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Infection Control awareness should be a priority for the practicing dentist as it is vital in order to prevent and stop the spreading of infectious disease. Many precautions are required be taken in order to ensure the safety of every patient who walks in to the operatory. Make this Resource Center your home for infection control education, product information, clinical articles, eBooks, and more.


Learn more about setting goals for 2017 to make progress for your practice!

Are you making progress?

Olivia Wann provides wisdom concerning new goals for your practice in 2017 to overcome challenges with Infection Control.


Learn more about how the role of an Infection Control Coordinator could help!

How can you integrate an Infection Control Coordinator into your practice?

Marie Fluent discusses the roles of an Infection Control Coordinator in a variety of practices. 


Roles of the Infection Control Coordinator

The infection control coordinator may have responsibilities within a larger job position, (safety director, employing dentist, dental assistant, office manager, etc.). At a minimum...


Learn more about waterborne pathogens and their characteristics.

What do you need to know about waterborne infections?

Earn 2 CE credits from this course designed to increase your IQ about contaminated water, infections transmitted in healthcare environment, and characteristics of pathogens. 


Learn more about the Monarch Safety Tray!

Oral Healthcare for the HIV-Infected Patient

Treatment considerations and infection control


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