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Ultradent Introduces New VALO™ X Curing Light

Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials and equipment, launched the newest edition of its multi-award-winning VALO™ curing light—the completely redesigned VALO™ X broadband LED curing light. As Ultradent’s most innovative curing light yet, the VALO X curing light offers the ultimate in engineering and design when it comes to every aspect of the light—including durability, power, accessibility, and versatility.

Thanks to its larger 12.5 mm lens and new powerful custom LED chip, the VALO X curing light offers a more complete cure than ever before. Its superior features allow clinicians to cure with confidence, and not have to question the capabilities of their light. This includes improved curing depth, beam collimation, and thermal management. The VALO X curing light comes equipped with two power modes (Standard Power and Xtra Power), two diagnostic light modes (black light and white light), as well as the ability to work corded or cordless.

The light’s one-button activation also sports a user interface with an accelerometer, so users can cycle between the light’s power and diagnostic modes with just the wave of the wand, a light drum tap, or the push of a button. This helps reduce mid-procedure fumbling and the likelihood of dropping the light. The VALO X light also comes with five accessory lenses, which further enhance its capabilities. A simplified, low-profile design enables the light’s head to reach posterior restorations with ease. “We simplified the VALO X curing light even more by making it the only light that allows you to change modes without pushing buttons, thanks to its new accelerometer,” says Ultradent VP of Research and Development Neil Jessop. “In fact, it’s engineered so well that it won't change modes by accident, providing the experience and performance you expect from a VALO curing light.”

Like Ultradent’s other award-winning VALO curing lights, the VALO X curing light is milled from a single bar of aerospace-grade aluminum—a material that improves thermal management, LED longevity, and provides unmatched durability.

Click here to learn more about or to purchase the VALO X curing light.

Preliminary Study Finds Ergonomic Loupes Can Help Reduce Back and Neck Strain for Dental Practitioners

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2022

Study suggests significant mitigation of stress using Ergo loupes.

Admetec, a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom-fitted magnification loupes for dentists, surgeons, veterinarians, and their staff, is collaborating with an Italy-based dental professor in her study of the ergonomic significance of the company’s Ergo Series of loupes.

Prof. Maria Grazia Piancino, Associate Professor at the University of Turin-Italy, C.I.R. Dental School, Department of Surgical Sciences – as well as a practicing orthodontist – has published extensive research on the functional control of the neuromuscular system, specifically cranium and jaw movements, and its interconnected impact on the overall body. The idea for the study came when Professor Piancino, who is well-versed in proper posture for dental practitioners, noticed a colleague wearing a pair of Admetec Ergo loupes. She surmised that the improved working position the loupes afforded could significantly decrease neuromuscular strain, and recommended evaluating the physical benefits of the ergonomic loupes.

Professor Piancino explains: “People tend to be unaware of the enormous impact balance and symmetrical muscle activation have on physical comfort – and by extension, mental focus and overall wellbeing. Dentists tend to work in asymmetrical positions for extended periods of time, making demands on their physiology that go against the body’s biomechanical design.”

Professor Piancino continues, discussing the gradual negative impact this can have on dental practitioners.

“In the short term, asymmetrical muscle activation can cause pain and discomfort. Over the long term, the result can be cumulative damage like repetitive strain injury (RSI) or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Because the neurological and muscular systems are so intimately connected, as clearly demonstrated by recent research, imbalanced straining negatively affects not only the physical wellbeing of doctors, but also their ability to focus and perform their best work. Discovering that these common injuries might be avoidable would be highly significant for dentists and other medical professionals.”

