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Two New Products are Sure to Make You Smile

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals Introduces New HurriCaine® Products

Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals, LLC is adding to its family of HurriCaine® products. Beutlich, best known within the dental industry for its HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic gels and sprays containing 20% Benzocaine, is introducing a unit dose gel and a unit dose gel syringe.

HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Gel is now available in a unit dose. This new individually wrapped single-use dose is designed to provide convenient, fast, temporary pain relief associated with sores in the mouth and throat, canker sores, irritation from dentures or orthodontic appliances, and other dental procedures. The unit dose also has a fast onset – within 30 seconds – and helps to eliminate cross-contamination. It is available in five flavors – original wild cherry, piña colada, fresh mint, watermelon, and strawberry.

The HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Unit Dose Gel now also comes in a prefilled syringe! The single-use dose syringe has a flexible but firm plastic irrigation tip for effective sub-gingival application prior to root planning, scaling, and other procedures, allowing the gel to be delivered right where it is needed. It has a fast onset – within 30 seconds – and comes in three flavors – original wild cherry, piña colada and watermelon.

“We are excited to now offer people an easy and convenient way to ease their mouth pain,” said David Clinard, COO at Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC. “These individually wrapped single-use topical gels are safe and effective, plus, in many cases, they are a needle-free alternative to pain relief at the dentist.”

MEDCOAT® is another new addition to the Beutlich’s line of products. It is an innovative new coating that makes pills go down more smoothly and covers up the bad taste of any medicine. It is perfect for alleviating the sharp edges of pills that need to be halved or quartered and eliminates the need to crush tablets or add flavorings, which can alter the effectiveness of the medicines. The special coating applicator is easy to use, works on any size or shaped pill or capsule, and comes in three great flavors – citrus, strawberry, and cola. It is available at, Amazon, and at select pharmacies.


MouthWatch Launches Game-Changing HD Intraoral Camera During SmileCon 2021

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

MouthWatch Plus+ Delivers True 1080p Images at a Disruptive Price

MouthWatch, LLC, a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral cameras, will debut its MouthWatch Plus+ HD intraoral camera at booth #B3309 during SmileCon 2021 in Las Vegas.

With a launch special price of $999.00 and SRP of $1,199.00, The MouthWatch Plus+ features true 1080p image resolution at a significantly lower cost than other HD intraoral cameras on the market – including those that claim to be HD but only capture 720p images.

“Dentists asked for this camera, so we built it!” said MouthWatch Founder and CEO Brant Herman. “MouthWatch Plus+ is disrupting the dental market once again - this time by striking the perfect balance between price and performance in a true HD intraoral camera.” MouthWatch Plus+ includes the following features that deliver stunning images, even on large monitors:

● True 1080p HD resolution images

● Rapid video display rate of 60 frames per second (FPS)

● Accurate anatomical color rendition

● Adjustable LED lighting with 4 brightness levels

● Lighting and capture control buttons on top and bottom for multiple ergonomic grasp options

● Power saving standby mode turns off when the camera is untouched for 30-seconds; switches on by touching any button.

“This camera was designed, engineered, programmed, and assembled in the United States using domestic and international components," explained Bob Bellhouse, MouthWatch Founder, COO, and project lead of the MouthWatch Plus+. “It also comes with the superior level of customer service and tech support that defines MouthWatch.” For example:

● Full 60-day money-back guarantee

● Complete two-year warranty

● Complimentary lifetime technical support

● Guaranteed to integrate with all imaging software

MouthWatch Plus+ also integrates with the company’s two-time Cellerant Award winning teledentistry platform, TeleDent,™ which enables clinicians to share true HD images and videos with colleagues and patients. The result can be improved collaboration and case acceptance.

The SRP of MouthWatch Plus+ is $1,199.00. During SmileCon 2021, it will be available for $999.00 for a single camera. To order online, visit


Amann Girrbach North America Expands Customer Service and Support Teams

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Growth in customer support infrastructure highlights continued commitment to customer experience.

