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Introducing Ora, a Revolutionary New Approach to Dental Practice Management

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024

Meet Ora, the first-of-its-kind to deliver on the promise of providing “all-in-one” practice management software to dental practices. Ora revolutionizes operations for dental practices and DSOs, providing a comprehensive suite of tools, integrated to create a truly unified experience—one platform, one support team, one login, one bill.

For too long, dental practice management software solutions have been decentralized, lacking the comprehensive capabilities needed to empower practice owners to effectively manage their businesses. This fragmentation not only results in the inability to integrate data and patient information across various products but also creates a blurred and incomplete picture of each patient. Consequently, avoidable system errors and inefficiencies arise in patient care, billing, and revenue cycle management. The disjointed nature of these solutions has created unnecessary challenges, hindering dental practices from achieving optimal operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Ora was purpose-built with the end user and their existing challenges in mind. Ora centralizes innovative solutions, reliable technology, continuous optimization, and expert support — all in one place. By consistently integrating patient data, Ora ensures a clear and comprehensive picture of each patient and eliminates the need to maintain multiple solutions. With Ora, practices and organizations have a trusted partner, providing advanced technology that’s built to scale in a quickly evolving industry. Constantly seeking ways to improve practice outcomes, Ora’s mission hinges on supporting continued practice success.

The unmatched versatility of the Ora platform includes fundamental tools like electronic health records (EHR), patient scheduling, billing and payments, automated reminders, digital waitlist management, and patient recall systems, centralized in one continuous workflow. Ora also offers increased value to practices via advanced features designed to help you stay ahead:

• Imaging and lab management for streamlined clinical workflows.

• Consult management and e-claims to improve operational efficiency.

• eRX and attachment services to enhance patient care and record keeping.

• Comprehensive patient communication tools, including coupons and campaigns.

• Automated eligibility verification and reputation management to support practice growth.

• RCM solutions to simplify the complexities of billing, collection and management of insurance authorization, improving cash flow.

Ora’s robust feature set, combined with an unparalleled user experience and customer service, make it the most effective, innovative, effortless way to manage your dental practice.

Developed by PracticeTek, a recognized leader in healthcare technology solutions, Ora integrates sophisticated technology from partners like DentalXChange, Pearl AI, ScriptSure, SOTA Cloud, and Treatment24Seven for a seamless and efficient workflow. Ora provides more of what matters to customers, and their commitment to strong relationships with top software providers delivers on promises of leading-edge technology and experience for users.

“Ora is the first platform to fulfill the promise of a unified solution, designed to centralize and streamline practice management, supporting the needs of all dental practices, from small private clinics to large multi-specialty organizations,” said Marc West, PracticeTek CPO. “We’re continuously innovating and enhancing the Ora platform to integrate even more best-in-class solutions to remain at the forefront of dental practice management technology.”

About Ora

Ora has redefined dental software by delivering a truly all-in-one experience. Ora scales to support all dental practices — from single offices to multi-specialty practices and DSOs. Its cloud-based platform redefines enterprise practice management by offering seamless, secure access to patient data anywhere, anytime. With features like Smart Scheduling, Lab Management, Imaging and advanced analytics, Ora Dental is transforming how dental practices engage with technology to deliver superior patient care and drive growth. For more information, visit

About PracticeTek

PracticeTek is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare technology solutions for retail healthcare clinics. The company offers end-to-end software products and services that help clinics improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver better patient care. Serving chiropractic, vision care, dental care and wellbeing practitioners across the country, PracticeTek is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. It works constantly to develop new and better ways to help its clients succeed. For more information, visit


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