In preliminary research using both dentistry students and post-graduate students, Professor Piancino compared the amount of stress on eight symmetrical back muscles when working with Admetec’s Ergo loupes against conventional, through-the-lens (TTL) loupes. Use of the Ergo loupes illustrated a more symmetrical activation of the muscles, as well as a significant reduction of the muscular peaks and mitigation of stress in both the back and neck. Use of the TTL loupes resulted in greater stress levels, with muscles being highly activated asymmetrically and continuously, rather than with postural activity. In other words, these results indicate that the use of non-refractive TTL loupes forces the body to work contrary to its biomechanical design, which leads to fatigue, pain, discomfort, difficulty maintaining mental focus, and eventually cumulative trauma that can impact performance and career longevity.

Danny Katz, COO of Admetec commented: “We were pleased when Professor Piancino chose to research the physical impact of using ergonomic loupes versus classic TTL loupes. It is one thing to receive feedback from doctors on how they feel better using our Ergo loupes. It is another to have a scientific explanation that shows why they feel better.”

Professor Piancino and Admetec have agreed to collaborate on further research on the health ramifications of using standard TTL loupes vs ergonomic loupes.

Customized to each individual wearer through a multi-factor process, Admetec’s popular Ergo Series of loupes offers an unparalleled combination of magnification potential and user comfort. The Ergo Series’ precision vision and exceedingly light weight helps healthcare practitioners work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time, maximizing concentration by minimizing physical discomfort. The loupes are available in six different levels of magnification: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x and 10x. The 10x model is the world’s only ergonomic loupe offering so high a magnification level. 

Xlear Brings Top-Rated Spry Dental Care Products to Expo East

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2022

Dentist-Recommended Oral-Care Brand Spry Dental Defense Will be Showcased Alongside Companion Xylitol-Based Sinus Care Brand Xlear

Xlear, Inc. a global leader in creating natural, convenient, xylitol-based sinus and oral care products will be attending Natural Products Expo East (Booth #3605) from September 28 - October 1 and will showcase its award-winning, all-natural products from both the Spry and Xlear portfolios. Attendees can learn more about the brand's high-quality oral health products and sinus care solutions, including the benefits of xylitol for overall health, throughout the show.

Spry's product line includes premium chewing gum, mints, mouthwashes, toothpastes, mouth-moisturizing products and children's dental care essentials containing xylitol, which reduces the risk of tooth decay and is known to help reduce cavity-causing bacteria.

Products including Spry's newly reformulated Enamel Max with STMP is shown to strengthen enamel by 33%. In addition, the Spry Natural Mouth Wash and Oral Rinse inhibit bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums while encouraging a naturally healthy environment in the mouth. Products like Spry Natural Xylitol Gum and Spry Natural Xylitol Mints similarly defend against bacteria that cause tooth decay while freshening breath in an all-natural way.

"Oral health is an integral part of overall health but often disregarded until problems like cavities and gum disease arise," said Nathan Jones, CEO of Xlear. "Preventative care that includes xylitol-based products is key to preventing dental issues before they become a problem. Our team is looking forward to returning to Natural Products Expo East to present these award-winning products for consumers looking to improve their dental hygiene routine."

In addition to the Spry Dental Defense System, Xlear's line of natural xylitol-based sinus solutions will be available at the exhibition. Xlear nasal sprays help treat allergies and bacteria that can cause viruses by flushing out harmful toxins and bacteria from the nose. Xlear Sinus Care is sold online and in over 50,000 pharmacies, grocery stores, and online, and is safe for both adults and children to use.

Natural Products Expo East will take place September 28 - October 1 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, located at 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. For more details on the trade show, please visit For more information on Xlear, Inc. and its brands, please visit  

Pacific Dental Services Foundation Awards $70,000 to Fall 2022 Dental Assistant Scholarship Recipients

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022

The PDS Foundation has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships to dental assistants so far this year.

The Pacific Dental Services® (PDS) Foundation is proud to announce that 17 students from eight states were awarded a total of $70,000 as the Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship recipients for Fall 2022. Since the start of the year, the PDS Foundation has awarded over $202,000 to 44 dental assisting students in 12 states.

