This directory will feature leading Dentifrices Products for your easy review and reference.

BEYOND® Pearl White® Whitening Toothpastes with Fluoride Sensitivity Formula is your superior formula daily whitening toothpaste.
Black is White Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal
Philip’s BreathRx® purifying toothpaste has a clean mint flavor to give patients long-lasting fresh breath protection.
Anti-Cavity toothpaste with an advanced formula containing a tri-calcium phosphate ingredient.
Colgate Total’s® triclosan copolymer formula provides dual antibacterial, anti-inflammatory protection.
Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus home fluoride is ideal for high-risk caries patients.
Procter and Gamble’s Crest® Pro-Health™ Clinical Gum protection has been clinically proven to help reverse gingivitis in just 4 weeks.
Crest PRO-HEALTH [HD] is a daily toothpaste and gel system that provides patients gingival health benefits similar to chlorhexidine, plus noticeable whitening through the incremental chemistry of 2 proven ingredients.
Sunstar Americas’ GUM® Crayola™ Squeeze-A-Color™ Toothpaste is designed to make brushing a fun and healthy experience for children.
Opalescence®’s line of whitening toothpastes offer unique benefits while helping maintain whitened smiles.
NUPRO and Sensodyne provide Prophy Paste, indicated for use to immediately relieve sensitivity and remove stain; and Sensodyne NUPRO Remineralizing Toothpaste.
Sultan Healthcare’s Topex® ReNew™ is a take-home toothpaste providing all-in-one remineralizing and desensitizing actions.
Heraeus Kulzer, LLC’s Venus White® Whitening Toothpaste provides gentle cleaning and anti-cavity protection.
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