundation is recruiting volunteers for its CDA Cares dental event October 26-27 at the Modesto Centre Plaza. To help provide oral health care services at no charge to the large number of expected patients, the CDA Foundation needs volunteer dentists, including oral surgeons, as well as dental hygienists, assistants, dental lab technicians, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Additionally, community volunteers are needed to help escort patients, translate/interpret, dispense medication, set up and tear down the clinic, register patients and volunteers, conduct exit interviews, enter data, and provide oral health education.

The main goal of the clinic is to relieve pain and eliminate infection by providing cleanings, fillings, extractions, and oral health education to about 1,950 people during the two-day event.

To date, the CDA Foundation and CDA have hosted 13 clinics that provided $20.75 million in dental care to more than 25,000 people thanks to the generosity of volunteers and support from the community.

Volunteers are needed in shifts during the following times:

    •Thursday, October 25: Clinic setup from 9 am to 6 pm (no patients)

    •Friday, October 26: Dental clinic from 5 am to 7 pm

    •Saturday, October 27: Dental clinic from 5 am to 9 pm (including clinic breakdown)

Volunteers can sign up for one six-hour shift or multiple shifts per day. Help make CDA Cares Modesto a success! To learn how you can get involved and to register, go to cdafoundation.org/modesto.

New Director of Customer Success at PREAT Corporation

Posted on August 13, 2018

PREAT Corporation has announced the addition of Razi Settodegan to the PREAT Team. With over 15 years of experience in the dental industry, Razi has joined PREAT as Director of Customer Success. Her experience as a dental technician and dental assistant will be a wonderful contribution to the PREAT Customer Success Team.

“Razi has the energy and passion for supporting dental laboratories. We are excited to have Razi join the PREAT family and spearhead our continued growth,” PREAT President Chris Bormes said.

Study Findings: The Canary System Can Detect Caries Under the Intact Margins of Glass Ionomer and Compomer Restorations

Posted on August 10, 2018

Quantum Dental Technologies presented findings of a study at the 96th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in London England. This study found that The Canary System® can detect caries under the intact margins of glass ionomer and compomer restorations more accurately than Spectra, DIAGNOdent and visual examination.

Finding caries beneath intact restoration margins is a challenging clinical problem. Glass Ionomer and Compomers are radiopaque and reflect light from their respective surfaces. The study found that visual examination could not detect caries. The glow or fluorescence from the restorations prevented Spectra from detecting any marginal caries. DIAGNOdent was unable to consistently differentiate sound from carious tissue at various distances from the restoration margins. It was able to detect between 20% ‐ 70% of the lesions beneath the restorations depending upon the distance from the margin. The Canary System was able to detect 91% ‐ 100% of the lesions around the restoration margins. This study demonstrated that The Canary system is a valuable diagnostic tool for detecting caries that develop around and beneath the margins of glass ionomer and compomer restorations.

The findings in this study mirror the findings in studies on detection of caries around amalgam, composite, orthodontic brackets and ceramic crowns. In each of these clinical situations, The Canary System was able to detect over 90% of the lesions beneath these various restorative materials.

“The Canary System provides dentists with the ability to detect and monitor tooth decay beneath the edges of fillings, crowns and bridges; one of the most common clinical conditions that would lead to the failure of these restorations. X‐Rays can only aid clinicians to diagnose decay on the sides or interproximal areas of teeth. When a glass ionomer or compomer restorations are placed, x‐rays can only detect tooth decay in certain limited areas and not along the visible margins”, said Dr. Stephen Abrams, co‐founder of Quantum Dental Technologies. “Compomers and Glass Ionomer may reduce the incidence of marginal breakdown but caries can still develop. Early detection of tooth decay, before it is seen on an x‐ray or detected with visual inspection means that dentists can treat problems before the decay has destroyed large amounts of vital tooth structure.”

The Canary System, with its unique crystal structure diagnostics, can, quantify, image, monitor and record changes in the structure of enamel, dentin and cementum. It can detect caries beneath opaque sealants, around the margins of restorations, around orthodontic brackets and beneath interproximal, occlusal and smooth surfaces.

The Canary Cloud enables dentists to view and analyze this data and track Canary usage in their office. Visit  www.thecanarysystem.com or email sales@thecanarysystem.com to request additional information.