Named after Carolyn Ghazal, DDS, a member of the PDS Foundation Board of Directors, this educational scholarship provides dental assistant (DA) students with need-based financial aid, mentorship, on-the-job training, and aims to mold the next generation of passionate, servant-hearted dental leaders.

“I am so honored to have my name associated with such a worthwhile endeavor that is investing in the lives, education and futures of DA students throughout the nation,” said Dr. Ghazal. “My hope is that this financial support can help remove a barrier for students, and the mentorship they receive through the program will allow them the opportunity to pursue a noble career in dental assisting.”

Fall 2022 Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship Recipients: 


Academic Institution

City, State

Oscar Buenrostro 

Concorde Career College 

San Diego, Calif. 

Starkesha Clark

Concorde Career College

Memphis, Tenn. 

Maybeth Fagan

Trident Technical College 

Thornley, S.C.

Emily Lynch  

Hennepin Tech

Brooklyn Park, Minn. 

Jacqueline Machuca

Arizona College 

Glendale, Ariz. 

Jorge Mata

Concorde Career College 

Garden Grove, Calif.

Ji Woo Moon

Pasadena City College

Pasadena, Calif.

Patricia Osorio 

Houston Community College

Houston, Texas 

Tiffany Parra  

UEI College

Oceanside, Calif.  

Gabrielle Ray

Gwinnett Technology College

Lawrenceville, Ga. 

Alexa Razo 

UEI College

Morrow, Ga. 

Naomi Ruiz Morales  

Florida Career College 

West Palm Beach, Fla.

Jennifer Santana Villa

Carrington College

Phoenix, Ariz. 

Krista Sharp

Chattahoochee Technical College  

Marietta, Ga. 

Isabella Vazquez 

Carrington College

Sacramento, Calif. 

Mikala Walters 

Trident Technical College 

Thornley, S.C.

Zenia Wamsley

The College of Healthcare Professionals

Austin, Texas   

Scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to DA students to help cover tuition expenses. The Scholarship Review Committee awards scholarships based on applicants' financial need, heart for service, career aspirations, and other criteria.

The PDS Foundation is already seeing the fruits of its investments in future dental assistants.

Ralph Villacorta, an orthodontics specialty dental assistant at Pacific Dental Services-supported practice Stone Oak Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas, was awarded the Dr. Ghazal DA Scholarship in December 2020. While in school, he completed his externship at a PDS-supported practice and was hired in 2021. Additionally, he has participated in international service trips and traveled to the PDS Foundation Dental Clinic in Xenacoj, Guatemala to provide donated oral healthcare to patients in need.

He credits the scholarship for allowing him to achieve his career goals and encourages dental assistant students to apply.

“Always tell yourself ‘I should try this’ because you'll never know where it will lead you,” Villacorta said. “My favorite part about being a dental assistant is the connection you create with your patients. As an orthodontics assistant, it's part of my job to make patients happy, be confident and help them achieve their perfect smile. It's really fulfilling to be part of that journey.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of DAs is projected to grow 11 percent from 2020 to 2030. However, financial hardship often prevents many students from finishing school. Recognizing the importance of DAs to the future of dentistry, the PDS Foundation created this scholarship to provide students with the financial support they need to complete their education.

“The PDS Foundation is proud to contribute to the future of the dental industry and support the career development of these 17 hard-working students,” said Rose Olague, Director of School Relations and Dental Assistant Programs at PDS and member of the PDS Foundation Advisory Board. “We know these impressive scholarship recipients will have a positive impact on the communities they serve, and we are honored to support them as they continue their education.”

The Pacific Dental Services Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to improve overall health by creating opportunities to serve locally, nationally, and internationally. Since the scholarship’s founding in 2016, the PDS Foundation has granted more than $1 million to DAs in pursuit of advancing their careers within the dental industry.

Click here to learn more about the PDS Foundation and make a tax-deductible gift today.  

