Prophy Paste

This directory will feature leading Prophy Paste Products for your easy review and reference.

Acclean’s non-splattering, gluten-free formula contains 1.23% fluoride, offers superior polishing finish with a quick, easy rinse, and comes in a variety of flavors and grits.
A prophy paste that is formulated to break down as it cleans resulting in a great cleaning and gentle polishing
The 1.23% fluoride ion Keystone Industries’ Gelato Prophy Paste is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle enough on the enamel with minimal enamel loss.
The Prophy Magic Prophy Paste hosts a wide array of flavors and grits to fit every preference both user and patient. Our paste comes in a handy self serving box with 200 individual applications making it easy to use and to notice when you’re getting low.
NUPRO and Sensodyne provide Prophy Paste, indicated for use to immediately relieve sensitivity and remove stain; and Sensodyne NUPRO Remineralizing Toothpaste.
Sultan Healthcare’s line of prophy pastes features unique flavor combinations, including Topex Neapolitian (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), and the Fun Pak (Really Raspberry, Root Beer Float, and Cinnamint).
Gluten FREE formula with Xylitol. Contains 1.23% active fluoride ion. Spatter free formula with optimum rinsability - leaves no residual grit.
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