Amann Girrbach North America is pleased to announce expanded customer support and field service teams. To meet and exceed market needs, these teams are committed to providing a customer experience commensurate with Amann Girrbach’s premium brand.

Jan Slor, General Manager of Amann Girrbach North America, remarked, “The expansion of our service and support teams is just the first action in our efforts to provide premium service to Amann Girrbach North America customers. We are excited to augment the after-sales customer experience and look forward to additional announcements in the coming months."

New appointments and existing members of the teams are as follows:

Zeke Quinn, Senior Service Manager, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 105)

Aian Rangel, Help Desk Level 2 Team Lead, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 104)

Klaus Kistler, Field Service Technician, Port Saint Lucie, FL,, 224-688-8313

Carol Smith, Customer Service Lead, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 106)

Holli Gurley, Help Desk Level 2 Support Agent, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 115)

Robert “Bob” Fort, Field Service Technician, Denver, CO,, 352-792-5413

Laryssa Wilson, Customer Service Representative, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 100)

Anthonia Busuyi, Help Desk Level 2 Support Agent, Charlotte, NC,, 704-837-1404 (Ext 121)

Stephen Pilarski, Field Service Technician, Charlotte, NC,, 310-923-0909

Peter Gaffney, Field Service Technician, Salem, MA,, 978-854-2117

About Amann Girrbach

As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is one of the leading innovators and preferred full-service providers in digital dental prosthetics. With its high degree of expertise in development and commitment to customer orientation, the ambitious Austrian company creates sophisticated system solutions and highest quality materials for tomorrow's workflows. Its customers in around 90 countries worldwide are mainly made up of dental laboratories and dental technicians. Amann Girrbach employs a total of around 500 people. In addition to the R&D and production sites in Koblach (headquarters) and Rankweil (Austria), Amann Girrbach operates sales offices in Pforzheim (Germany), Verona (Italy), Jossigny (France), Charlotte (USA), Singapore (city), Curitiba (Brazil), Beijing (China) and Kyoto (Japan).


Carbon and Keystone Industries Intend to Develop a Flexible Removable Partial Denture Resin

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

First Use of Carbon's Patented Dual Cure Process in a Dental Application

Carbon, a leading 3D printing technology company, and Keystone Industries, a leading dental and 3D resin products company, announced that the two companies have agreed to develop a flexible removable partial denture resin based on Carbon's patented dual cure materials.

Providing dental professionals with an innovative process to address the large partially edentulous patient population via the ability to print a flexible partial denture will be the next step in the strategic partnership between Carbon and Keystone that was initiated in 2019. The two companies originally partnered to launch KeySplint Soft Clear to Carbon's 3D printing technology platform, and more recent additions of both KeySplint Hard and KeyGuide. The expansion of this partnership will allow for the first use of Carbon's patented dual cure process in a dental application.

"Our dual cure resins meet the needs of a broad range of applications. However, this partnership will result in the first use of Carbon's patented dual cure process in a dental application," said Phil DeSimone, cofounder and Chief Product & Business Development Officer. "We're excited to extend our partnership with Keystone to expand denture options for doctors and patients."

This partnership builds on Carbon's industry leadership in developing digital denture solutions that are enabling a new standard of care for edentulous patients. In 2019, Carbon partnered with Dentca to introduce the first FDA-approved 3D printed denture. Carbon was also the first 3D printing technology company to partner with Dentsply Sirona to introduce Lucitone Digital Print, the first high-impact, high aesthetic denture base. Nearly a quarter-million denture parts have been printed on the Carbon platform through partnerships with Dentsply Sirona and Dentca.

Keystone Industries has spent decades producing leading denture products and, more recently, ground-breaking 3D printing resins for dental professionals. Keystone's denture expertise spans nearly every application: Diamond D® high-impact denture base acrylic (heat and self-cure), KeyMill® high-impact CAD/CAM milling discs for denture bases, ClearMet clear, flexible partial denture resin, Millennium PMMA acrylics, the upcoming high-impact pourable version of Diamond D® and in 2022, the KeyDenture 3D printing resins. Using this expansive denture material experience to partner with Carbon's dual cure 3D process will allow Keystone and Carbon to work towards an innovative breakthrough for partial denture frames.

