Hygiene & Prevention

This directory will feature leading Hygiene & Prevention Products for your easy review and reference.

A dream come "chew" for your teeth.
CariFree Boost Mouth Spray by Oral BioTech is a xylitol-containing mouth spray that can be used throughout the day or night as needed to relieve dry mouth, or neutralize decay-causing acids after eating and drinking.
DEXIS CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to identify occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent carious lesions.
Crest® Oral-B® recently introduced the Clinical Pro-Health™ System for Gingivitis, clinically tested to virtually eliminate gingivitis.
The Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra-Soft Toothbrush has 5460 bristles.
The EasyEx Dental Explorer Sharpener is a handheld, battery-operated, compact dental explorer sharpener.
Epic™100% xylitol sweetened gums and mints are available exclusively to dental professionals from Elevate Oral Care.
EvoraPro®, containing Oragenics' patent-pending ProBiora3® probiotic blend, is the first professional-strength oral care probiotics that accelerate the repopulation of beneficial bacteria after a prophy.
Hager Worldwide, Inc’s Hager Dry Mouth Drops are round, hard candies that are 100% sweetened with natural xylitol.
Hager Worldwide, Inc’s Xyli-Spray is a fresh breath spray that is 100% sweetened with xylitol.
Hager Worldwide Inc offers xylitol in its pure, granular form with Xylitol Powder, which can be used to sweeten cold and hot drinks, cereals, fruit, and for baking.
Elevate Oral Care’s Just Right™ 6-Month Anticavity Kit includes the Just Right™ fluoride toothpaste metered dose dispenser, as well as two specially designed Just Right™ Toothbrushes.
ClearShield® 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish in Bubblegum flavor.
The MyARESTIN.com® Mobile website is designed to help the entire dental team provide the highest level of periodontal patient care possible.
Oasis® Moisturizing Mouthwash and Mouth Spray work together as a complete moisturizing system to provide an all-day and all-night relief option.
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