Intraoral Sensors

This directory will feature leading Intraoral Sensors Products for your easy review and reference.

Wingers paralleling Aimer Ring and Bar set is designed for use with the Wingers-A (Anterior) and Wingers-P (Posterior) sensor holders.
This revolutionary positioning system features a universal aiming ring and unique integrated arm and bitetab design for easy assembly and repeatable positioning.
CDR Elite provides bold bone tribeculation, crisp lamina dura, and a clear, clean DEJ to meet the diagnostic needs of every clinician.
DEXIS go is an optional patient image presentation application for portable devices to be used with the DEXIS Software. It allows presentation of intra-oral and extra-oral images to the patients.
ProEdge Dental’s Digital SoftX foam sensor loops feature an adjustable design that makes application and removal easy.
The HAWK HD intraoral camera offers the industry's highest resolution (1280 x 720) and comes readily equipped with 15 LED lights, and precise image capturing abilities.
The HELIODENT Plus Intraoral X-ray source is a compact, ultralight, intraoral X-ray generator for film-based and digital imaging.
NOMAD® Pro is a handheld, battery-powered intraoral x-ray system that produces high-quality radiographs with digital sensors, standard films.
The gold standard in digital imaging goes platinum with the new DEXIS® Platinum intraoral sensor.
RIOSensor embraces their history of providing high-quality, dependable technology platforms at a great value
ScanX® from Air Techniques uses equipment and technology similar to film to create digital images ready within seconds.
Schick 33 will change the way you see, save and share your digital images.
The Schick Elite sensor paired together with Schick WiFi provides a combination of outstanding image quality and diagnostic flexibility.
Sensible Universal Sensor Holders change on-the-fly from horizontal to vertical without fumbling with multiple holders and parts.
Sensibles™ all-in-one Sensor bite block from Flow Dental can capture Bite-Wing images.
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