This directory will feature leading Endodontics Products for your easy review and reference.

EDS has expanded its line of endodontic instrumentation and is now offering their SafeSiders® in 31mm length for clinicians seeking longer instrument lengths.
Activ GP by Brasseler USA is a unique, patented obturation system consisting of a glass-ionomer sealer and highly active gutta-percha points.
The AEU-27A Advanced Rotary Endodontic Motor is the newest generation of endodontic systems from Aseptico.
CLINICIAN’S CHOICE’s APEX NRG XFR™ incorporates innovative Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology plus Xtra Fine Resolution (XFR) to provide extreme accuracy and superior reliability.
BioRoot™ RCS is a bioactive and biocompatible root canal sealer with active biosilicate technology. The pure mineral formulation does not stain teeth and eliminates post-op sensitivity
The BioRaCe™ Rotary File System is designed to help the practitioner safely and efficiently meet the biologically desirable apical sizes.
EndoDrive Plus™, a portable endodontic micromotor is a versatile platform for successful root canal treatment.
The EndoPro270™, from Brasseler USA, utilizes an ergonomic design and the newest in cordless heating technology to deliver unprecedented precision and safety.
The portable EndoSequence 2 cordless endodontic micromotor from Brasseler USA offers a versatile platform for successful root canal treatment.
EndoSequence® BC Points™ are unlike traditional gutta percha.
EndoSequence® BC Sealer, packaged in convenient cartridges with intra-canal application tips, can be injected directly into the canal. No mixing or curing is required.
The end of hassling with conventional root repair materials.
KontrolFlex™ files are calibrated with stops for length measurement and manufactured of high-quality stainless steel.
RaCe™ NiTi Rotary File System utilizes a progressively smaller taper to ensure minimal file stress.
RazorFlex™ are slightly more flexible than KontrolFlex™ and available in larger sizes.
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