Glidewell to Host IOX: The™ Experience Event in Southern California

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022

October event will provide two days of quality education focusing on all aspects of digital dentistry

Glidewell, a leader in dental education and a technological innovator in restorative dentistry for over 50 years, has announced IOX: The™ Experience Event. Scheduled for Oct. 21-22, 2022, at the brand-new Glidewell Clinical Education Center in Irvine, California, the event will provide two days of lectures and workshops aimed at guiding attendees through the latest developments in CAD/CAM technology and demonstrating the clinical advantages of digital dentistry.

"We are very excited to host our first symposium focused entirely on digital dentistry," said Rob Brenneise, senior vice president of sales, marketing and education at Glidewell. "IOX is a great opportunity to celebrate the five-year mark since launching the In-Office Solution, and bring the community together both to recognize their accomplishments and prepare them for the future of digital dentistry."

The first day's general session will feature guest speakers, including Dr. David Galler and Dr. Susan McMahon, for a full day of clinical presentations covering digital dentistry technology, crown design, milling, restorative materials, digital impressions, practice management and more. Guests will also hear the firsthand experiences and success stories of top users Drs. Michael Buck and Joshua Prentice, as well as learn from dental communications expert Carrie Webber and other renowned lecturers. Friday's session will conclude with a lively panel discussion, followed by dinner and cocktails in the evening hosted at Mesa Manor, home of Jim and Parvina Glidewell.

On the second day of the symposium, Drs. Justin Chi and Jinny Bender will lead clinicians through lectures and hands-on demonstrations designed to help participants achieve better clinical success with digital dentistry. Doctors will learn methods for delivering complex multi-unit cosmetic cases, as well as applications for digitizing the clinical workflow through CAD/CAM technology. This event also marks the first Glidewell symposium to feature workshops created for staff members — addressing the best methods for intraoral scanning, as well as the most common technical challenges of crown design.

"We invite all clinicians to attend, regardless of how experienced they are with digital dentistry," said Stephenie Goddard, CEO of Glidewell. "Anyone familiar with our symposia knows that we deliver a world-class education in every event. IOX continues that success by providing equal value to doctors who are just starting to learn about CAD/CAM dentistry, as well as those who discovered its merits years ago."

Tuition for IOX: The Experience Event is set at $395 for Gold Subscription members, and $495 for other participants. Tuition includes full two-day access including breakfast and lunch, and an exclusive cocktail and dinner event. Participants will earn nine (9) CE credits. For the complete event schedule and to register, visit or call 877-338-1992. 

Whip Mix 10th Annual Digital Forum in October

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022

Whip Mix has announced its 10th annual Digital Forum will take place on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, 2022. It’s bigger and better than ever, with world-renowned speakers, experts in CAD / CAM technology and exhibitors that support your venture into digital technology.

At this year’s forum you can choose between 20 different breakout sessions and deep dive into 5 hands-on courses offered for both beginner and intermediate /advanced level interests.

Take learning to the next level with a tour of Whip Mix, costume contest, and live musical entertainment with dancing. Get ready to mingle with dentists and technicians from around the US and share all things digital.

The room block at the Crowne Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky closes September 27th, so register now and save. Click here to register, visit, or call (800) 626-5651 ext 1270.


Dentsply Sirona Appoints Glenn Coleman as Chief Financial Officer

Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022

Dentsply Sirona today announced that Glenn Coleman has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective September 26, 2022. He succeeds Barbara Bodem, who has served as Interim Chief Financial Officer since May 2022. Ms. Bodem will remain with the company and continue to serve as an advisor to Mr. Coleman until October 24, 2022.

Mr. Coleman brings 30 years of financial management expertise to Dentsply Sirona. He joins the Company from Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corporation (“Integra”), where he most recently served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and previously held the role of Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Integra, Mr. Coleman held numerous financial management positions at leading global businesses, including Curtiss-Wright Corporation and Alcatel-Lucent.

