Bite Registration

This directory will feature leading Bite Registration Products for your easy review and reference.

Parkell, Inc’s AccuFilm® II, a doublesided articulating film, is available in single sheet booklets for easier dispensing and asepsis.
Affinity Quick Bite's hardness and resin-reinforced chemistry make it both rigid and accurate for precise impressions.
AlphaBite™ is a non-sticky, highly stable, accurate bite registration material made with the highest quality fillers and silicones.
Available in a variety of thickness and color assortment.
Thin, tear-resistant papers which are coated with liquid colors on both sides to avoid false or smear contacts.
Comprehensive line of articulating films including plastic, metallic and high-tec foil.
J. Morita’s Blue Velvet™ is the ideal bite registration material for fast, highly detailed, and extremely accurate interocclusal records.
Chocolate Bite™ is a medium viscosity VPS bite registration material engineered to deliver dimensionally stable, accurate and rigid bite registrations every time.
Clear Bite™ is a clear, medium viscosity VPS bite registration material. Great visibility for voids or bubbles makes Clear Bite an excellent choice for your temporary materials.
This wax adheres lightly to the teeth when warm to provide accurate bite records.
The Esthetic CrossRef from Whip Mix accurately records the patient’s midline and horizontal plane.
Futar® is the original bite registration from Kettenbach with Shore-A hardness of 90.
Futar® Clear Fast is a fast-setting material like the other fast-setting Futar skus.
Futar® D has an ultra rigid Shore-D hardness of 43, and is thixotropic and will not run into the interproximal spaces, making it easier to remove.
With the same formulation and ultra rigid Shore-D hardness of 43 as Futar® D, Futar® D Fast’s only difference is a faster setting time.
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