Ultrasonic Scalers

This directory will feature leading Ultrasonic Scalers Products for your easy review and reference.

An integrated magnetostrictive scaling system with electronic controls for faster, easier, more precise adjustments.
Premier Dental Products’ Big Easy® ultrasonic insert is now available in a thin-tip, 30kHz style. The thin-tip design is ideal for removing light to medium debris.
Parkell’s Burnett Power-Tip Insert delivers 70% more scaling power than your average ultrasonic scaler insert for combating stubborn calculus.
For clinically effective results, use Cavitron Bellissima inserts.
Johnson-Promident offers a full range of ultrasonic inserts for Cavitron scaler systems, including Internal and External Flow Inserts with different tip shapes.
DENTSPLY Professional’s Cavitron® systems deliver new Tap™-On Technology, which improves efficiency and is designed to reduce hygienist leg strain.
Johnson-Promident’s Deluxe Sonic Air Scaler provides effective removal of hard calculus deposits and stains, gently and quietly.
Insight, offering a unique combination of ergonomic features including dual-LED illumination, 360° swivel, a comfortable balanced grip, and optimized water flow for an enhanced ultrasonic scaling experience
Johnson-Promident’s Max-Sonics Air Scaler is a safe, efficient, and gentle air-driven scaler.
Blue tipped titanium scalers specially designed for debriding implants and abutments.
The Piezon® Master 700 from EMS Electro Medical Systems is a perfect match between the Original Piezon LED hand pieces and the i.Piezon module for instrument movements.
Premier® Implant Scalers are engineered to be sharp and thin, yet safe to use on titanium implants.
Adding to Hu-Friedy’s magnetostrictive line, the Streamline Direct Flow inserts were designed to offer efficient scaling at a great price.
Scaler Tips to fit Titan Blis-sonic Scalers. Choose from Universal, Perio or Sickle
Titan® Blis-sonic™ Scaler- Sonic Scaler designed to remove hard calculus deposits and stains.
If it's piezo power you want, then the TurboPIEZO™ Ultrasonic Scaler is perfect for you. It performs like a workhorse and is built to last.
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