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Glidewell Adds RAPTOS® Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe to Newport Surgical™ Line of Bone Grafting Solutions

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2022

Clinically proven allograft material comes prepackaged in a syringe, giving dentists a convenient and reliable means of grafting sites for bone regeneration.

Glidewell's Newport Surgical™ line of bone grafting solutions was created to provide dentists with a simplified assortment of bone grafting materials and instruments for the full range of indications performed in the general practice, from socket regeneration to full periodontal reconstruction. Now, the company is introducing a new addition to the collection: RAPTOS® Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe specially designed to make the delivery of allograft for extraction sockets, bony defects, immediate implant sites and other clinical applications simpler and more convenient.

Traditionally, dentists in need of bone grafting material have had to order the allograft on its own, hydrate it, and then apply it manually with an instrument or load it into a syringe after hydration. With RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, clinicians have an all-in-one tool for grafting sites with predictable and cost-effective results.

Each syringe contains prepackaged mineralized cortico-cancellous allograft and is ready to use after a quick and simple hydration procedure. Users will simply remove the outside cap and gently tap the device to loosen the particles sufficiently before aspirating a saline solution or the patient's blood into the syringe. The 0.25 cc and 0.5 cc (priced at $42 and $65, respectively) are packaged for single use. The largest size (1.0 cc priced at $92) comes packaged as two syringes.

"Bone grafting after tooth extraction or in preparation for implant placement has become everyday dentistry for most general practitioners," says Dr. Neil Park, vice president of clinical affairs at Glidewell. "RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe makes these procedures even more efficient at a remarkably good price."

The allograft blend combines the optimal features of cortical and cancellous bone. Cortical bone provides the space maintenance that allows the time for bone regeneration to occur, while cancellous bone allows for better cell migration and faster remodeling. The finely ground size of the mineralized allograft's particles fosters rapid site revascularization and increased structural integrity with a resorption rate of four to six months.

Glidewell ensures that RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, like other products in the Newport Surgical line, originates from a single, convenient supplier and is FDA-cleared and naturally sourced. By doing so, the longstanding implant solutions provider aims to deliver a product with quality that dentists know they can trust. This product will play a key role in furthering Glidewell's philosophy to simplify and improve every aspect of treatment, from implant placement to delivery of the final restoration.

This product addition strengthens Newport Surgical's comprehensive line of bone grafting solutions, which includes essential tools like sutures, wound dressing, collagen membranes and the Newport Surgical Implant and Bone Grafting Instrument Kit. This simple yet comprehensive line of high-quality products gives clinicians everything they need to perform most implant-related procedures in their dental practices.

For the RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, along with the full array of Newport Surgical materials and instruments, visit or call 888-303-3975. To learn more about Glidewell's comprehensive implant and restorative solutions, visit or call 800-839-9755.

RAPTOS is a registered trademark of Citagenix Inc. 

evowera Receives American Dental Association Certificate for planck O1 Electric Toothbrush

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2022

evowera, an up-and-coming technology firm in China that focuses on the consumer electronics industry, has received the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance for its planck O1 adaptive sonic electric toothbrush (planck O1).

The ADA is the largest dental association in the U.S., representing 161,000 dental professionals. As the premier source of oral health information, the ADA has promoted the art and science of dentistry since 1859, advocating for the dental health of the public ever since. The ADA Seal of Acceptance has been the leading mark of dental product safety and efficacy for 90 years, providing a valuable and respected guide on consumer dental care products. Being certified by ADA represents evowera's strict standards and its unwavering pursuit in consummate dental product development, and casts a light on the high quality and strong competitiveness of planck O1 as an innovative and market-disrupting dental care product.

evowera was founded by four engineers - with backgrounds working in China's most reputable drone company - in 2017 with the goal of developing high-performance consumer electronics. The planck O1 is the brand's first product and it has received great attention from professionals and consumers since it first launched in the end of 2020. The planck O1 can deliver a powerful brushing performance with an output of 42,000 strokes per minute at only 42dB(A). Thanks to hypermag™, an industrial-level servo motor with noise-reduction technology that was fully developed by evowera Labs, it allows users to enjoy an ultimate teeth-cleaning activity with an unprecedented comfortable experience. This type of motor has been applied in medical services, robotics and aeronautics, but this marks the first time that a company has successfully applied an industrial motor to an electric toothbrush.

