Post and Core

This directory will feature leading Post and Core Products for your easy review and reference.

Absolute Dentin and the C-I™ Post System from Parkell are a dynamic duo for all your post-and-core procedural needs.
With anatomically tapered ends, a threaded cylindrical surface area, and a square head, Dentatus USA Ltd’s AZtec™ titanium anchors have been designed to fit for retention, retrievability, and esthetics.
BIS-CORE is a versatile core build-up ideal for aesthetic or metal restorations.
Brasseler USA’s EndoSequence® Fiber Post System is the first fully synchronized prefabricated post system that matches the rotary instrumentation used to shape the root canal.
Parkell Inc.’s C-I™ Post System comes in three styles—white glass-fiber, plastic pattern, or stainless steel—and two sizes (fine and medium) while calibrated instruments ensure quick and easy placement.
Premier's CompCore AF Stack core build-up composite products provide superior performance and mechanical properties for long term clinical success.
The proven time saver for core build-ups and posterior restorations. Core Paste® XP’s stackable viscosity allows you to build up without a matrix or core form.
The Premier® Cure-Thru IntegraPost utilizes the strength of longitudinal Zirconia glass fibers in a composite resin matrix for superior fatigue resistance, translucency and radiopacity.
In 1935 Dentatus invented the prefabricated metal post - Surtex Classic. Since then the Surtex Post has become an internationally accepted standard.
The first obturator with a crosslinked gutta-percha core, making it the ideal core material for centrally condensing the warm flowable gutta-percha with a hydraulic force
Essential Dental Systems, Inc (EDS) introduces a new passive post, EZ-Fit™.
This is the only fiber flange on the market that does not require the use of a bonding agent! Experience stability, reliability, and retention by using this fiber flange.
This is the only fiber post on the market that does not require the use of a bonding agent.
Dentsply's FluoroCore2 + Dual Cure Core Build-up Material plus Fast Endodontic Post Cement enables clinicians to use one material for two parts of the same procedure.
Provide a comprehensive and reliable system to the DDS. GC America offers a complete portfolio of core build-up (composite and glass ionomer) material.
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