This directory will feature leading Abutments Products for your easy review and reference.

BIOMET 3i now offers 3.4mm Restorative Components that provide clinicians with more options to restore integrated platform switching BIOMET 3i PREVAIL® 4/3 Implants.
Talladium's universal transitional abutment kit includes a variety of shades and sizes to fit the patient’s mouth more comfortably.
ArgenIS custom abutments are FDA 510(k)-cleared, 5-axis precision milled, compatible with 15 leading implant systems, and backed by an extensive warranty.
The BeCe® Sub-TecPlus ceramic abutment from BEGO combines a two-piece, individually produced ceramic abutment with a prefabricated ceramic abutment.
Simply take an intraoral scan of BIOMET 3i's BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutment and create an esthetic BellaTek Patient Specific Abutment.
The BellaTek™ Encode® Impression System allows clinicians to create a BellaTek™ Abutment by making a conventional impression or taking a digital scan through an intraoral scanner.
Straumann’s Bone Level (BL) RC Healing Abutments feature a modified shape that more closely matches the dimensions of respective BL final abutments.
The Zimmer Contour Angled Zirconia Abutment provides clinicians with a convenient solution for immediately satisfying patients’ esthetic needs.
Crystal “Complete” Custom Zirconia Abutments include analog, abutment, final screw, soft tissue model, and zirconia crown all for one low fixed price.
The Cuff Height Measuring Gauge from Rhein83 USA determines the exact tissue height requirement for any implant brand with an internal or external connection.
CMC can fabricate custom abutments in titanium or zirconia for use with the industry’s leading implant manufacturers.
GC Advanced Technologies, Inc. (GCAT) offers high-quality Custom CAD/CAM Implant Abutments that laboratories will be proud to offer their clinicians.
CAP custom implant abutments are designed by dental technicians with years of experience and extensive implant knowledge.
Sirona Dental has introduced an addition to its inLab® software that gives CAD/CAM system users the ability to create in house customized zirconia abutments, all on their inLab MC XL milling units.
The Dynamic Abutment® system consists of two individual pieces connected by a joint that allows full freedom of movement in circumference between 0° and 20°.
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