With evowera's advanced smart technology, the planck O1 is well known for its proprietary adaptive mode, which can create an exclusive personalized profile by analyzing users' cleaning targets based on their daily brushing behavior, habits and other related inputs, ultimately forming a setting that perfectly suits each individual user and ensuring great cleaning results. The built-in display provides a post-brush report that includes blind zones, pressure and duration as well as useful information such as brush head degradation and battery life.

As the second product in the planck series, the evowera planck mini smart manual toothbrush (planck mini) was recently launched in China and it covers the full spectrum of different ages including children, adults and the elderly. Featuring a smart sensor and iconic screen, planck mini enables manual toothbrush users to understand their brushing performance as well. In addition, it helps parents observe their children's teeth-cleaning results and offer effective guidance no matter at home or remotely. The planck mini will be available soon on

"We want to help users improve their brushing efficiency and quality by providing more intuitive options. Our team has devoted itself to the oral hygiene industry for five years now, tirelessly concentrating on pushing the limits of technology in this field. Through increased technological breakthroughs, we believe we can offer more advanced oral products to consumers moving forward, allowing them to enjoy the ultimate dental experience in their own homes," said by Yihan liu, the CEO of evowera. "We believe small improvements enable people to live more intelligent lives."

Moving forward, evowera will continue to bring more high-quality dental products and other smart electric appliances to provide technology-driven solutions for customers.

Dental Scheduling Giant CallForce Announces Name Change to Reach as Part of Company Rebranding

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2022

CallForce, an industry-leading scheduling platform helping dental practices increase patient engagement and revenue, announces its rebrand under the new name Reach. Reach's team of professional schedulers are trusted by thousands of dental offices to fill their calendars with new and overdue patients.

The name change to Reach was inspired by the company's narrowed focus to holistically help practices reach their greatest level of profit while providing ease of mind for dentists and staff.

"Over the past five years we have honed in on who we are and the solution we provide to dental practices, and we wanted our name to reflect that," said Cory Pinegar, CEO of Reach. "Reach describes the company's natural progression as well as the direction we're going, think CallForce 2.0, and I could not be more thrilled."

Reach was established in 2016 and has since grown to thousands of clients and is closing in on 200 team members. The company has been named one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 500 and has been recognized repeatedly by the Salt Lake Tribune as one of the Best Places to Work.

Reach is the largest patient service provider in the United States offering inbound call answering services for new and existing dental patients. Reach's highly trained team of scheduling professionals schedule 33% of every recall directly into a practice's calendar, which is two times higher than the industry average. With 56% of patients in a practice's system overdue for a dental hygiene appointment, Reach not only takes the burden off staff, but also helps to keeps patients healthier.

Reach also offers dental insurance verification to optimize patient services. Prior to a patient's visit, Reach employees verify that insurance is active and communicate to the patient what services they are eligible for so that they can maximize the value of their dental plan. It is proven that dentists can earn $200 more per patient cleaning by using a verification service like Reach.

On average, Reach provides nine times the return on spend, but more importantly, allows dental office staff to be present to focus on high-level patient care.

"Our clients can expect the same great services and fantastic patient care, just with a new look," said Pinegar.

For more information visit or call 801.901.0502.


Coming to the Dental DSO Space: Endodontic training, personal wellness coaching and advanced dental CE with direct mentorship

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2022

The AccessEndo Impact Academy (AEIA) is proud to launch their proven and intensive DSO focused endodontic, personal wellness and dental continuing education online program.

The program features a specific, private, and uniquely branded educational web portal for each DSO client. The web portal includes:

• 35+ hours of comprehensive online endodontic CE including lecture and didactic training, clinical simulation, live clinical case, and chairside learning and patient communication modules.

• 115+ hours of podcast formatted CE covering endodontic and specialty topics*

• 15+ hours of personal wellness training via the “Power of One” program*

• Monthly scheduled endodontic coaching calls*

• Quarterly scheduled personal wellness coaching calls*

• A la carte services including live training and remote hands-on events (among others)

• A clinical endodontic case upload portal for specific endodontic case guidance/coaching

• A clinical endodontic and personal wellness question portal

*All CE courses and coaching calls come with PACE AGD CE credits and certificates.

The program's goal is to “spread love through better endo and happier clinicians” states Dr. Brett Gilbert, Founder and President of AEIA. He adds further “We know the pain points DSOs experience with regard to recruitment and retention of doctors. There is lost revenue within organizations from burn out, failed endodontic procedures and a lack of personal wellness. Through our highly intensive online clinical training, live interactive coaching calls and wellness training, we can improve revenue for the DSO and income for the doctor. Integration of this program will simultaneously improve professional success and personal wellness for each enrolled doctor. It’s a winning combination.”

