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DIA and Women in DSO Join Forces to Empower Women in Dental Entrepreneurship and Investing

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

Dental Innovation Alliance (DIA), and Women in DSO (WinDSO) proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at advancing women as entrepreneurs and investors in the dental industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering diversity and inclusion within the dental space.

As two leading organizations dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in dentistry, DIA and WinDSO recognize the importance of supporting and empowering women in leadership roles. Through this partnership, both organizations will leverage their respective expertise and resources to provide women with the tools, mentorship, and networking opportunities needed to thrive as entrepreneurs and investors.

Founded on the principles of education, advocacy, and collaboration, DIA is committed to driving innovation and fostering collaboration among dental professionals to improve patient care and enhance practice success. Similarly, Women in DSO is dedicated to advancing women's leadership and professional development within the DSO community through mentorship, networking, and educational initiatives.

"We are thrilled to partner with Women in DSO to continue to push the industry forward and to intentionally empower women in the process," shares Tomm Sharpe, Managing Partner of DIA. "Through this partnership, we can amplify our efforts to provide women with the necessary support and guidance to succeed as entrepreneurs and investors in this rapidly evolving landscape."

"We believe that we can empower women as leaders and decision-makers to drive positive change and innovation within the dental industry," says Dr. Aman Kaur, Founder and President of Women in DSO. "This strategic partnership aims to create a more inclusive and equitable environment where women can thrive and make meaningful contributions to the future of dentistry."

Together, DIA and WinDSO will collaborate on various initiatives, including educational workshops, networking events, and mentorship programs designed to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to succeed in dental entrepreneurship and venture capital investing.

To start, DIA is excited to launch Entrepreneurship Corner, a resource for women leaders who want to explore entrepreneurship. It begins with a breakout session, "A Step by Step Breakdown of the Dental Entrepreneurship Process," at Women in DSO's upcoming Empower and Grow conference, where over 900 attendees are expected. Join DIA and Women in DSO at the event and meet and learn from DIA team members Kentucky Morrow, Kate Orr, and Thomas Sharpe who will be onsite.

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