Retraction & Hemostasis

This directory will feature leading Retraction & Hemostasis Products for your easy review and reference.

For Difficult Bleeding A must-have for every office, Astringedent X is used when a stronger, more potent hemostatic is required.
Premier Dental’s market-leading Rotary tooth Preparation, Tissue Management, and Finishing /Polishing products are packaged together- with a step- by- step technique in a “solution” kit that ensures successful ceramic restorations!
Premier's ComfortView™ is the innovatively designed lip and cheek retractor that provides even retraction of the lips and cheeks for buccal and gingival access at the same time.
Parkell, Inc.’s Dryz™ Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste is a must-have in the operatory, and is now available in a value pack.
Expasyl®, now in strawberry flavor. You get the same great dental tissue management qualities—excellent hemostasis and atraumatic gingival retraction—with a pleasant new taste. Plus a new high-value intro kit includes the lightweight ergonomic gun, new curved tips, and 60% more material than the original.
Gingi-Aid® solution contains 25% buffered aluminum chloride for effective bleeding control without epinephrine. Convenient to use and won’t interfere with bonding agents.
Gingi-Pak Z-Twist Weave Braided Cord is a fourth-generation, state-of-the-art retraction material manufactured to give dental professionals the characteristics, performance, consistency and reliability they demand.
An innovative, all-in-one retraction cord for use with ShortCut.
Hemostasyl™ is a highly efficient hemostatic agent that stops bleeding with precision and ease.
Premier Dental’s Knit-Pak™ knitted gingival retraction cord is ideal to use for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression.
Aluminum chloride impregnated gingival retraction cord made of unique microfibers.
Knit-Pak™+ Size 000.0 is ideal as the first cord in the double cord technique and is especially useful when packing tight gingival tissue. The impregnated aluminum chloride is a proven safe and effective hemostatic agent.
Racegel™ from Septodont is a hemostatic agent that controls bleeding during crown seating and perio scaling, and absorbs crevicular fluid prior to and during impression taking.
3M™ ESPE™ Retraction Capsule’s extra-fine tip is designed to actively open the sulcus and easily deliver the high-viscous astringent paste into the sulcus.
An all-in-one delivery system with GingiBRAID+ cords.
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