Finishing Polishing

This directory will feature leading Finishing Polishing Products for your easy review and reference.

Combined with the revolutionary N.era brush line, Smile Line USA’s natural Agate Stain Tray offers clinicians the best option for enhancing their CAD/CAM designs.
The latest addition to Bosworth’s product line is the light and ergonomic Air Polisher equipped with an autoclavable nozzle that rotates up to 360 degrees.
Brasseler USA’s Dialite LD uses a two-step system allows the clinician to quickly achieve maximum surface smoothness, enhancing a Lithium Disilicate restoration’s longevity and minimizing wear dentition.
Two-step system quickly achieves maximum surface smoothness, enhancing Zirconia restoration’s longevity and minimize wear dentition.
Adaptable strip to meet all of your interproximal finishing and contouring needs.
ET® Illustra™ polishers come in two abrasive grits, dark purple initial “satin: and light purple final high-gloss.
ET® ProviPro Polishers are aluminum oxide impregnated cotton buffs ideal for polishing acrylic and composite based provisional materials.
LD Grinders are made with heat resistant, diamond impregnated, rubberized material.
High quality natural bristle brushes ideal for polishing e.max
Use Brownies to achieve a smooth surface, Greenies for a lustrous polish and Supergreenies for a super-polish.
The C-SAW™Interproximal Reduction System features a low-speed, high-torque reciprocating handpiece for safe, easy interproximal reduction and finishing with ultimate control and efficiency.
CeraMaster is designed to finish, polish and super-polish porcelains and enamel. A carefully balanced blend of diamond particles produces the smoothest finish and most glaze-like surfaces.
Premier Dental’s market-leading Rotary tooth Preparation, Tissue Management, and Finishing /Polishing products are packaged together- with a step- by- step technique in a “solution” kit that ensures successful ceramic restorations!
CeraMisté is specifically made for polishing porcelains and enamel. CeraMisté Soft is designed for contouring and polishing porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays in the laboratory.
D-FINE DOUBLE DIAMOND™ polishers from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® offer the ability to effectively polish porcelain and hybrid composite surfaces with the same polisher.
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