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Implant Company Noris Comes to US

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Buffalo, New York has been a hub for premier dental work and dental education for the past 10 years and continues to grow with support from domestic companies. But it was not until recently that international companies gained interest in Buffalo and its dental niche.

Reports from WGRZ, ADA, BizJournals, and the Buffalo news have shed light on a major partnership that has been established between two dental gurus. Noris Medical has agreed to partner with Evolve, the digital arm of Cheektowaga, New York-based Evolution Dental Science.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), Noris is touted as “one of Israel’s largest manufacturers of implants and dental devices.” This partnership will establish a US headquarters for Noris, which already has offices in Rome, Moscow, Mexico, Barcelona, and Mumbai. Noris' business reach stretches to 20 countries worldwide. Bringing in Noris medical will not only give Evolution premium products and a respected household name in the dental industry, it will also create new jobs for the Buffalo dental community. Evolution forecasts that this partnership will create 25 to 30 jobs ranging from sales positions to administrative staff.

“We’re just adding to the heavy dental community that we already have here, with Ivoclar (Vivadent), UB Dental, Great Lakes (Orthodontics), and Evolution,” says Andy Jakson, Evolution's Owner and CEO.

Evolution Dental Science has been in business for 21 years but is always looking for ways to advance its product quality and development.

“We really fell in love with their line of implants and the quality of implants that Noris provides,” Jakson says.

Evolution will look to combine cutting‐edge laboratory technology with quality implants provided by Noris to create the most advanced dental laboratory Buffalo has to offer. Jakson has a close personal connection to the dental education system in Buffalo, having started his career studying at the Harkness Vocational Center. Through this new partnership, both Evolution and Noris say that they will look to advance the availability of new-age dental education in Buffalo.

"This was highly suited with a university here, a dental school here, and the quality of the workforce that we're looking at to add on. It's great," says David Sklarski of Noris USA.

Evolution also will provide dentists and oral surgeons with the proper training and on-site education needed to work with these new implant systems. Both companies can hold their own separately, but together they look to create a new digital dental identity.

“With them, we could do everything much bigger, much faster,” says Remi Siev, owner and CEO of Noris.

Both companies expect these changes to be implemented within the immediate future and are hopeful for the advancement of available dental education within the Buffalo community.

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