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Crosstex's New Products to Enhance Your Waterline Treatment Portfolio

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016

JANUARY 2016 – Crosstex further expanded its infection prevention and compliance portfolio with the acquisition of the Sterilex® Liquid Ultra product from Sterilex Corporation. Sterilex Liquid Ultra is a proprietary product developed for the treatment of dental unit waterlines. The product was specifically developed to penetrate and remove biofilms from dental unit waterlines, to kill biofilm bacteria and to disinfect the interior surfaces.

Sterilex Liquid Ultra is the first and only product to be granted the following claims by the US EPA: removes biofilm from dental unit waterlines; prevents and suppresses formation of biofilm in dental unit waterlines, kills biofilm bacteria and maintains dental unit waterline effluent water at less than 500 CFU/mL.

As a leading global provider of infection prevention and compliance products, Crosstex is the dental industry market leader in biological monitoring/sterility assurance and dental unit waterline cartridge systems. “With the addition of Sterilex Liquid Ultra to our product portfolio Crosstex is now the market leader in the dental waterline product category” states Andrew Whitehead, Crosstex Senior Vice President of Business Development.Gary Steinberg, President and CEO of Crosstex stated, “Dental unit waterline disinfection continues to be one of the fastest growing market segments in the dental industry. As with our DentaPure® acquisition last year, Sterilex Liquid Ultra has an equally strong market position with their unique and innovative proprietary technology that provides a strategic benefit to our overall waterline treatment business.”

About Crosstex/SPSmedical

A division of Cantel Medical, Crosstex manufactures a wide array of unique and innovative infection prevention and compliance products for the global healthcare industry. Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Crosstex is a recognized leader for its portfolio of waterline treatment, biological monitoring, sterility assurance packaging and personal protection equipment (PPE). Sold in more than 100 countries, the range of products distributed to medical, dental and veterinary practices and facilities include our award winning (5 consecutive years) Secure Fit® technology face masks, DentaPure waterline treatment cartridges, Sure-Check® sterilization pouches with internal/external multi-parameter indicators, Tyvek® pouches with 510K approval, SteamPlusType5 chemical integrators, ConFirm® and Passport®Plus in-office and mail-in biological indicators, Rapicide® OPA/28 high level disinfectant. For information on the full line of Crosstex infection prevention and compliance products, please contact Crosstex at 631-582-6777 or visit

Sterilex® is a registered trademark of Sterilex Corporation, used under license

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