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Jarvis Analytics Selected for Use Across 50+ Southern Dental Alliance Practice Locations

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2022

Jarvis Analytics’ Dental Dashboard and Analytics Platform Helps Fast Growing DSO To Normalize and Aggregate Practice Management Data Across Locations

Henry Schein One announced today that Jarvis Analytics™ has been selected by Southern Dental Alliance (SDA) for use across its general and pediatric dentistry operations. The dental support organization (DSO) chose Jarvis Analytics as its data analytics platform for all of its 50 practices to enable the normalization and aggregation of data.

Jarvis Analytics gives SDA the ability to aggregate and analyze disparate data sources across locations to improve reporting, decision making, and performance. With its dental dashboards and comprehensive modules, Jarvis Analytics delivers insights so every user—from the executive team and finance team to the regional managers and practice staff — can achieve better clinical and operational outcomes across the organization. Jarvis Analytics consists of a suite of modules mapped to key functions for each business, and includes workflows that can be associated with a specific user and/or practice within the organization.

Prior to using Jarvis Analytics, SDA used a data analytics tool that required the organization to manually aggregate data and create reports, which wasted a tremendous amount of time normalizing and matching data from various practice management systems. With Jarvis Analytics, SDA is able to use the robust features and modules of the tool to bring their practice data into one holistic view, but also trust the data they are seeing to drive better outcomes for their patients and better growth for their organization.

“Jarvis Analytics is pleased to partner with Southern Dental Alliance in its mission to create a data-driven organization while improving patient care,” said Mike Baird, CEO of Henry Schein One. “DSOs can truly transform the way they manage their dental business with Jarvis Analytics and its complete platform that delivers actional data and facilitates workflows to drive profitable revenue growth. Ultimately, this growth allows them to deliver high-quality care to more patients.”

“Southern Dental Alliance is committed to building a world-class, data-driven operation and culture,” said Ben Tomlinson, Chief Information Officer for Southern Dental Alliance. “JarvisAnalytics is now the cornerstone of this fundamental, organization-wide cultural shift from subjective to objective data-driven decision making. We simply would not have achieved this without Jarvis Analytics and the amazing team behind it. The dedicated Jarvis team members connected to our deployment were and continue to be invaluable in helping us drive adoption at every level of the organization.”

Southern Dental Alliance is a dental support organization affiliated with more than 50 practices in the Southeast United States. The lead doctors of each practice pursue growth and offer invaluable mentoring and support for their teams and patients. To learn more about Southern Dental Alliance, visit

To learn more about Jarvis Analytics, please visit

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