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Learn more about the process of tooth whitening!

What's white for your patients?

Earn 2 credits learning about various tooth-whitening options, more about the tooth-whitening process, and actions that will reduce sensitivity. 


Learn more about offering clear aligner therapy to expand your services!

Can you expand your offerings to include orthodontics?

Ben MIraglia provides an approach for those seeking to answer this question, suggesting clinicians offer clear aligner therapy.


Learn more about minimally invasive restoration of worn dentition!

Minimally invasive restoration of worn dentition?

This CE eBook by the Dawson Academy discusses the complete dentistry protocol for treating patients and the specific occlusal goals when treating tooth wear. 


Learn more about using composite materials rather than crowns!

Can bulk fill composite be an alternative to crowns?

David Clark suggests improvements in composite materials provides a great option, and provides a case study to support this notion.


Learn more about how this universal adhesive can help you!

How can an adhesive be good for your practice?

This eBook introduces a truly universal adhesive that works for both direct and indirect restorations, can simplify your workflow, and lower your costs. 

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