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Novelty for dental prophylaxis: Ivoclar presents a genuine innovation for professional tooth cleaning

Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Ivoclar Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications with an extensive product and systems portfolio for dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists, presents the VivaDent® Aerosol Reduction Gel—a genuine innovation for professional tooth cleaning. The gel revolutionizes prophylaxis procedures in dental practices, providing a more comfortable experience for patients and practitioners.

Everyday prophylaxis work involves a variety of challenges for dental hygienists and dentists, in particular when it comes to the use of ultrasonic scalers. The aerosol and spray mist produced by ultrasonic scalers can impair the visibility of the treatment area and pose risks for practitioners and patients.

A milestone in dental scaling: up to 991 percent2 reduction in aerosol

In response to these challenges, the innovative VivaDent® Aerosol Reduction Gel was developed: The unique formulation provides for the effective reduction—by up to 99 percent—of spray mist and aerosol produced by ultrasonic3 scalers. This genuine innovation is a milestone in prophylaxis work and meets the highest quality standards. The systematic reduction of spray mist and aerosol not only facilitates professional tooth cleaning but also offers several benefits:

• Better visibility of the treatment area

• Reduced likelihood of spreading airborne diseases by reducing the aerosol produced

• More comfortable experience for patients as the face remains drier due to less spray mist

• Easy handling and dosage

“The VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel binds aerosol before it can form. Plus, the mix-in gel is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and tasteless to meet the requirements of all patients,” says Maurizio Dottore, Director GBU Prevention & Care of the Ivoclar Group.

No compromises when it comes to efficient and safe professional tooth cleaning

VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel is a clear, water-based solution that does not cause stains on teeth or permanent stains on clothes and other surfaces. The mix-in gel (single dose sachet with practical one-hand opening) can be mixed quickly and seamlessly integrates into daily preparation routines. No additional instruments are required to reduce aerosols. Likewise, the handling of the ultrasonic scaler remains unchanged, which makes this innovative product an integral part of the modern dental practice.

Minimum effort – maximum effect

In two easy mix-in steps, the entire content of a single dose sachet is mixed with one litre of water in a mixing bottle by shaking vigorously for about 30 seconds to form a homogeneous solution. After a rest time of at least 10 minutes, ideally overnight, the prepared solution is filled into the external coolant tank and professional tooth cleaning can begin.

This genuine innovation from Ivoclar not only creates a safer and more pleasant practice environment for dental hygienists and dentists, but also for patients, and thus reflects the company’s credo “Making People Smile.”

For further information:

About the Ivoclar Group

The Ivoclar Group, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications. For over a century, the company has been shaping the dental industry, enabling people to achieve the best oral health and enjoy a beautiful smile. The company's success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education. The group of companies, which sells its products to around 130 countries, has 56 subsidiaries and branch offices and employs roughly 3,700 people worldwide. More information about the Ivoclar Group is available at


1. The reduction of aerosol is dependent on the amplitude of the scaler tip.

2. The gel reduces the aerosol formation produced by ultrasonic scalers by up to 99 percent.

3. When using ultrasonic scalers, please observe the local and national hygiene guidelines and the manufacturer's instructions. The device must be rinsed with drinking water after ultrasonic scaling with the VivaDent Aerosol Reduction Gel. Only suitable for ultrasonic scalers with an external coolant tank. Not suitable for air-polishing devices.


vhf and Myerson Successfully Validate Milling Materials

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Four CAD/CAM polymers from Myerson complete the range of machinable materials

vhf camfacture AG, an established manufacturer of dental milling machines, has validated four CAD/CAM polymers for vhf machines together with materials specialist Myerson. This step opens up even more processing options for users in the field of metal-free removable partial dentures.

In close cooperation between the two companies, the four polymer-based materials have been successfully tested for the vhf E5, K5+, S5 and R5 disc milling machines and can be used with immediate effect. The perfect interaction of the precise vhf machines with the appropriate tools and the suitable milling strategy in the CAM software forms the basis for the successful validation. It ensures efficient and high-quality machining of the materials.