"We have had a long and productive relationship with Carbon," noted Keystone Industries dental president, Ira Rosenau. "Together, we can leverage several strengths of our companies to bring a very substantial innovation to dental professionals – an efficient way to manufacture custom flexible partial dentures for the many patients who need such a prosthetic device to improve their daily lives."

Diamond Braces Partners with Invisalign, Tuesday's Children, & the New York Giants to Assist Families Affected by Tragedy

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Diamond Braces is teaming up with a few of its closest friends to help children directly affected by tragedy receive the smile of their dreams.

The company recently announced its partnership with Invisalign, the leader in orthodontic clear aligner therapy, and the NFL's New York Giants to provide 10 Invisalign treatment plans for Tuesday's Children, a charity that cares for "communities impacted by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence."

Diamond Braces has been a proud Invisalign provider for over 20 years and has helped guide thousands of patients on their orthodontic journey using the Invisalign system. Invisalign clear aligners are a proven, effective orthodontic treatment method that have serviced over ten million patients worldwide. Diamond Braces is an Invisalign Diamond Plus provider, making them among the most experienced and successful dental providers in the country. Diamond Braces is also a proudly New York company, with multiple locations throughout the five boroughs.

Now, thanks to this partnership, they can have a positive impact on ten more lives.

"Our communities are more than just the places we do business – they're our homes," said Dr. Oleg Drut, Chief Clinical Officer of Diamond Braces. "Our partnership with Invisalign and the New York Giants is just the latest example of our commitment to bettering our neighborhoods by providing affordable, accessible, and amazing orthodontic care to those who need it most."

For more details about Tuesday's Children, including how you can help families affected by 9/11, mass violence, and terrorism, visit

Operation Smile and PRA Group Partner to Bring Joy to Patients on World Smile Day

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Operation Smile Receives $100,000 for World Smile Day from Global Leader in Nonperforming Loans, Hampton Roads-Based PRA Group

In honor of World Smile Day, PRA Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRAA), a global leader in acquiring and collecting nonperforming loans, is donating $100,000 to Operation Smile in support of their efforts to transform lives by providing free cleft surgery and comprehensive care to children around the world.

For PRA Group’s Co-Founder and Board Chairman Steve Fredrickson, the partnership between PRA Group and Operation Smile is more than a monetary donation. Steve and his family experienced firsthand the impact of bringing people together from across the globe to support a child. Their own lives were touched by a child living with an untreated cleft condition in 2008, when they partnered with Operation Smile and other area families to host a monk from Nepal who came to Norfolk, VA, with an infant who was abandoned by her family. In need of cleft surgery and medical care, this infant was treated by Operation Smile and a team of local medical volunteers from Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. The Fredrickson family not only helped care for this infant but helped share her story with students and local community groups to raise awareness for cleft conditions.

A child is born with a cleft condition every three minutes, and PRA Group’s gift will directly fund Operation Smile’s work in geographic regions where cleft care is out of reach for the children who need it. One of the largest volunteer-based nonprofit organizations in the world, Operation Smile develops long-term relationships with each of its patients and families to ensure they receive the proper nutritional, dental and psychological care to ensure safe cleft surgeries, recoveries and smiles to last a lifetime.

“Thanks to the generosity of sponsors like PRA Group, our teams have remained strong. Even during COVID-19, we have been able to provide surgery and dental care for more than 15,000 patients,” said Kathy Magee, co-founder and president of Operation Smile. “We are grateful to have fostered such strong bonds within the PRA Group family over the years and are excited to see this partnership continue as we work together to bring children hope for a brighter future."

The donation will also support outreach to local schools through educational programs such as the Operation Smile Interactive Learning Center (ILC) that raises awareness for cleft and volunteerism among middle- and high-school students, as well as provides service opportunities that bring youth and adults alike directly into care-giving relationships with cleft patients and their families.

