Cone Beam | 3D Imaging

This directory will feature leading Cone Beam | 3D Imaging Products for your easy review and reference.

The all-in-one CS 9300-1 provides clinicians with exceptional image quality and ultimate practice flexibility.
Sirona’s GALILEOS combines X-ray diagnostics, implant visualization, treatment planning, and patient communication in one tool.
New for i-CAT’s traditional 2D feature, i-PAN, is an improved, enhanced imaging filter process that yields better definition and higher contrast.
The i-CAT FLX V-Series leverages i-CAT technology to become the first upgradable unit that provides three fields of view options.
i-CAT® Precise™ is a cone beam 3D system featuring Tx Studio™ software, affording the clinician total control of all aspects of treatment.
ILUMA Elite Cone Beam CT Scanner offers medical grade components, variable low-dose scanning and proprietary ILUMAVision software.
PLANMECA’s ProMax 3D uses Cone Beam technology to create full anatomical 1-to-1 visualization of anatomy without distortion.
ProMax 3D with advanced Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography 3D Technology provides clear, dependable volume imaging.
ProMax® 3D Mid is a Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography unit including 3D imaging, digital panoramic, digital cephalometric all in one machine.
Imaging Sciences International recently released Quick Scan, the lowest available dose 3D scan of the full dentition.
RAYSCAN α – Expert 3D from LED Dental combines high-resolution panoramic, CBCT, and optional cephalometric capabilities with an innovative, award-winning design.
The SCANORA® 3D offers superior versatility by combining cone beam 3D imaging, with four selectable fields of view.
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