All four validated materials are characterized by three special properties: Biocompatibility, strength and low moisture absorption. DuraFlex as a nylon-free PMMA material is ideal for partial dentures with gingiva-colored retaining elements. High flexibility and low weight make it comfortable to wear. The semi-translucent VisiClear can be used to fabricate visually barely noticeable partial dentures and temporary dentistry. Clasps can be designed to blend in with the oral cavity. DuraCetal is a robust acetal copolymer resin with high fracture and flexural strength for partial dentures and provisional crowns and bridges. Ultaire AKP Dentivera represents a new generation of PAEK materials and is the metal-free alternative to model casting frameworks (clasp, telescopic, bar dentures, etc.).

The validation process, in which test specimens and actual restorations were milled and evaluated with regard to accuracy of fit and surface quality, was carried out in two steps. First, vhf tested the respective milling strategies internally in the company’s own test center. Once these test runs had been successfully completed, Myerson also had the materials validated by a reference laboratory. All tests were completed to the utmost satisfaction of both partners and the milling results were of impeccable quality.

“In order to provide our customers with a wide range of machining options, we are continuously expanding the range of validated materials,” emphasizes Lucas Kehl, Head of Product at vhf camfacture AG. “With the addition of four more materials from our partner Myerson, our North American customers benefit from an even larger selection of materials from a well-known manufacturer.” Kris Schermerhorn, owner of the Northern Virginia Dental Lab, which was commissioned by Myerson to carry out the validation, praises the impeccable test results. “The perfect interplay of machines, tools and software from vhf ensures first-class milling results with the new materials. I am delighted that together we have succeeded in validating four renowned Myerson products for the vhf machines, which are very popular on the US market.”

Shofu Dental Corporation Introduces BeautiLink SA

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Shofu Dental Corporation introduced BeautiLink SA, a self-adhesive resin cement designed specifically for zirconia restorations, during the California Dental Association annual meeting on May 16, 2024.

Zirconia has become the standard material for dental crowns. According to a JADA study, 98% of respondents reported using it for their posterior crowns.1 BeautiLink SA is a self-adhesive, dual-cured resin cement designed to ensure superior retention and marginal integrity, providing a strong and long-lasting bond specifically for zirconia restorations.

One of the most common reasons for crown failure is secondary decay.2 However, BeautiLink SA, which features the proprietary bioactive Giomer Technology, can release and recharge fluoride and other beneficial ions for the life of the restoration, greatly reducing the potential for crown failure. BeautiLink SA’s anti-bacterial and acid-neutralizing effects reduce caries-causing bacteria present in the preparation or infiltrating the margins.3 These bioactive properties provide health benefits not found in competitive products.

BeautiLink SA has an ideal viscosity for easy handling. It comes with mixing tips that ensure perfect paste delivery, and clean-up is quick and easy.

BeautiLink SA is available in three different shades: Clear, Ivory, and Opaque. The Clear and Ivory shades are highly translucent, while the Opaque shade is ideal for masking stains and darker preps. BeautiLink SA offers remarkable color stability, providing long-lasting aesthetics for all indirect restorations. Available in two packaging options: one 8.6g syringe with 10 mixing tips, MSRP $134.95, or two 8.6g syringes with 20 mixing tips, MSRP $234.95.


1. Lawson NC, Frazier KB, Bedran-Russo AK, Khajotia SS, Park J, Urquhart O. Zirconia restorations. 2021;152(1):80-81.e2. doi:

2. Walton, JN et al. A Survey of Crown and Fixed Partial Denture Failures, J Prosthet Dent. 1986 Oct;56(4):416-21

3. Gordan V.V., et al. A clinical evaluation of a self-etching primer and a Giomer restorative material: Results at 8 years. JAM Dent. Assoc. 2007;138:621-627

Pictured: BeautiLink SA is a self-adhesive resin cement specifically for zirconia restorations with bioactive giomer technology.


AnatotempSC® and Ditron Dental USA Enhance the Digital Dental Implant Workflows with 3Shape and Exocad

Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2024

AnatotempSC, known for its innovative anatomic healing abutment and scan body, has set the standard for simplifying digital implant workflows. Through a strategic partnership with Ditron Dental USA, AnatotempSC now offers a comprehensive digital clinical and laboratory workflow, leveraging 3Shape and Exocad software.

The use of the AnatotempSC significantly streamlines the restoration process, saving four restorative steps and eliminating one appointment for the restoring clinician. Once placed during implant surgery, the AnatotempSC can remain in place until the final prosthesis is placed, enhancing efficiency and reducing patient visits.