PRA Group’s Global Investments and Analytics Officer Chris Graves and his family are also avid advocates for Operation Smile. His daughters have attended Operation Smile’s International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC) and have been volunteers on surgical programs with the organization. From a shared personal passion and a friendship between the organizations’ leaders, PRA Group’s involvement evolved into an official partnership between the two growing companies in 2014.

“Operation Smile creates immediate, unambiguous and life-changing solutions for children born with a condition that is both physically challenging and isolating. In addition to this work, their education programs start students on the life-long journey of becoming aware of the world beyond themselves,” said Graves. “We are proud to make this gift as a representation of our commitment, and we are thankful to Operation Smile for its incredible impact worldwide.”

Since 2009, PRA Group has contributed more than $7.8 million to charitable causes dedicated to strengthening the health and well-being of financial service consumers, while enhancing the vitality of communities across the globe.

Join Operation Smile and PRA in putting a smile on a child’s face this year by donating on World Smile Day.

CityMD Co-founders Change the Way People Experience Dentistry with dntl bar Startup, Providing Enjoyable, Patient-First Care in New York City

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Gone are the days of booking a dentist appointment months in advance and dreading the impersonal and often painful experience that comes with laying in a dental chair as someone pokes and prods your mouth. dntl bar—New York City's most enjoyable and convenient dental practice from the team behind CityMD, the Northeast's largest urgent care provider—puts patients at the center of its service at its three Manhattan locations, offering quality care and same-day appointments, clear pricing and comfortable visits. Forget old magazines in stuffy waiting rooms, now patients can watch Netflix, use aromatherapy products, stay warm under a cozy blanket and relax in massage chairs at the dentist office.

"The dental industry, like most healthcare systems, has evolved into a payer- or provider-first oriented system. While not necessarily the intent of many hard working clinical professionals, it has nonetheless become a place where the consumer is found standing last in line," dntl bar co-founder and CEO and CityMD co-founder Nedal Shami says. "From making an appointment, following up for your care, paying a bill or even the basic principles of respecting your time and starting on time, nothing is simple for the patient. We think we can change that."

Shami thought he could apply what he did at CityMD and reinvent the experience of going to the dentist to make it accessible, affordable and enjoyable, instead of outdated and impersonal. Shami grew CityMD into a billion dollar company with 150 locations, transforming the way customers sought emergency care, and believes people should get the same access to dental care. So in 2019—dntl bar opened its first location in Chelsea which received immediate validation in the market with an industry-leading amount of new patient appointments and raving customer reviews. dntl bar has since added two more locations in Union Square and the Financial District, and plans to open two more sites by the beginning of 2022.

dntl bar stays open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 pm on the weekdays and 9 am until 5 pm on the weekends, making it easier for patients to find time to get to the dentist for everything from check-ups and teeth whitening to teeth straightening and emergency work. Unlike at standard dentist offices, dntl bar never wants patients to have to wait to see one of their top-rated dentists, so they provide same-day and same-week appointments that can be easily booked online. They also offer SMS communications for patients who want to be able to communicate with ease. Because dntl bar prioritizes transparent pricing and doesn't want patients to be surprised when they see their bill, it's in-network with most PPO insurance plans.

When patients arrive at one of dntl bar's three locations, they walk into a modern lounge and are greeted by a friendly front desk attendant. They can grab noise-cancelling headphones to wear during the procedure or opt to listen to music or stream their favorite Netflix series when they see the dentist. dntl bar uses high tech equipment and machinery, and the clinical staff undergoes a rigorous hiring process; they also receive regular reviews to ensure they continue to provide top-notch, patient-first care. Because of its luxury accommodations, accessibility and gold-standard service, dntl bar boasts an NPS of 90 compared to the industry average of 1.

dntl bar believes people deserve higher quality dental care that actually puts them first and aims to bring a cost-effective, straightforward option to more people than ever before. dntl bar has started a movement with its decision to center its care around patients rather than billings, and it was that transparency and industry-disrupting concept that kept people coming in throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, during which dntl bar only continued to grow and draw in new clients. dntl bar plans to bring its transparent and high-end approach to 50 locations in multiple cities within the next five years.