New Product: Bassi Logic

Posted on August 10, 2018

Bassi Logic™ is a continuous rotary single-file shaping system, one that provides a quantum leap in minimally invasive functionality. The Bassi Logic™ system features files for glidepath preparation and for shaping to treat any canal anatomy.

KaVo™ Places the Power and Freedom of Imaging in Clinicians' Hands With NOMAD Pro 2™

Posted on August 9, 2018

KaVo Kerr, an organization comprised of two global leaders in dentistry, is pleased to expand its growing portfolio of imaging solutions with the new KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 which allows dental professionals to gain all the reliability and efficiency advantages that every busy dental office needs and appreciates. This robust and convenient system provides a powerful freedom in workflow that is unattainable with wall-mount units. From its safety and portability to its ease of use and innovative features, the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 is designed with the practice, the clinician, and the patient in mind.

Exemplifying a commitment to safety, the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 has a unique, lead-infused acrylic shield that protects the operator from scatter radiation while an internal proprietary housing encases the X-ray tube to block radiation leakage. When the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 is used as directed, these shields create a “safe zone” for the operator throughout the acquisition process.

Dentists can depend on KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 to help produce sharp, clear radiographic images. The system utilizes the latest in X-ray technology— a 0.4 mm focal spot plus a 60kV DC X-ray generator that consistently delivers exacting, repeatable exposures.

Portable and easy to use, the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 moves freely between operatories and lets clinicians remain chairside when it really counts— creating a more positive radiographic experience for all involved. With KaVo NOMAD Pro 2, there’s an immediate cost savings over multiple operatories that would need wall-mount units. Plus, the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 is ready for use right out of the box.

The NOMAD Pro 2 now has innovative features such as industry-leading battery technology, an intuitive user interface, and inventive ergonomic design. Incorporating 30% more capacity and longer life than in previous models, the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2 utilizes premier battery technology that provides consistently reliable, long-lasting battery longevity. Clinicians can easily adhere to ALARA and select the right dose for a patient’s particular need by choosing from a variety of easy-to-understand, graphic settings in the redesigned touchpad interface.

“Ergonomics was foremost in the redesign of the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2,” states Brett Bartles, Business Unit Manager, KaVo Kerr. “Based on customer feedback and a review of popular power tools’ design, we were able to create a more secure grip so that the unit overall is much more stable and balanced. This design along with the system’s other highly useful features makes it a real win for any dental practice.”

Visit the KaVo website for more information on the KaVo NOMAD Pro 2.

BIOLASE Names Todd A. Norbe President, Chief Executive Office

Posted on August 8, 2018

BIOLASE, Inc., the global leader in dental lasers announced today that it has named Todd A. Norbe, a veteran dental industry executive and a member of the Company's Board of Directors, as President and Chief Executive Officer. BIOLASE also announced that Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John R. Beaver, who has been serving as the Company's Interim Chief Executive Officer, has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Beaver will host today's previously scheduled 2018 second quarter earnings conference call at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

"We are very excited and fortunate to have Todd step in as CEO and believe his willingness to do that, given his vantage point as a board member, demonstrates his bullishness on the future of lasers in dentistry and BIOLASE," said Jonathan T. Lord, M.D., Chairman of the Board. "In the short time that he has been on the BIOLASE Board, he has been a key contributor to the vision and strategy of the Company. Todd is a true leader with excellent management skills and an exceptional record of accomplishment in the global dental market."

Mr. Norbe said, "I look forward to working with the BIOLASE team to advance dentistry that will benefit both the patient and our valued customer, the dentist."

Dr. Lord added, "We are confident that Todd and John, along with our newly-constituted Board of Directors, represent a very strong and experienced leadership team. This group has proven leadership in the dental industry and in driving the adoption of innovation in clinical practice.

"Minimally invasive laser dentistry is the future of the dental industry, especially in growing areas like pediatric care and implant periodontitis. Our team is focused on expanding the adoption of our all-tissue lasers throughout the dental industry.

"Dr. Lord added that the Board of Directors thanked Mr. Beaver and all of the employees for their performance during the four months he served as interim CEO.

"John's effort this quarter was fantastic, and it shows in the results, particularly in the traction we are gaining in our Southern California-focused sales, marketing and training initiative," Lord said. "We are seeing significant increases in both adoption and utilization of all-tissue lasers. Building revenue through the sale of more lasers and recurrent revenue through consumables, is our goal."

