Planmeca Creo™ C5 3D Printer and Planmeca Compact i5

Posted on February 21, 2019

Today Planmeca introduces two new products that will debut at the Chicago MidWinter Dental Meeting--the Planmeca Creo C5 and the Planmeca Compact i5™.The Planmeca Creo C5 is a 3D printer custom-engineered for dental professionals for same-day appliances including surgical guides and dental models.

Planmeca’s all-new 3D printer can create surgical guides or dental models in less than 15 minutes, 50-60 temporary crowns in less than 10 minutes, or up to five full arch dental models in one print.

The Planmeca Creo C5 uses LCD Photomask technology which projects a uniform light source that virtually eliminates imperfections when printing dental appliances. Planmeca Creo C5 does not require calibration, features an easy-to-use touch display with pre-programmed settings and utilizes open STL and PLY files for seamless integration.

“Our all-new 3D printer is the latest innovation from Planmeca aimed at helping clinicians improve the care they provide and simplify their workflow by leveraging one software for their imaging, CAD/CAM, and now with the Planmeca Creo C5, their 3D printing needs,” said Ed McDonough, president, PlanmecaUSA.

Materials for Planmeca Creo C5 come in convenient capsules. They are a completely unique way to dispense high-quality 3D printing materials – without any material waste.

The Planmeca Compact i5™ introduces an easier way to work

A Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit helps make every day work smoother, more comfortable, and less stressful. Dentists and dental team members have convenient access to the treatment area from the floating chair and narrowing backrest.

The unit’s foldable and automatic leg rest make entering and exiting the chair easy for patients. The chair’s design follows the body’s shape and provides firm and comfortable support. In addition, Planmeca’s Ultra Relax™ upholstery adapts to the patient’s weight and body heat – leading to an enjoyable overall experience.

The practical design solutions of Planmeca Compact i5 make infection control especially easy, as all the essential functions are neatly organized, integrated, automated, guided, and recorded. A safe environment is guaranteed for both the dental team and the patients.

"Our product development is always guided by what we believe contributes to good design – ergonomics, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. In Planmeca Compact i5, these design values have been honed and perfected to the highest level," said McDonough.

The Planmeca Compact i5 can be customized in four different settings to match the dentist’s preference and our Planmeca PlanID™ sign-in system allows users to conveniently access their personal settings on any dental unit with a flash of a card. Planmeca PlanID is especially beneficial for dental universities and hospitals, as well as large clinics and DSOs with many users.

About Planmeca

Planmea is the largest privately held company in the dental equipment market and one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of dental X-rays and core equipment. With a North American office located in Roselle, Illinois, and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, For more information, visit or find us on Facebook at, on Twitter: and LinkedIn;


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