Infection Control

This directory will feature leading Infection Control Products for your easy review and reference.

The Bravo fractionated vacuum autoclave offers features like “Intelligent Closed Door Drying” and a “pull’n push” water system, making Bravo easy to operate.
Bagette® Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches by Hu-Friedy are constructed of high quality materials and thick seals to help prevent instrument and cassette tear through.
BioGuard is a biological vacuum cleaning liquid that is quickly dispensed through pre-measured packets.
BluTab, a water treatment tablet that inhibits the growth of microbial contamination in dental until waterlines.
Easy to use elastic barrier, one size fits a wide variety of closed and unusual shaped dental lamp handles.
CaviWipes1 are EPA-registered, low-alcohol disinfecting towelettes proven to kill TB, HBV, many other pathogens in just one minute.
Citrisol Orange Solvent Towelettes are a quick and easy method for removing cements, impression materials, and other substances.
GC America Inc.’s COE FOAM™ II is a rinseless, dripless, foaming germicidal cleanser and deodorant suitable for cleaning wood, stainless steel, porcelain, and chrome.
The ConFirm® 10 monitoring system meets biological monitoring guidelines for steam sterilizers in less time.
The largest sterilizer testing lab in North America at your fingertips.
CSR Sterilization Wraps have the highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) available.
For use on all curing lights and curing lasers, this snug fitting, latex free, translucent, elastic barrier allows 95%+ light transmission.
Dual Enzymatic detergent for cleaning soiled instruments with ease
EDS develops and manufactures products designed specifically to get results quickly and effectively without stress.
EfferZyme® Effervescent Cleaning Tablets enhances removal of blood and other soils that may be resistant to chemical detergents.
Kerr has introduced EmPower® Fragrance Free, ideal for users who are chemically-sensitive or prefer an odorless product.
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