Simon Campion, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsply Sirona, said, “We are pleased to have Glenn join us in the CFO role. He is a transformational leader with a strong history of driving value creation and sustainable growth. Over the course of his career, he has overseen financial and operational functions across several geographies and industries, including healthcare. Glenn, like me, is a high-integrity leader who shares our commitment to accountability, operational rigor, discipline, and execution. I have no doubts that he will be a great thought partner for me and the other members of the leadership team. Glenn’s leadership will be instrumental as we move forward with the previously announced review of the Company’s business and operations including competitive positioning and portfolio, margin enhancement opportunities, and capital structure.”

Mr. Coleman said, “I’m excited to join Dentsply Sirona as the Company prepares to enter its next chapter. I look forward to working with Simon and rest of the team to bring greater focus and discipline to our execution, advance our financial, operational, and strategic goals, and ultimately deliver long-term growth and value creation.”

Mr. Campion continued, “On behalf of the Company, I would like to express our gratitude to Barbara for her service as Interim CFO. During her tenure, Barbara enhanced key financial processes, helped build improved management systems, and advanced our top operational priorities. We look forward to continuing to benefit from her exceptional skill and leadership during the transition.”

About Glenn Coleman

Mr. Coleman previously served as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corporation; a role held since 2019. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Coleman led operations and most of Integra’s talent force, including clinical, R&D, manufacturing, and quality functions while also leading the international team. Mr. Coleman was previously Integra’s Chief Financial Officer overseeing the finance department, including accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, internal audit, tax, treasury, investor relations, and information technology while also leading the international business. Prior to Integra, Mr. Coleman spent 25 years in financial management positions with leading global businesses, including Curtiss-Wright Corporation and Alcatel-Lucent, and began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Mr. Coleman earned a Bachelor of Science from Montclair State University and has been a CPA in New Jersey for more than 25 years. 

Middlesex College Adopts MouthWatch TeleDent for Classroom Instruction and Community Outreach

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2022

Middlesex College in Edison, New Jersey has incorporated TeleDent by MouthWatch in the curriculum of its dental hygiene program and is also using the dental telehealth platform during its community outreach programs.

Although the earliest examples of teledentistry were introduced more than 20 years ago, teaching it in dental hygiene schools is relatively new and forward-thinking. “We want to ensure our students are graduating knowing how to use the most up-to-date technology,” said Middlesex College’s Chair of Dental Hygiene, Michelle Roman, EdD, RDH.

Middlesex College graduates about 30 students from its hygiene program each year. When they leave the college after two years with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene, they will now have eight hours of training specific to teledentistry; four hours of lectures and 4 hours of hands-on experience.

Some Middlesex College hygiene students recently gained hands-on experience with TeleDent during an oral health screening program for children between 11-months and 5-years old that was conducted at Noah’s Ark Preschool in Highland Park, New Jersey.

During this event, the hygiene students conducted oral screenings and took intraoral photos of 66 children. The screening notes and photos were then sent to a dentist working remotely for analysis and diagnosis.

The dentist then developed a detailed referral including intraoral photos of decayed teeth that were shared with the child’s parent or guardian so they in turn could share with their dentist. “If the child did not have a dentist, which is often the case, one would be recommended to ensure that the child would receive treatment,” explained Roman.

According to MouthWatch CEO and Founder Brant Herman, “We’re very honored to be associated with this visionary dental hygiene program. Middlesex College dental hygiene students will be well prepared for the future of virtual care, which will include new career opportunities.”

To explore adding teledentistry to the curriculum of your dental or hygiene school, contact MouthWatch Professional Education Manager Jamie Collins at


DentaQuest Selected by Partners Health Plan to Administer Dental Benefits for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities in New York

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2022

Partnership will increase access to oral health care and improve outcomes for this population

DentaQuest, one of the nation’s largest and most experienced Medicaid dental benefits administrators, today announced its new engagement with Partners Health Plan (PHP) to increase access to oral health care and improve outcomes for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Partners Health Plan (PHP), a nonprofit managed care organization serving individuals with I/DD, selected DentaQuest to administer dental benefits and specialized services for its members. With the addition of PHP to its other government clients, DentaQuest now serves 63% of Medicaid enrollees in the state.

