Impression Trays

This directory will feature leading Impression Trays Products for your easy review and reference.

Alginator combines features from earlier models with modern user-friendly elements, yielding an improved alginate and stone-mixing machine.
The rigid Anterior Quad-Tray X2 helps eliminate impression distortion while providing greater occlusal and marginal detail.
Candeez Mixing Bowls and Spatulas manufactured by Palmero Health Care are made of pliable Latex-free PVC, which makes them easy to grip.
Clinician’s Choice Dental Products’ Quad-Tray® Xtreme™ is a metal quadrant, disposable impression tray. The inflexible tray is designed for accuracy and ease of use.
These GC trays are available in many different sizes, shapes and types including Full or Partial, Solid or Perforated, and Pediatric.
Mydent’s DEFEND® Bite Trays offer a unique design featuring a rigid frame and thumb tab that is firm, wide, and easy to grip.
Sterngold’s Hader Bar® Impression coping ensures accurate positioning of the Hader Bar® Processing Jig in the impression.
The Harmony dual-arch tray is the world’s first biodegradable dual-arch tray.
Kettenbach is switching their Plug & Press® System of foil bags to a Jumbo Cartridge, providing 380 mls of impression material at the same low price.
Mach-Scannable™, a low-viscosity vinyl polysiloxane die material that displays excellent detail reproduction.
Jensen Dental’s Microstar® Thixo Die Stone is a low expansion Type IV die stone with consistent expansion.
The MiraTray Implant Advanced impression tray makes using the open-tray technique easy.
MonoTrac’s Occlu-Tray is a reusable all metal rigid tray that cannot distort, torque or flex, like a plastic tray.
3M ESPE’s Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit gives clinicians a high-quality mixture of material and ultimate procedure efficiency.
The entry model to the world of automatic mixing.
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