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Novel and significantly updated restorative materials are continually being released to help dental professionals improve their indirect restorative procedures. Remaining aware of the availability of materials, new procedures, along with dental laboratory abilities, can improve outcomes and patient care. Make this Resource Center your home for indirect restorative product information, clinical articles, eBooks, and more.


Learn more about challenges and strengths of univeral cementation.

What challenges do universal cementation present?

While major improvements have contributed to strength and aesthetics but challeges exist with universal cementation. Download this eBook to learn more about these challenges and more.  


Learn more about how the Harmony tray can restore balance.

How can the practitioner restore imbalance?

Joseph Greenberg presents a case of a patient with four defective crowns and a noticeable discrepancy between her facial vertical axis and dental vertical axis. 


The New Zirconia Workflow: Single-Visit Chairside Restorations in 90 Minutes or Less

Download this eBook to learn about a new pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide and practice-level milling units.


Learn more about millable materials and what to use for the most predictable outcomes!

How can you improve treatment plans by learning more about millable materials?

This article provides an overview of millable materials to help clinicians understand better when prescribing applications with the most predictable, long-lasting outcomes. 

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