AnatotempSC is compatible with various implant system connections, and utilizing its digital workflow within 3Shape and Exocad laboratory software provides a seamless process to create custom abutments. Now, with the integration of Ditron ti-bases and custom abutment blanks, the AnatotempSC digital workflow is even more versatile. “The dental laboratory digital workflow has become even easier with the inclusion of Ditron ti-bases and custom abutment blanks within 3Shape and Exocad software,” said Terry B. Philibin, DDS, MS, MBA, President and CEO.


Penn Dental Medicine Researchers Developing Hydrogels to Shed Light on Inflammation

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2024

Hydrogels, water-based gels with varied biomedical applications, have become a key focus of bioengineering research in recent years, with the burgeoning field transforming the way diseases are being studied and potentially treated. A dentist and engineer, Kyle Vining, Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences at Penn Dental Medicine, is developing hydrogels in his lab to study inflammation. Specifically, his lab is investigating how physical cues control inflammation of white blood cells with the goal of developing new treatments for disease, ranging from cancer to fibrosis, the outcome of many chronic inflammatory diseases.

Among his projects, he has developed a hydrogel matrix that mimics the physical properties of fibrosis to see how white blood cells interact with the surrounding tissue. "Fibrosis is a physical change in tissues that produces a scar-like matrix that can impair cancer treatment, inhibit healing, and in general is not compatible with tissue regeneration," says Vining. "There's been a lot of effort on antifibrotic drugs, but we're looking at fibrosis differently. Instead of directly inhibiting fibrosis, we're trying to understand its consequences for the immune system because the immune system can be hijacked and become detrimental for your tissues."

Through a better understanding of the feedback loop between fibrotic tissue and the immune system, Vining hopes to design interventions for treating head and neck cancer, including ways to boost efficacy of immunotherapies. This work also has possible applications for facilitating wound healing and tissue remodeling during restorative dental procedures.

In other work, Vining and collaborators from Penn Engineering are gearing up to develop next-generation treatments for tooth decay. They are working on encapsulating mRNA inside lipid nanoparticles that can be delivered locally to dental tissues. "Using mRNA, we can reprogram the cells to produce their own medication to help promote healing of the tooth and improve long-term survival of the tooth cells," Vining says.


Pacific Dental Services Foundation Awards Over $70,000 to Summer 2024 Dental Assistant Scholarship Recipients

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2024

The Pacific Dental Services® (PDS) Foundation is pleased to announce the Summer 2024 Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship recipients. The 16 students will receive more than $70,000 collectively in academic scholarships to pursue their education.

This latest scholarship announcement comes a month after the U.S. Senate highlighted the dire need for more dental assistants (DAs) nationwide. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions held a hearing on the dental care crisis and outlined the shortage of DAs and the impact this has on the overall health of Americans. The hearing came on the heels of a report that finds that 87% of dentists are struggling to recruit DAs for their offices.

Recognizing the importance of DAs to the future of dentistry, the PDS Foundation created the scholarship to provide students with financial support to complete their education. Named after Carolyn Ghazal, DDS, a member of the PDS Foundation Board of Directors, the program provides students with need-based financial aid, mentorship, on-the-job training, and aims to mold the next generation of passionate, servant-hearted leaders.

“It’s inspiring to see another class of dental assistants pursuing this rewarding career,” said Dr. Ghazal. “Thanks to this scholarship program, students have the support to hit the ground running after they graduate. By investing in the next generation of health care leaders, we’re contributing to better oral health for all while helping students build their careers.”

Scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to help cover tuition costs, which can often be a barrier to completing certification for DA students. The Scholarship Review Committee considers applicants’ financial need, heart for service, career aspirations, and other criteria.

Since its establishment in 2016, the PDS Foundation has provided more than $1.6 million in financial assistance to support more than 292 students in the dental field.

“We’ve seen the Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship change lives and help students achieve their dreams without the financial worry that often comes with education,” said Michael Le, Executive Director of the PDS Foundation. “It’s especially moving to meet students who show a passion for oral health and for service.

Their contributions to their offices, patients, and to the industry will be monumental and we’re honored to be a part of their journey.”

The application deadline for the next dental assistant scholarship is August 1. To learn more or apply, please visit

Summer 2024 Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship Recipients:

• Kennan Grana, Carrington College, Phoenix, Ariz.

• Leah Peck, Concorde Career College, San Bernardino, Calif.

• Sara Macedo, UEI College, Riverside, Calif.