For more information on dntl bar and their services, visit their website at

Sensodyne® Repair and Protect with Deep Repair is Proud to Deliver a Minty & Whitening Toothpaste, Just in Time for National Coffee Day

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sensodyne® and YouTube Creators Have Teamed Up to Help Coffee-Lovers Find the Joy in their Morning Cup of Joe

GSK Consumer Healthcare (LSE/NYSE: GSK) is raising a cup – or two – of coffee to celebrate enjoying life's simple pleasures without the interruption of tooth sensitivity. Joy – something we haven't had much of throughout the pandemic – is all about feeling good in small and seemingly simple moments, but for those who suffer from sensitive teeth, something as little as enjoying a cup of coffee might not be so joyful.

Wednesday, September 29 is National Coffee Day and Sensodyne, the #1-dentist recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth, has launched Repair and Protect with Deep Repair, a toothpaste for those with dentin hypersensitivity so they can enjoy a cup of coffee from their favorite café.

Americans agree that their morning cup of coffee is the most important thing needed to start the day, and hot coffee remains superior to iced coffee. According to research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sensodyne®*, the 2,000-person study also found that:

 HOT, HOT, HOT: 43% of people surveyed prefer hot coffee to the 34% of people who prefer iced coffee.

● COFFEE TIME = ME TIME: 55% of people surveyed prefer to enjoy their coffee alone, followed by grabbing a cup with friends or family, and then at a café.

● CAFFEINE CRAZED: 42% admitted that over the past year their daily coffee intake has increased.

Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Deep Repair is scientifically proven to go deep within the dentin tubules1** and provides clinically significant sensitivity relief with twice daily brushing2. Your caffeine addiction likely isn't going anywhere, but your tooth sensitivity doesn't have to stay.

For people with sensitive teeth, hot or cold beverages can unexpectedly trigger a jolt of nerve pain.

"Tooth sensitivity is something many people struggle with but by switching to Sensodyne, you can manage unwanted tooth sensitivities and get the protection you need," said GSK Oral Care expert, Monica Biga. "It also provides a variety of benefits such as cavity protection, breath freshening, and whitening. Sensodyne helps people maintain a healthy smile and get back to enjoying coffee without the pain of sensitivity!"

YouTube creators such as The Try Guys, Slice N Rice, The Icing Artist, Adam Ragusea and more will encourage others who suffer from tooth sensitivity to also take control of their oral care by switching to Sensodyne®, reminding individuals that tooth sensitivity shouldn't stop them from enjoying the little moments, and let them get back to enjoying the drinks they love.

Sensodyne® Repair and Protect with Deep Repair contains stannous fluoride, which creates a reparative†*** layer over exposed dentin for lasting dentin hypersensitivity protection2***, it provides effective lasting relief from the twinge of sensitivity*** and offers everyday cavity protection.

As part of the Sensodyne® portfolio, Repair and Protect with Deep Repair is available online and at major retail stores nationwide. To learn more about how to get relief for your sensitive teeth, visit and follow Sensodyne® on Twitter and Facebook. 

*Methodological Notes

This online survey of 2,000 U.S. Americans was commissioned by Sensodyne and conducted by market research company OnePoll, in accordance with the Market Research Society's code of conduct. Data was collected between June 15, 2021 and June 18, 2021. All participants are paid an amount depending on the length and complexity of the survey. This survey was overseen and edited by OnePoll, who are members of the MRS and have corporate membership to ESOMAR and AAPOR.