To experience an AccessEndo Impact Academy program demo, please contact Dr. Richard Mounce ( to arrange an introduction by Zoom.

exocad to Host Global CAD/CAM Conference “Insights 2022” in Palma De Mallorca

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2022

exocad, an Align Technology, Inc. company and a leading dental CAD/CAM software provider, today announced that Insights 2022, the third edition of the company’s global community event for dental labs and dentists, will be held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, October 3-4, under the motto “Learn. Connect. Enjoy.” Held every two years, Insights 2022 will include a full, two-day program of lectures from top-tier dental speakers, break-out learning sessions, a comprehensive partner exhibition and an evening event.

The agenda for Insights 2022 includes a diverse program of dynamic lectures by international speakers, software sessions with exocad's team of application specialists that will present highlights of the latest Rijeka 3.1 software releases, and presentations by 11 international companies on the latest CAD/CAM trends. Up to 800 dental technicians and dentists from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia are expected to attend the exclusive event.

“Connection is one of our top priorities at exocad: connecting with our community, connecting through technology, and connecting to learn and educate about the latest advancements in digital dentistry,” said Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO exocad. “Insights is our main event to strengthen those connections, offer a platform for exchange and a vision of the future.”

Insights 2022 will focus on the possibilities of digital dentistry using an open software platform. With exocad’s open architecture, digital technologies like DVT, milling machines, 3D printers, intraoral scanners and desktop scanners can be connected on a single software platform, allowing dental technicians and dentists to easily collaborate with one another and implement treatment concepts more efficiently and predictably. Over the two days of Insights 2022, attendees will experience the variety of possible solutions for the CAD/CAM-supported manufacturing of dental restorations and how to create consistent digital workflows. They’ll hear from internationally renowned dental guest speakers Steven Campbell, Dr. Christian Coachman, Dr. Gulshan Murgai, Prof. Dr. Guilherme Saavedra, MDT Sascha Hein, Dr. Diana Tadros, Dr. Lori Trost and Waldo Zarco Nosti.

Sessions will be held in English with simultaneous translations in German, Italian and Spanish, and will include CE credits for select countries*.

Tickets and all additional information are available at

*CE credits are available for Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE and the UK. 

Brian S. Allen Named President of Clinician’s Choice® Dental Products, Inc.

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2022

Clinician’s Choice today announced the appointment of Brian S. Allen as President. In his new role, Mr. Allen will leverage his 30 years of experience in the dental manufacturing and distribution industry to further expand the company’s reach through strategic partnerships, enhanced innovation, and manufacturing capabilities. Mr. Allen will have direct responsibility across sales, marketing, finance, R&D, and business operations.

“Brian’s outstanding track record of success combined with his vast professional relationships has impacted the growth of our business. Having the pleasure to work alongside him and see firsthand his commitment to excellence and an ability to develop, coach, and support our team and our distribution partners has truly enabled us to navigate the many challenges and opportunities over the past 24 months,” said Peter Jordan, CEO of Clinician’s Choice.

Mr. Allen joined Clinician’s Choice as Chief Commercial Officer in January 2020. Since then, he has played a strategic role in driving the development and execution of overall strategy in product development, sales team expansion, marketing, and continuing education, while guiding product and category growth opportunities into new markets.

“I am honored to continue to partner with Peter Jordan and the team in the role of President,” said Mr. Allen. “For Clinician’s Choice and dental professionals, there are so many significant opportunities ahead, and I look forward to leading this dynamic team and growing organization as we continue to focus on developing innovative solutions, providing leading education, and always striving to help our clients deliver clinical excellence with the best possible patient outcomes.”

Polaris Announces Scaling from Clinician to CEO Summit

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2022

Today, Polaris Healthcare Partners announced an exciting joint conference with the Dental Success Institute in Denver, CO, held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel this October 5-7th.

Titled “Scaling from Clinician to CEO,” this unique experience is designed to teach aspiring dental entrepreneurs the necessary tools and pathways to building their own group practice. Attendees will join a cast of industry experts for over thirteen hours of exclusive educational content in areas like financial reporting, tactical marketing & analytics, legal structures, and acquiring or building practices, associate equity structures and much more.