• Andres Lopez Polanco, Concord Career College, Hollywood, Calif.

• Neptune Brown Rosario, UEI College, Ontario, Calif.

• Aaliyah Jones, UEI College, Garden Grove, Calif.

• Adia Munson, Concorde Career College, Aurora, Colo.

• Jazmine Darbouze, Concorde Career College, Miramar, Fla.

• Money Washington, Concorde Career College, Miramar, Fla.

• Toccara Kleckley, UEI College, Stone Mountain, Ga.

• Rachel Rust, Herzing University, Minneapolis, Minn.

• Walkia Flowers, The College of Healthcare Professions, Dallas, Texas

• Sherry Ingram, Concorde Career College, Dallas, Texas

• Katrina Swafford, Concorde Career College, San Antonio, Texas

• Tohan Momodu, Advanced Dental Assistant Training School, Gainesville, Va.

• Jennifer Camacho, Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood, Wash.

About Pacific Dental Services Foundation

The Pacific Dental Services® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to improve overall health through opportunities to serve locally, nationally, and internationally. The PDS Foundation provides tools and resources to help build a lasting and sustainable impact on the communities it serves as well as on the volunteers who freely give their time. The vision of the PDS Foundation is a world where everyone has a heart to serve and a home for oral health. Through its three main programs: special needs dentistry, dental assistant scholarships and international service trips, the PDS Foundation has been able to increase access to oral healthcare for communities across the globe. For more information, visit


Stratasys unveils the DentaJet™ XL solution, designed to transform production of high-quality models for crowns and bridges, implants, clear aligner arches, and surgical guides

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSYS), announced today the launch of the groundbreaking DentaJet™ XL, the latest innovation in dental 3D printing technology. This new high-speed 3D printer is the latest addition to the DentaJet series, designed to further improve dental lab productivity and reduce costs with its larger resin cartridges, large print tray, Super High-Speed mode, and minimal post processing workflow.

“The Stratasys DentaJet XL solution is engineered specifically for digital dental labs that must deliver high volumes of applications without sacrificing quality, helping them overcome significant challenges in finding and retaining qualified technicians as they work to meet growing market demand,” said Ronen Lebi, Vice President, Stratasys Dental. “It is the most efficient production solution we have developed to date, geared to produce highly accurate crown and bridge, implant, and aligner models and surgical guides simultaneously at scale.”

The new PolyJet™ multi-material 3D printer is designed to run in a production setting with minimal human intervention. With advanced software print prep and print management features, as well as unattended printing and curing, labs can reduce up to 90 percent of their labor costs. The introduction of new printing modes and larger cartridges results in up to 67% lower cost per part. This new printer can be integrated with new validated, fast and large batch post processing workflows for support removal. It also allows for printing two materials simultaneously. And it can improve lab productivity and lowers costs making it the “go-to” solution for large volume production labs around the world.

“Incorporating the DentaJet XL 3D printer into our laboratory has significantly improved our digital workflow,” said James Dobson, Vice President, Digital Production, Dobson Ortho Laboratories and one of the first to implement the solution. “With its large print tray, 4X larger resin cartridges, and hot-swap capabilities, we have already achieved significant material and labor savings. Creating print jobs has become extremely fast and simple with the automatic part nesting features. Furthermore, its sealed resin system ensures a healthier workplace for our team.”

“The new Super High-Speed Mode allowed us to significantly increase our production of clear aligners by nearly 50%, without adding any additional labor and at a much-reduced cost per part,” said Prof. Armando Razionale, Airnivol, and one of the first customers implementing the solution in Europe. “Plus, by integrating the DentaJet XL with the automatic support removal workflow, we are saving a tremendous amount of time and labor in the final stage of production. It’s almost like we added a virtual lab technician!”

The first DentaJet XL customers were able to achieve notable production results:

• Up to 16 implant cases (surgical guide and model) in 6 hours 30 minutes

• Up to 102 crown & bridge models in 4 hours 31 minutes

• Up to 28 orthodontic models in 6 hours 37 minutes

• Up to 36 aligner arches in 2 hours 14 minutes

Notable features of this new solution include:

• Uninterrupted printing, even for the largest jobs with 4kg resin cartridges and hot-swap.

• Significantly reduced print prep times and integrated fleet management with intuitive GrabCAD Print software.

• Increased production speed of clear aligner arches by up to 30 percent with a super high-speed mode.

