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CANDULOR: The Personal Prosthetics Specialists From Switzerland

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2024

CANDULOR has been offering high-quality materials for dental technology needs since 1936. In particular, the Swiss manufacturer is known for its esthetically sophisticated tooth lines and high-quality resins, especially in shade 34. The product system can be used to fabricate restorations that resemble a natural dentition very closely, thus giving patients back a high quality of life. CANDULOR also regards itself as a prosthetics specialist committed to the transfer of knowledge in partnership with laboratories and practices. The Swiss School of Prosthetics by CANDULOR (SSOP) was founded on this fundamental value, with which the Swiss company aims to bring sound specialist knowledge and practical know-how to dental laboratories and practices worldwide to increase quality and efficiency.

An interesting niche for dental laboratories

Full dentures are a very demanding discipline within the dental world, which is often underestimated due to a lack of knowledge or a mainstream orientation. Nonetheless, this field promises to be an interesting niche with great potential, provided the relevant expertise is available.

On this topic, CANDULOR offers dental laboratories and denturists a comprehensive prosthetic system for partial, full and implant-supported patient restorations: from tooth lines, denture resins and auxiliary materials to dental equipment for registration and articulation. The portfolio also includes discs for digital processing, ensuring that dental laboratories can always be offered the right material, no matter at which level of digitization they are.

Understanding customer needs and processes

Close customer relationships have always been the focus of business partnerships at CANDULOR, as Thibaut Van den bossche (Country Development Manager Europe & North America at CANDULOR) emphasizes: "The most important thing is that I know the customer's processes and requirements in detail so that I can give them the best possible advice. Here, it is very important to us that we approach things in the laboratory with a high level of empathy - I myself am a dental technician and can therefore speak to our customers on an equal footing."

Designing individual dentures

With its PhysioSet TCR tooth line, CANDULOR offers 48 tooth molds including 18 special X-molds, with which highly individual prosthetic solutions can be realized. The PhysioSelect TCR tooth line stands for tooth shapes in a fresh, youthful design. Both are made of highly resistant TwinCrossedResin material (modified PMMA variant) for very high plaque and abrasion resistance* requirements. The two tooth lines are available in 16 A-D shades and 2 Bleach shades, whereas the PhysioSet TCR is additionally available in 9 CANDULOR shades.

For the digital and analog workflow

A range of disks is available for CAD/CAM-supported fabrication:

• For the fabrication of denture bases, the high-impact XPLEX material is available as disks in three shades (1, 5 and 34), which correspond to the XPLEX denture materials.

• The range is complemented by tooth-colored disks from the TCR family. The combination of TCR Mono or TCR Multi disks with the denture base material XPLEX Base enables completely individualized dental arches and segments as well as denture bases to be milled. The special XPLEX Bond was developed to ensure an optimum bond between the two segments.

This gives the laboratory the opportunity to choose the material that best suits its own workflow. In parallel or in addition, the dual-application high-impact polymer and the respective hot or cold monomer components can be used in analog processing.

Thibaut Van den bossche on the advantages of the milling disks: "Our materials for digital CAD/CAM machining offer three major advantages:

1. They can be used with any machine.

2. Everything in the system always matches so that the laboratory can work both conventionally as well as digitally.

3. All products come from a single source: from analog teeth and CAD/CAM materials to articulators and auxiliary materials. All materials - be it analog or digital - are compatible with each other and thus enable a consistent solution."

Knowledge for greater success in prosthetics

In times of digitization, different levels of know-how among employees pose particular challenges for dental laboratories, especially in the demanding discipline of full dentures. This is where the Swiss School of Prosthetics (SSOP) fills an important gap in the continuing education program and offers fundamental, comprehensive knowledge transfer. The broad spectrum ranges from theoretical courses to practical hands-on training, through to complete modules. There are offers for dental technicians as well as for dentists and for all levels of knowledge: from beginners to experts. The SSOP concept thus provides both dental technicians and dentists with a high level of excellence for the individualization of dentures. Whereby it does not matter whether the laboratory works in an analog or increasingly digital manner.

"The market for removable dentures certainly offers interesting potential. In this field, we are the specialists with unrivaled expertise: not only in terms of our products, which we have adapted to the North American market with 18 additional tooth shapes. But above all through our knowledge of how to create prosthetic solutions that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth in terms of esthetics and function. We pass this know-how on to our SSOP partner Edmonds Dental Prosthetics Inc. in Springfield MO in the USA, so that laboratories can achieve prosthetic solutions that give patients back true quality of life," summarizes Thibaut Van den bossche.

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* Abrasion resistance, clinical study over 2 years; plaque resistance measured in the laboratory


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