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Learn more about how digital scanners offer much more than impression materials!

Why do digital scanners offer more than impression materials?

Paresh Shah suggests that the benefits of adopting new technology far outweighs the cost of technology.


Learn more about the Invisalign Outcome Simulator and how it can help with presenting treatment options!

How can you increase case acceptance with this six-step consultation protocol?

Jeffrey Chustckie provides insight into how he uses the Invisalign Outcome Simulator to provide treatment options that address patient concerns. 


Learn more about what industry leaders think about the digital scanner!

What best describes the digital scanner?

This discussion focuses on whether the digital scanner is about accuracy, versatility, or application.


Learn more how digital imaging increased accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in this case!

Can you offer a more conservative treatment with increased accuracy?

Stephen Poss discusses the use of digital imaging and increased accuracy in both diagnoses and treatment of a patient's failing bridges. 


Learn how virtual measurements lead to greater efficiency in restorations!

How can prosthetics be easier?

This Ivoclar Vivident blog post discusses virtual jaw measurements and their contribution to greater efficiency.

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