Burs & Diamonds

This directory will feature leading Burs & Diamonds Products for your easy review and reference.

The diamond that minimizes clogging using patented SpotBrazing technology.
The one-piece solid carbide Barracuda Metal-Cutting Bur facilitates cutting through precious and non-precious metal sub-structure and framework.
Tight quality assurance tolerances and precision fluted for maximum cutting efficiency.
Multi-layered diamonds that assist modern ceramic restorations reach their full potential.
Brasseler USA E T® Carbides and Diamonds allow you to create fine art with all your esthetic restorations.
Operative carbides that require a feather touch for a controlled and smooth cut.
Brasseler’s SabreCut™ carbides feature sharp, deeply ground transversing blades at the tip, allowing them to cut quickly.
The Bob Winter Restorative Design Prep Kit #K0197 contains all five depth-cutting burs.
Protect and organize your burs while sterilizing and storing them with a variety of sturdy bur holders from Palmero Health Care.
StarDental has put together 26 of our most popular diamond shapes.Unique to StarDental, these shapes have two layers of diamonds for rapid removal of tooth structure and longer instrument life.
COMPO-STRIPS® are thin, flexible, one-sided diamond abrasive strips available in two widths and three grits.
Darby Dental Supply carbide burs are designed, manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability.
The Densah Bur uses advanced, patent-pending technology designed to precisely cut bone in the clockwise direction and also densify bone in a non-cutting counterclockwise direction with copious irrigation.
Stainless steel burs aim to create autogenous transplant.
Johnson-Promident’s lines of diamond burs and finishing and polishing instruments complement their top-rated carbide burs.
Roland DGA Corporation’s three Diamond-Coated Dental Milling Burs, are specially engineered for precise performance and maximum durability.
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