“Perrin, Diwakar, and the Polaris team provide the most in-depth, comprehensive strategy training and support when it comes to growing and scaling a group practice and DSO that I’ve encountered in the dental profession," says Dr. Mark Costes, Co-founder of the Dental Success Institute. "The Dental Success Companies are thrilled to collaborate with this world-class organization. The real-world tactical information provided at this event will accelerate the timeline of anyone wishing to build an elite-level business.”

Polaris Co-Founder, Perrin DesPortes, went on to say: “We’re thrilled to be working with Dr. Mark Costes and the Dental Success Institute on this joint venture. There are so many industry conferences that are ‘death by panel’ or ‘death by PowerPoint’ where people talk in theory, but there’s nothing to apply when you get home on Monday morning. I can promise you this Summit will be anything but that. Every attendee will have a LOT to think about and apply when they get home. We will also ask each and every one of them to submit their most pressing questions ahead of time in an attempt to make sure they all walk away with the guidance they need to run a better business.”Not only limited to those who are just starting their journey, the “Scaling from Clinician to CEO” Summit is also an excellent opportunity for seasoned dental entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge in sell-side advisory services, growth strategies, and mergers & acquisitions. Attendees will have the chance to listen to first-person accounts from those who have completed successful growth journeys.

Are you thinking about building a group practice and are tired of learning by trial and error? Join us this larger format, multi-day, interactive journey that will accelerate your learning curve and minimize your chances for mistakes. Seating is highly limited, and the summit is expected to sell out. Click here to save your seat now.  

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG Acquires Stake in vhf Group

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The German mechanical engineering specialist for dental laboratories and dental practices as well as industry and sign making gets a strong partner at its side for the further growth.

The vhf Group sets an important course for its growth. In the future, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) will hold about one fifth of the shares of vhf camfacture AG. The latter will act as the holding company of the group in the future.

With DBAG, vhf has brought on board a strong and solid partner based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The close and long-term commitment is based on deep mutual trust. DBAG finances Long-Term Investments exclusively from its balance sheet and thus does not invest alongside a DBAG fund. The investment horizon of a Long-Term Investment extends beyond the usual term of a private equity fund. “The signing of the agreement is based on a thorough review of our business model and proves to our stakeholders that we are on the right track with our strategic decisions”, says Frank Benzinger, CEO of vhf camfacture AG.

Further, Mr. Benzinger emphasizes not only the financial aspect, but particulary the wider value contribution of DBAG: “Together with our new shareholder, we are well positioned to achieve our growth targets and to also structurally improve our company. Together, we can move forward faster.” The aim of the investment is to support the company’s further international growth and to achieve capital market readiness.

“We are delighted that we have once again earned the trust of the shareholders of a company with a tailor-made equity solution,” says Jannick Hunecke, member of the DBAG Management Board, on the signing of the agreement. “We are investing into a company with very strong internal value creation that services a structurally growing and barely cyclical market, and that has shown highly profitable growth in the past – this is what makes the investment so attractive for DBAG, especially considering the current environment.”

New Federal Report Calls for Additional Funding and Support to Grow Dental Therapy and Improve Access to Oral Health

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Health professionals recommend more dental therapy training programs and additional support for candidates to enter the profession

Concluding that dental therapy improves access to oral health care and offers “clear benefits” to vulnerable and underserved communities, a new report from a federal advisory committee calls on Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to implement policies that will advance the burgeoning practice.

“Nearly 60 million people in the United States live in areas where there aren’t enough dental professionals to meet their needs,” said Dr. Larry Hill, president of the National Coalition of Dentists for Health Equity. “By expanding the dental team to include highly trained dental therapists, states can close the access gap and ensure more people—especially seniors, people of color, and those living in rural areas—get the quality oral care they need. This new federal report is the latest data point showing that dental therapists are a proven way to increase access to high-quality dental care for all.”

Titled Supporting Dental Therapy through Title VII Training Programs: A Meaningful Strategy for Implementing Equitable Oral Health Care, the report was authored by Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry (ACTPCMD), which advises the Department of Health and Human Services on improving public health measures. The committee is comprised of health professionals from various medical and dental fields.

The report calls for funding to support additional dental therapy training programs, supporting candidates to enter the profession through scholarships and loan repayment programs, supporting faculty that train dental therapists, and funding longitudinal tracking mechanisms.