• Dual-material printing, which allows labs to increase output by printing two materials at once.

• Efficient post-processing with integrated third-party workflows for large batch support removal. This streamlines processes and saves time and labor.

About Stratasys

Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart and connected 3D printers, polymer materials, a software ecosystem, and parts on demand, Stratasys solutions deliver competitive advantages at every stage in the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turn to Stratasys to transform product design, bring agility to manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.

To learn more about Stratasys, visit

Pictured: The new Stratasys DentaJet XL Printer for high-volume dental labs, cutting labor costs and time needed for printing. (Photo: Business Wire)


Revolutionizing Dental 3D Printing: NFinity Takes Post-Curing to New Heights

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

In the fast-paced world of digital dentistry, precision and aesthetics are paramount. Dental professionals constantly seek ways to enhance their 3D printing outcomes, balancing the need for durability with the demand for natural-looking results. Enter Ackuretta’s latest innovation: the NFinity nitrogen generator, a game-changer set to transform the landscape of dental 3D printing post-curing.

Unlocking Superior Results for Dental Professionals

Imagine crafting dental applications with unparalleled clarity, smoother surfaces, and enhanced strength — all within your existing workflow. This is the reality Ackuretta brings to dental labs and practices with the introduction of NFinity, designed to work seamlessly with their CURIE Plus UV curing station.

The Science Behind the Magic: 95% Nitrogen Saturation

The NFinity nitrogen generator optimizes the CURIE Plus UV curing process by creating a near-oxygen-free environment (95% nitrogen purity) within the curing chamber, eliminating the need to use uncontrollable methods like vacuum and glycerin, which significantly enhances UV light absorption. Curing in a Nitrogen rich environment makes a significant difference:

1. Unmatched Aesthetics: The higher nitrogen concentration ensures even better light absorption, resulting in dental appliances with superior color transparency and smoothness.

2. Boosted Mechanical Properties: NFinity users can expect up to a 25% improvement in the strength and durability of their 3D printed applications like splints, crowns and dentures.

3. Consistency in Every Print: The 95% nitrogen environment guarantees uniform curing, eliminating variations that can occur with less controlled methods like glycerin or water submersion.

Streamlined Workflow, Enhanced Safety

Gone are the days of cumbersome nitrogen tanks or messy glycerin baths. NFinity produces unlimited curing cycles of 95% purity nitrogen on demand, fitting seamlessly into any dental workspace. This not only streamlines the workflow but also significantly enhances safety in the dental office or lab.

Elevating Ackuretta's FLOW Resins

The NFinity doesn't just improve curing – it unlocks the full potential of Ackuretta’s certified FLOW resins. Dental technicians can now achieve:

• Improved aesthetics for FLOW Hard Splint applications

• Increased mechanical properties for FLOW Denture products

• Enhanced durability for long-term temporaries using FLOW C&B.

A New Era in Digital Dentistry

As the dental industry continues to embrace digital solutions, innovations like NFinity pave the way for more efficient, high-quality patient care. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Ackuretta empowers dental professionals to deliver results that were once thought impossible.

Discover how NFinity and CURIE Plus can revolutionize your dental 3D printing workflow here.

About Ackuretta

Ackuretta is a global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. Our high-quality ‘plug-and-play solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to our global network.

With validated and calibrated workflows, an open system, and outstanding training and customer support, Ackuretta is a unique, competitive, and accessible player in the industry.

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Productive Dentist Academy Announces Clinical Calibration Institute

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA), the nation’s leading dental practice management, coaching, and marketing firm, is excited to announce the launch of the Clinical Calibration Institute, a groundbreaking educational program that bridges the gap between academic clinical knowledge and real-world patient care for associate dentists and doctor owners. The inaugural Clinical Calibration Institute will be kicked off at the 20th Anniversary PDA Conference this September 12-14, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency, in Frisco, Texas, and run concurrently with the PDA Conference. Thereafter, the program will run in four-month courses.

The Clinical Calibration Institute aims to transform how dentists, associates, and their teams approach patient engagement and case acceptance. Participants will learn from some of the nation’s most productive dentists and industry experts, compressing years of experience into an efficient and effective interactive program.

“We’ve identified a critical need in the dental profession,” says PDA Co-founder Dr. Bruce B. Baird. “Many associate dentists struggle to translate their clinical skills into successful patient interactions. Our program addresses and solves this challenge head-on by providing practical skills that can double a dentist’s productivity within six-to-12 months.”

