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Learn more about how to handle the challenges of treating elderly patients!

How can you protect your elderly patients?

Ellen Meyer discusses the many challenges you will face when you treat elderly patients, including medical complexity, medical history, and the root of many common problems. 


Learn more about this virtual treatment option for your dental office staff!

How do you promote professional development with your staff?

Front Office Rocks provides options for your receptionist, your schedule coordinator, and your treatment coordinator. 


Learn more about how changes might help insurance in the dental space.

How is dental insurance changing?

Two independent consultants explain the changes to the dental insurance landscape and how simple changes can lead to a sustainable model. 


Earn CE credit learning more about the dentist's expanding role in OSA.

What is the dentist's expanding role in OSA?

Earn two credits learning to identify the various risk factors for OSA, the use of CPAP therapy, and the use of oral appliance therapy.


Learn more about advanced tools to speed up your productivity!

How can software offer your practice freedom and flexibility?

Dentrix Ascend offers a unique workflow that guides you and your team to greater efficiency, one any device from anywhere.

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