“We are honored to support Partners Health Plan in its commitment to serving adults with I/DD,” said Steven Pollock, president of DentaQuest. “We’ve long recognized the importance of increasing health equity for all, and health plans like PHP that focus on underserved populations are critical to making it happen. Oral health is often overlooked as more immediate medical needs take precedence, but as we know good oral health drives overall health and everyone can benefit from routine, preventive care. Innovative approaches, such as our industry-leading case management program, provide an extra level of support for individuals with I/DD and their caregivers to navigate a complex, imperfect health system to ultimately get the right treatment, at the right time.”

DentaQuest’s case management program helps identify appropriate resources needed to resolve a member’s issue – often unrelated to health care – and coordinates access to those resources with PHP care managers to ultimately achieve optimal oral health. Together, DentaQuest’s case management team and PHP care managers partner to secure transportation, medical clearance, sedation and anesthesia, hospital level care and other dental services. The collaboration between PHP and DentaQuest has led to a substantial increase in member utilization and appears to be addressing long standing access challenges faced by the I/DD population.

Launched in 2016, PHP develops and coordinates personalized life plans that ensure participants receive the essential medical, behavioral, dental, habilitation, and other services and supports needed. Dental care is the primary unmet need for adults with I/DD. More than 30% of children with I/DD are likely to have their first dental visit delayed, and in general, individuals with I/DD are less likely to receive necessary restorative care. Addressing this disparity is a critical component in impacting overall health equity for individuals with I/DD, as poor oral health can result not only in dental caries and gum disease, but can impact overall health, potentially leading to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

“The work we are accomplishing with DentaQuest shines a light on what is possible across the nation – people with I/DD deserve and can achieve lifelong optimal oral health and wellness when we create the right partnerships and invest in the right programs,” said Kerry Delaney, CEO, PHP. “We look forward to continuing our partnership and the measurable results we are seeing in dental care for PHP members.”

In the future months, PHP will also be piloting teledentistry and mobile dentistry programs in partnership with DentaQuest to increase access to oral health care for members.

CAD-Ray Announces Release of Trios 5 by 3Shape

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2022

CAD-Ray Distribution is proud to announce the release of the Trios 5 Wireless scanner by 3Shape, available for immediate sale at The Trios 5 boasts more than 50 improvements over its predecessors, and is the lightest scanner to date from the Trios family. Some of the standout features include an LED ring and haptic sensory feedback for smoother, faster digital impressions, as well as a unique, closed (and autoclavable) scanner tip design protected by scratch-free sapphire glass for optimal hygiene.

3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bornholt believes that the features of the Trios 5 are so advanced, they will be very well-received by dental practitioners. “We have strived for perfection through five generations of intraoral scanner evolution. Using state of the art scan software and artificial intelligence to deliver sharper colors, improved accuracy and increased efficiency, we believe Trios 5 surpasses all expectations. Trios 5 wireless simply makes sense.”

The all-new Trios 5 design is easier to clean and more hygienically sound than its predecessors due to a sealed frame that eliminates the accumulation of soil or contaminants in device crevices. It is less than 11oz in total weight (including battery and tip), and is less than 11 inches long. It is also notable that the scan tips are autoclavable up to 100 times.

CAD-Ray President Rich LaFergola says, “the Trios 5 has everything that CAD-Ray customers have been pining for. There is a reason that Trios is the market leader, and if you thought it was a great scanner before, the new features will blow you away. As with all scanners, when you purchase from CAD-Ray, that includes access to our online tutorial library as a lifetime resource for your entire team.”

CAD-Ray expects initial purchases to be ready to ship as soon as early November, and the Trios 5 is already available on here:

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