Clinical course offerings include: Team Calibration of Diagnostic Tools, Team Calibration to AAP Perio Standards, Advanced Oral-Systemic Certification Courses, Associate Doctor Mentorship Programs and more.

The Clinical Calibration Institute is proudly sponsored by industry leaders committed to advancing dental education and practice: Ripe Global, AcceptCare, Glidewell, CariFree, Overjet, iTero, PerioProtect, Align, and Yomi.

The Clinical Calibration Institute also features an impressive lineup of speakers, including: Dr. Bruce B. Baird; Allison Lacoursiere; Dr. Lincoln Harris; Dr. Wade Kifer; Dr. Eric J. Roman; Machell Hudson-Hoover, RDH; and Dr. Jackson Bean

“Attendees will learn to diagnose by risk factors rather than insurance limitations,” says PDA Co-founder & CEO Dr. Victoria Peterson. “They will also learn how to create genuine patient relationships and significantly increase their productivity.”

For more information or to register, please visit, or call Brent Hogan at 800-757-6077, ext. 135.

About Productive Dentist Academy (PDA)

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) is an award-winning dental business and marketing consulting firm based in Anacortes, WA. At PDA, we know independent dentists are uncertain about the future of private practice and are concerned there may be no other option than to sell to a dental service organization (DSO). That's why PDA built the Investment Grade Practice™ platform to be the advocate and level the playing field so independent dentists can optimize profitability, improve patient experience, and align teams to the dentist's core vision. Founded in 2004, employee-owned PDA empowers thousands of dentists internationally so they can make confident decisions as a leader, re-engage their passion, and achieve financial and personal satisfaction.


H3D: AutoDesign. Re-inventing CAD Design through AI.

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

H3D is an Australian PhD research spinout who have been developing their AI CAD technology, AutoDesign, since 2018. AutoDesign is the leading AI CAD solution in the Hearing Aid industry where it is used by iconic brands, such as Logitech, to address CAD technician shortages.

Now, the company is entering the Dental industry, starting with AI CAD for Splints, Models and Trays. "Unlike other AI CAD providers, AutoDesign is purpose-built for labs, not clinics. It’s an industrial solution, and with that comes higher quality standards, powerful customizability, and faster speeds” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

How It Works

Using AutoDesign is as easy as following 3 steps: (I) upload cases; (II) click the “Automate Design” button; (III) review and download the CAD designs. It has been designed to be simple enough that it can be operated by any lab staff, not just CAD technicians.

Labs can use AutoDesign’s powerful customizability to suit their specific needs. Various CAD settings can be adjusted, such as thickness, undercuts, and offsets. Additionally, when new labs are onboarded, AutoDesign is calibrated to their unique CAD style and artistry. “Our goal is for AutoDesign CAD to be indistinguishable from that made via a lab’s current workflow” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

Each case takes less than 15 minutes to process. More importantly, multiple cases can be processed in parallel, so it still only takes 15 minutes whether you’re processing 1 case or 100. “Since AutoDesign always return designs in 15 minutes, labs don’t just use AutoDesign at the end of the day for overflow and leftover cases. Instead, it’s their primary CAD workflow, used all day, every day”.

Other time-saving features include Templates and API Integrations. Templates allow labs to save their commonly used CAD settings, removing the need to repetitively enter the same settings. API Integrations enable labs to connect other software systems to AutoDesign (e.g. order management, scanning, CAM), thus automating the need to manually upload-download cases to AutoDesign.

Labs can expect a success rate of >95%. This means that >95% of cases processed with AutoDesign are accepted by customers with no touch-ups required, which is far higher than existing AI CAD solutions. Cases that aren’t accepted are reprocessed using traditional CAD, and labs are not charged for these. “Due to its industrial focus, AutoDesign has the world’s highest AI CAD success rate” says Iain Mcleod, CEO.

AutoDesign for Splints and Models will be released in August 2024, with Custom Trays, Crowns, and Dentures following. Prices are starting at $10/Splint, $1.8/Model and $2.5/Tray.

AutoDesign accepts most major files systems. There is no set-up or license fee involved – you only pay for what you use. To learn more, contact or click here.

H3D Auto Design is a great solution for labs who are held back by the shortage of CAD technicians or for labs that wish to scale up their business responsibly.


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