Interproximal Cleaning

This directory will feature leading Interproximal Cleaning Products for your easy review and reference.

Unique latex free Soft-Pick. Tapered design with soft, flexible bristles, not hard wood or plastic. Designed to work with appliances such as bridges, pontics, implants and orthodontics
Nylon shred-resistant floss for easy, comfortable removal of plaque between teeth.
Space-filling, effective and gentle: CURAPROX interdental brushes clean the entire critical interdental space effectively and without injury.
Dr.Collins Dental Work Specialty Floss is the flossing solution for patients with implants, bridges, braces, or large interdental spaces.
To help patients and improve overall oral health, Sunstar GUM® has developed EasyThread™ Floss, designed to improve flossing habits and compliance.
Flossolution’s Flossguard Technology aims to tackle the challenges of everyday flossing by providing an easier, painless, and more effective way to floss and brush teeth.
AirFloss Pro is the easiest way to effectively clean between teeth. AirFloss Pro can be used with mouthwash or water and is clinically proven as effective as floss for gum health
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