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Learn more about implant treatment planning and occlusion!

Why is occlusion important in implant treatment planning?

This eBook provides a great overview of how occlusion and implant treatment planning are connected: learn more about designing a stable occlusal scheme with implants. 


Learn more about placing implants in sites lacking kerantinized tissue!

What procedure do you use to reconstruct gingiva?

Timothy Kosinski provides a case report of a 63-year-old male with edentulous spaces in the right mandibular arch, which needed a dental implant placement and reconstruction. 


In September, a Chinese dental clinic reported a robot successfully installed implants into a woman's mouth.

What would be the need for robotics in implant placement?

A Chinese dental clinic reported in September that a robot carried out the first autonomous surgery, installing two implants in a woman's mouth. 


Learn more about the factors considered when determining prosthetic options!

What options exist for removable prosthetic options in implant dentistry?

This CE eBook examines several factors that must be considered when choosing prosthetic options. It also includes several cases for demonstrating these principles. 


Learn more how digital technology can improve implant placement!

How does digital technology help with implant placement?

Digital technology can enhance accuracy, predictability, and efficiency. 

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