Mr. Norbe, 51, who was named to the BIOLASE board in June 2018, is a senior executive with broad experience in the global dental industry. Most recently he was the President, North America of KaVo Kerr, a subsidiary of the Danaher Corporation. KaVo Kerr delivers dental instruments, imaging solutions, dental treatment units and premier consumables worldwide. He served as Vice President and General Manager of Metrex Medical – Sybron Dental Specialties, continuing in that role after it was acquired by Danaher in 2006.

Mr. Norbe has an MBA in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a BS in Marketing from Bloomsburg University. He has also served on the Board of the Dental Trade Association Foundation and the National Children's Oral Health Foundation.

Mr. Beaver, 57, joined BIOLASE in October 2017 and brought proven leadership and technical experience in finance and business management in both public and private companies.

Prior to joining BIOLASE, Mr. Beaver served as the Chief Financial Officer of San Jose, CA-based Silicor Materials, Inc., a global leader in the production of solar silicon, from 2009 to 2013 and from 2015 to 2017. He also served on Silicor's Board of Directors from 2013 to 2015.

Previously, Mr. Beaver was Senior Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Sterling Chemicals, a mid-sized public commodity chemical manufacturer. Among his other roles at Sterling he also served as its Vice President, Corporate Controller. Mr. Beaver has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin, and he is a Certified Public Accountant.

About BIOLASE, Inc.

BIOLASE, Inc. is a medical device company that develops, manufactures, markets, and sells laser systems in dentistry and medicine and also markets, sells, and distributes dental imaging equipment, including cone beam digital x-rays and CAD/CAM intra-oral scanners. BIOLASE's products advance the practice of dentistry and medicine for patients and healthcare professionals. BIOLASE's proprietary laser products incorporate approximately 244 patented and 74 patent-pending technologies designed to provide biologically clinically superior performance with less pain and faster recovery times. BIOLASE's innovative products provide cutting-edge technology at competitive prices to deliver the best results for dentists and patients. BIOLASE's principal products are revolutionary dental laser systems that perform a broad range of dental procedures, including cosmetic and complex surgical applications, and a full line of dental imaging equipment. BIOLASE has sold approximately 37,600 laser systems to date in over 90 countries around the world. Laser products under development address BIOLASE's core dental market and other adjacent medical and consumer markets.

For updates and information on WaterLase® iPlus™ and laser dentistry, find BIOLASE online at www.biolase.com, Facebook at www.facebook.com/biolase, Twitter at www.twitter.com/biolaseinc, LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/biolase, Instagram at www.instagram.com/waterlase_laserdentistry, and YouTube at www.youtube.com/biolasevideos.

BIOLASE® and WaterLase® are registered trademarks of BIOLASE, Inc.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, as that term is defined in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve significant risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding anticipated growth. Forward-looking statements can be identified through the use of words such as "anticipates," "expects," "intends," "plans," "believes," "seeks," "estimates," "may," "will," "should," and variations of these words or similar expressions. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect BIOLASE's current expectations and speak only as of the date of this release. Actual results may differ materially from BIOLASE's current expectations depending upon a number of factors affecting BIOLASE's business. These factors include, among others, adverse changes in general economic and market conditions, competitive factors including but not limited to pricing pressures and new product introductions, uncertainty of customer acceptance of new product offerings and market changes, risks associated with managing the growth of the business, and those other risks and uncertainties that are described, from time-to-time, in the "Risk Factors" section of BIOLASE's annual and quarterly reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Except as required by law, BIOLASE does not undertake any responsibility to revise or update any forward-looking statements.

KaVo Kerr Launches New, Advanced SonicFill™ 3

Posted on August 8, 2018

KaVo Kerr is excited to announce the launch of the new SonicFill™ 3 SingleFill™ Composite System. SonicFill™ 2 enabled thousands of dentists to simplify and speed up the time-consuming, multi-stage process of crafting quality posterior restorations. SonicFill 3 takes that performance to the next level. Dentists will appreciate the improved adaptation and handling, and easier extrusion during placement.

The new, advanced SonicFill 3 fills cavities in seconds, is non-sticky and slump-free. In addition, cavities up to 5mm in depth can be filled in a single increment, without a need for a liner or capping layer. SonicFill 3 contains a nanoscale zirconsil (zirconium oxide + silica oxide) filler system, which provides effective blending, wear resistance, strength and reliability to ensure lasting restorations.