Dental therapists—skilled dental professionals who provide commonly needed care like exams and fillings while freeing up dentists to perform more complicated procedures—have been working around the world for 100 years and in the U.S. since 2005, beginning in Alaska Native communities. Dental therapists are working or authorized in 13 states, but access to these providers remains blocked for many communities due to restrictive laws backed by a single special interest group, dental associations.

“Studies have shown that the use of dental therapists is associated with increased rates of preventive care, reduction in appointment wait times, and increased access,” the report says. “In addition, various studies have found that the technical quality of care provided by dental therapists within their scope of competency is comparable to that of a dentist. Also, financial models show that dental therapists are a cost-effective way for dental practices to expand the number of people they serve while maintaining or increasing their bottom line.”

“Dental therapists are improving health in communities where care was hard to access or didn’t exist. These providers enjoy broad, bipartisan support—but unfortunately, a small but politically powerful group of self-interested dentists and lobbyists see dental therapists as competition instead of partners in the oral health workforce,” said Tera Bianchi, Dental Access Project Director at Community Catalyst. “We encourage policymakers and local leaders to read this new report and listen to the evidence: dental therapists increase access to care, create good-paying jobs and strengthen communities throughout the country.”

3M Announces Plans to Create Long-Term Value Through Spin-Off of Health-Care Business

Posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

3M (NYSE: MMM) today announced its intent to spin off its Health Care business, resulting in two world-class public companies well positioned to pursue their respective growth plans. The New 3M will remain a leading global material science innovator serving customers across a range of industrial and consumer end markets, and Health Care will be a leading global diversified healthcare technology company focused on wound care, healthcare IT, oral care, and biopharma filtration.

"Today's actions advance our ability to create value for customers and shareholders," said 3M chairman and chief executive officer Mike Roman. "Disciplined portfolio management is a hallmark of our growth strategy. Our management team and board continually evaluate the strategic options that will best drive long-term sustainable growth and value. The decision to spin off our Health Care business will result in two well-capitalized, world-class companies, well positioned to pursue their respective priorities."

As leading standalone companies, each is expected to benefit from:

  • Enhanced agility and focus to better position for long term success;

  • Ability to tailor capital allocation strategies and make company-specific investment decisions to drive innovation and growth;

  • Compelling investment profiles appealing to different investor bases; and,

  • Distinct boards and management teams comprised of world-class leaders with relevant expertise and track records driving value creation.

New 3M: A Leading Global Material Science Innovator

New 3M, with $26.8 billion in sales in 2021, will remain a leading global material science innovator, powered by an operating model rooted in science and technology, manufacturing, global capabilities, and iconic brands. The company will continue to leverage its unique and differentiated innovation to capitalize on customer opportunities aligned with key global megatrends such as electronics, safety, mobility, digitization, home improvement, and sustainability.

New 3M expects to continue to deliver profitable growth, generate robust cash flow, and return capital to shareholders while maintaining a strong balance sheet. New 3M will continue to prioritize strategic opportunities, including investments in growth, productivity, and sustainability while maintaining a proactive approach to portfolio management. 3M anticipates that there will be no changes to the company's capital allocation priorities through the completion of the separation.

Health Care: A Leading Global Diversified Health Care Technology Company

Health Care, with approximately $8.6billion in sales in 2021, will be a diversified health-care technology leader with a deep and diverse portfolio of trusted brands, global capabilities, and leadership in attractive end market segments such as wound care, oral care, healthcare IT, and biopharma filtration. Health Care will be better positioned to deliver industry-leading innovation that enables better, smarter, and safer healthcare for patients worldwide.

Health Care will focus on growth, grounded in its strong track record of profitability. With robust cash flow generation, Health Care will be well positioned to pursue its strategic objectives.

Transaction Details 

Health Care is currently expected to be spun off with net leverage of approximately 3.0x – 3.5x EBITDA and to be positioned for rapid deleveraging. Additionally, New 3M expects to retain a stake of 19.9% in Health Care, which will be monetized over time.

The spin-off is intended to be tax-free for U.S. federal income tax purposes. The Company expects to complete the transaction by year-end 2023. The transaction is subject to satisfaction of customary conditions, including final approval from the 3M Board of Directors, filing and effectiveness of a Form 10 registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, receipt of a tax opinion, receipt of a private letter ruling from the Internal Revenue Service, satisfactory completion of financing, and receipt of other regulatory approvals.

3M will retain responsibility for non-Health Care related litigation, including those related to Combat Arms Earplugs and PFAS.

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