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Shofu Dental Corporation Introduces BeautiBond Xtreme Single-Component, Universal Bond with Quad-Adhesive Technology

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024

San Marcos, California—June 20, 2024—Shofu Dental Corporation introduces BeautiBond Xtreme, a universal bonding agent with proprietary Quad-Adhesive Technology.

BeautiBond Xtreme is a powerful all-in-one universal bonding agent featuring Quad-Adhesive Technology. This technology facilitates bonding to enamel, dentin, zirconia, precious metal alloys, composite resins, and glass ceramics. Due to BeautiBond Xtreme’s unique proprietary chemistry, a single layer gives a fast, strong, and reliable bond.

Ideal for direct and indirect restorations using any light-cure, dual-cure, or self-cure material without the need for additional primers, BeautiBond Xtreme is a truly universal adhesive that offers flexibility with self-etch, selective-etch, or total-etch technique. BeautiBond Xtreme provides an optimal seal to wet or dry dentin, penetrating deep into the tubules to create resin tags for secure adhesion and dramatic reduction of postoperative sensitivity.

BeautiBond Xtreme's HEMA-free formula improves the stability of the adhesive, providing a thin and uniform layer with reduced technique sensitivity. With an extremely low film thickness of 5µm, BeautiBond Xtreme prevents marginal stain lines caused by brands with thicker bonding layers. It’s easy, one-step application makes the bonding process consistently reliable and clinically efficient.

BeautiBond Xtreme is available in a 50-unit 0.1ml dose set with microbrushes, MSRP $169.99, and a 5ml ergonomic-designed, one-hand-controlled dispensing bottle, MSRP $164.99.


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