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Invest in quality, not equipment!

How can NobelProcera help you?

Included in its offerings are the NobelProcera Scan and Design Services. Laboratories can skip the need for expensive investments. 


What solutions do you need to move forward?

How can integrated digital workflow help you?

This eBook provides an answer to this question, explaining how a variety of digital products and services can help you grow your lab. 


Take advantage of the training through Custom Automated Prosthetics!

How can you thrive?

CAP can help - invest in training in these three areas: technology, artistry, and business. Courses include monthly webinars, hands-on clinics, and more!


What do you seek in an outsourcing partner?

Tonya Hampshire gives pointers to labs seeking possible partners. 


Learn more about this manufacturer's change from outsourcing to in-house milling.

Shifting gears to find new space in the market.

Learn how Isaac Hakimi of Streamline Dental turned from outsourcing to in-house milling with great success. 

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