The new SonicFill 3 SingleFill Composite System is the only sonic-activated bulk fill composite that acts both as a flowable composite during placement and as a sculptable material after the sonic energy is removed, increasing the speed and efficiency of restorative procedures. “Simply put, SonicFill will allow you to become extremely efficient, increase your speed and deliver improved adaptation and lasting marginal integrity for predictable outcomes,” writes Dr. Philip Chahine, DMD, FAGD. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

"The implementation of SonicFill bulk fill composite in my day-to-day patient care has met the need for placing posterior composite restorations that are completed in a quarter of the time of conventional layered composites,” added Dr. Scott Coleman, DDS, MAGD.

“SonicFill has changed the game forever in restorative dentistry. SonicFill 3 is another major step forward in our commitment in delivering quality products our customers have come to expect from KaVo Kerr,” said Phil Prentice, VP of Marketing, KaVo Kerr Corporation.

For more information on SonicFill 3 or to schedule a free trial, call 800‐KERR123 or visit www.kerrdental.com.

About KaVo Kerr

KaVo Kerr is a cohesive organization comprised of two global leaders, united to provide dental excellence and serve as a single premier partner for the dental community. KaVo Kerr operates with a common vision inspiring and helping our customers, their patients and our own associates realize their potential. KaVo Kerr offers solutions for endodontics, restoratives, treatment units, infection prevention, imaging, rotary and instruments.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed by Dr. Coleman and Dr. Chahine are those of Dr. Coleman and Dr. Chahine. KaVo Kerr is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients. Dr. Coleman and Dr. Chahine are paid consultants of KaVo Kerr Corporation.


Standard Tray for Calset Composite Warmer

Posted on August 8, 2018

AdDent announces an upgrade to the Standard Tray for our Calset Composite Warmer.

The New Standard Tray now has the capacity to hold eight composite compules, where the original design held only four. This change was made as a response to our customer’s request for a higher capacity Standard Tray. As dentistry changes, AdDent is responding to our customer’s changing needs.

The New Standard Tray fits conveniently on top of the Calset heater base and can be purchased separately or as a complete Calset kit.

Other accessory trays in the Calset line are: Multi-Tray, 3D Tray, Tri-Tray, 7-Hole Syringe Tray, Porcelain Veneer Tray, Restoration Tray and Anesthetic Tray.

An extensive list of research articles on the advantages of warming composites can be found on our website at www.addent.com.

Contact AdDent toll free at: 855-211-3413 for additional information. We are ISO certified and our products are manufactured in the USA in Danbury Ct. 


Ultradent Products Announces Ultrapro® Tx Prophylaxis Equipment Family

Posted on August 8, 2018

Ultradent Products, Inc., proudly announces the next generation of the Ultrapro® Txprophylaxis equipment family, including the Ultrapro® TxAir handpiece, the Ultrapro® Tx Skini prophy angle, and the Ultrapro® Tx Extra prophy angle.

Ultrapro TxAir Handpiece

For the dental professional who values products that minimize the aches and pains associated with performing prophylaxis, the Ultrapro TxAir handpiece is designed to reduce hand and arm fatigue thanks to its ergonomic, light-weight, aluminum design and 360° swivel. Its soft-start motor minimizes splatter and is vibration-free to maximize patient comfort as well. The Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece safely performs prophylaxis by reducing friction and heat when polishing the patient’s teeth, allowing it to clean effectively while still protecting the enamel. Its universal e-type motor can be used with other attachments and nose cones, and it can be used with all disposable prophy angles for convenience.

Ultrapro TxSkini Disposable Prophy Angle

The Ultrapro Tx Skini disposable prophy angle offers improved interproximal cleaning, internal blades to reduce splatter, and features a smooth, quiet gear design. Its ergonomic shape minimizes hand fatigue and, with a 20% shorter head and 25% slimmer neck, offers superior access and an unobstructed view for the clinician. The Skini DPA also offers optimal flare, as well as contra-angle and right-angle design options.

Ultrapro TxExtra Disposable Prophy Angle

The Ultrapro Tx Extra disposable prophy angle features external ridges for improved interproximal cleaning and improved internal webbing for reduced splatter. Its ergonomic design and smooth, quiet gear function facilitate the ultimate experience in comfort for both the clinician and the patient. The ExtraDPA also features optimal cup flare and is available with a tapered brush.

To learn more or to purchase any of the products in the Ultrapro Txprophylaxis equipment family, please visit ultradent.com or call us at 800.552.5512.

About Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent Products, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s vision is to improve oral health globally. Ultradent also works to improve the quality of life and health of individuals through financial and charitable programs. For more information about Ultradent, call 800.552.5512 or visit ultradent.com.

White Paper Stresses Importance of Oral Health Care Benefit for Older Adults

Posted on August 7, 2018

Oral Health America (OHA), along with a diverse group of partners, released a white paper, An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It’s Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care. This white paper is an interprofessional, collaborative effort written and published by leaders in the consumer, healthcare and dental fields, including Oral Health America, the American Dental Association, Center for Medicare Advocacy, the DentaQuest Foundation, Families USA, Justice in Aging and the Santa Fe Group.

With an expected 72.1 million seniors living in the United States by 2030, An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It’s Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care, examines the need for oral health care to be integrated with, and elevated to, the same importance as the rest of health care in Medicare.

"The lack of a dental benefit in Medicare affects older adults overall health, quality of life and financial stability," said Beth Truett, President & CEO of OHA. "To ensure access to care, we must provide coverage to pay for care. OHA is focused on finding equitable solutions to increase the overall health and wellness of America’s seniors. We believe that including a publicly funded benefit in Medicare Part B is a solution that values oral health as key to total health."

Medicare plays a key role in providing health and financial security to 59 million older people and younger people with disabilities. However, traditional Medicare does not include coverage for routine oral health care like checkups, cleanings and x-rays, or restorative procedures like fillings or bridges, tooth extractions and dentures.

“Medicare's dental exclusion is misguided given the clear connection between oral health and overall health,” said Wey Wey Kwok, JD, Senior Attorney at the Center for Medicare Advocacy. “The time has come to include an oral health benefit that covers preventive services, disease management and necessary procedures for all Medicare beneficiaries.”

An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It’s Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care looks at many aspects of adding an oral health benefit to Medicare, including medical necessity, costs and the need for legislative changes. Top findings include:

-70 percent of all Medicare recipients lack or have limited dental insurance and fewer than half access dental care each year.

-Cost is the number one reason that older adults have not gone to the dentist in the past year.

-Integrating dental coverage in Medicare would close disparities in dental use and expense between the uninsured and insured and among older adults with few financial resources and limited oral health education.

-Surveys show that consumers widely support adding oral health coverage to Medicare and prioritize two categories of care: checkups and pain treatment.

-71.2 percent of dentists agree that Medicare should include comprehensive dental benefits and a majority indicated they were willing to comply with typical Medicare practice requirements.

-The ADA recently commissioned a study that analyzed the cost structure for various dental benefit designs within Medicare. This study estimated that a comprehensive benefit without dollar value caps would cost the federal government between 31.4 billion dollars in 2016 dollars, $32.3 billion in 2018; the estimated base premium increase for a Part B benefit would be $14.50 per beneficiary per month. ADA input to this white paper does not constitute endorsement of inclusion of a dental benefit under Medicare at this time. The ADA is currently investigating a number of options to serve the dental care needs of a growing elder population.

An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It’s Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care recommends the addition of a comprehensive oral health benefit to Medicare Part B as it covers outpatient services. Such a benefit would be amended to include dental services using the medically necessary and reasonable standard that applies to all Part B services. Advantages to the inclusion of Part B include:

-Ensures that everyone enrolled in Medicare will receive the oral health benefit.

-Provides the greatest number of beneficiaries access to a basic level of oral health care, encouraging equitable health solutions and provider participation.

-Simplifies a potentially confusing program and process for providers and beneficiaries.

-Uses established protections for both Medicare beneficiaries and providers, alleviating the need for a new system and bureaucracies.

To move an oral health benefit in Medicare Part B forward, Congress must pass legislation to remove the statutory exclusion in Section 1862(a)(12) of the Social Security Act. They also must establish dental coverage in Part B, permit payment for preventive services prescribed in the dental benefit and define the dental services in the Medicare Statute.

“Millions of older Americans lack the resources to maintain their oral health over their lifetime, which will negatively impact their general health and well-being,” said Elisa Chavez, DDS, Scholar of the Santa Fe Group. “[We are] one of many groups advocating for federal legislation to remove the dental exclusion in Medicare in order to make possible a dental benefit and a more coordinated, cost effective model of comprehensive health care.”

The recommendations included in An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It’s Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care stresses the importance of an oral health benefit for older adults. Read more abo the medical necessity, costs, proposed structure and legislative changes needed at oralhealthamerica.org/medicaretoolkit

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