1 In vitro report number G7322/014; GSK data on file; 2020.

2 Parkinson et al; Am J Dent; 2015; 28 (4): 190-196.

3 OnePoll Uninterrupted Joy and Summer Moments Online Survey; GSK data on file; 2021.

**As shown in an in vitro study.

***With twice daily brushing.

†Sensodyne Repair & Protect is intended for relief of occasional dentin hypersensitivity that occurs when sensitive teeth are exposed to hot or cold substances. It contains stannous fluoride, a well-established, effective tooth desensitizer with remineralization properties. There is general scientific consensus that occluding exposed dentin effectively relieves the occasional pain of dentin hypersensitivity.  

How a Microscopic Fungus Could Lead to a Breakthrough in Oral Cancer Research

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2021

New research from Case Western Reserve University shows that cell receptors, responsible for anti-fungal immunity, are attacking tumors

Microscopic fungus may have more to do with oral cancer and aging than first thought, according to new research from Case Western Reserve University.

Researchers from the School of Dental Medicine, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and School of Medicine are hoping a new study could lead to a medical breakthrough in understanding certain types of oral cancer.

Pushpa Pandiyan, an associate professor of biological sciences at the dental school, led a team of local researchers studying the function of specific T cells, known as Tregs, during the development of oral cancer in aging mucosa, the moist inner lining of some organs and body cavities, such as the nose, mouth and lungs.

“We think this is the beginning of something important and monumental,” she said.

Their findings recently appeared in Frontiers in Oncology.

Pandiyan and the researchers examined the role of dectin-1—a cell’s pattern-recognition and immune receptor—and its ability to trigger an inflammatory response that resists fungal infection. Dectin-1 is among the fungi receptors that expresses on a host cell.

Typically, human white blood cells have regulatory (Tregs) and myeloid derived suppressor cells, which curb the immune responses of cancer-fighting immune cells. Problems occur, Pandiyan said, when these cells accumulate during tumor growth.

“What we’re finding now is that the dectin-1 receptor, usually responsible for anti-fungal immunity, is now responsible for accumulation of these cells at excessive levels in tumors,” she said.

Researchers point out that the culprit is likely the result of immune cells somehow overreacting to fungal microbiota. Although dectin in normal levels serves as a protective measure, Pushpa said excessive amounts can promote tumor growth “because of its ability to recruit immunosuppressive cells.”

“Accumulation of these cells were much worse during aging,” Pandiyan said, adding that the findings may relate to aging. “Our bodies produce more dectin-1 the older that we get. In other words, anti-tumor defense mechanisms are weakened with age.”

While the research was limited to studying aging oral mucosa, Pandiyan said the findings may have broader implications for additional cancer research.

“We don’t know about other cancers yet, but in oral cancers, if there is dectin-1, there’s a better chance that anti-tumor cells can be staved off,” she said.

The research was funded by the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) pilot program.

Other researchers involved in the work include: Natarajan Bhaskaran, Sangeetha Jayaraman, Cheriese Quigley and Prerna Mamileti from the School of Dental Medicine; Mahmoud Ghannoum and Quinton Pan, from the School of Medicine; Aaron Weinberg, from the dental school and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center; and Jason Thuener from the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

See original study

Pac-Dent, Inc. Acquires JS Dental Manufacturing, Inc.

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2021

Pac-Dent, Inc. announced that it has acquired JS Dental Manufacturing, Inc., an endodontic manufacturing company. This acquisition will further expand Pac-Dent’s endodontic portfolio in an effort to better serve their network of dental dealers.

“Our acquisition of JS Dental Manufacturing, Inc. will allow us to expand the selection of endodontic products we are able to offer our dealers. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this acquisition makes on our business, as well as our business partners.” said Leika Bishop, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing.

About Pac-Dent, Inc.: Pac-Dent, Inc. is a fast-growing international design, manufacturing, and wholesale dental product and device company. Founded in 1992, Pac-Dent has earned the reputation as one of the best and most reliable in the dental industry. Pac-Dent focuses on delivering the highest quality, technologically advanced, and innovative products in the preventative, teeth whitening, endodontic, and infection control segments. To learn more information about Pac-Dent, Inc. visit

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