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RevenueWell Launches Insurance Verification for Dental Practices, an Automated and Reliable Process for Verifying Insurance

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Provides front offices and patients with accurate, up-to-date insurance information for more transparent cost conversations

RevenueWell, a leading patient experience software and digital marketing services partner for dental practices, announced the launch of a new product: Dental Insurance Verification, an automated tool to verify patients’ insurance. As an add-on to the RevenueWell Marketing Platform, Dental Insurance Verification helps dental practices deliver accurate, reliable insurance information to patients for better care and satisfaction. The tool automates the verification process so front office teams can provide up-to-date insurance information to patients, so they know what’s covered and what they’ll owe.

“Dental practices continue to carry the burden of inefficient, inaccurate, and often costly insurance verification tools,” said Steve Prosser, Chief Technology Officer of RevenueWell. “The amount of time spent each week verifying a patient’s active insurance is astounding, not to mention the efforts going into training new office staff on how to do it. RevenueWell’s automated insurance verification takes a novel approach by automatically validating insurance directly from provider portals and clearinghouses, then cross-referencing and cleansing the results. Our solution provides much greater accuracy, with access to a significantly larger pool of providers and treatment codes to automatically verify against.”

Verifying insurance is a time-consuming process that involves calling or logging into different provider portals to collect information. With RevenueWell’s insurance verification, it alleviates some of the burden for front office teams by providing full verification and eligibility reports to assist putting together cost estimates for patients. This is done by using a powerful combination of data directly from the provider portals, clearinghouses, and PMS data to verify information. The system checks, matches, and cleanses the patients’ information against different sources to provide accurate insurance data.

Insurance verification enables practices to verify a patient’s insurance prior to their appointment. Practices will receive a form containing a full benefits breakdown or eligibility details based on what the system provides. Practices can download all this information directly from RevenueWell and use this information to provide patients with cost estimates.

RevenueWell’s Dental Insurance Verification benefits include:

● High data accuracy and quality: Receive accurate, up-to-date insurance information from the RevenueWell system which pulls data directly from the provider portals, clearinghouses, and PMS data. It scrubs the data to ensure practice teams receive up-to-date information related to coverage, cost breakdown, histories, and more.

● Better team efficiency: Automation can minimize the time spent making phone calls or navigating provider portals, allowing practice teams to spend more time with patients and other critical tasks.

● Shorten appointment lead time: Verify insurance information faster to get patients in sooner for their appointments, instead of waiting days or weeks for insurance details by mail.

● Increase patient satisfaction: Facilitate transparent communication around coverage and costs with patients to help patients understand their financial responsibilities so they can make informed decisions around their dental care. Patients are more likely to return to the practice and accept treatments because they trust the practice team to give them the right information around their insurance.

“The launch of insurance verification is an exciting time for RevenueWell,” said Katherine Shuman, CEO of RevenueWell. “Every tool we build is intended to help the practice team be successful in their jobs and deliver a positive experience for patients. And that’s what Dental Insurance Verification does. It enables practices to automate the verification process, so they have confidence knowing the data they get back is accurate and reliable, making it easier to have transparent cost conversations with patients. This leads to better patient relationships, improved case acceptance, and higher patient retention, all of which help strengthen their reputation in their community and grow their practice.”

For more information about RevenueWell Dental Insurance Verification and how it can improve the dental practice’s insurance process, visit  

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