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Learn more about treating the constricted envelope of function!

How can identifying occlusal issues help with smile restoration?

Fred Peck and Dwight Rickert provide a case of smile restoration while treating the constricted envelope of function.  


Learn more about how artistry and technology can lead to successful restorations.

Defining the artistry and use of technology to create masterpieces.

Tommy Zhu presents a case study in this Masterclass that illustrates how clinical and technical knowledge along with technology can exceed the patient's expectations for esthetics and function.


Learn more about treating traumatic oral injury with veneers!

How can treating a traumatic oral injury provide insight?

Kyle Swan gives his own account of a case involving traumatic injury following health issues, laying out the lenghty, methodical process to provide an optimal outcome. 


Learn tips for all ceramic crown cementation!

Learn these tips for All ceramic crown cementation!

This blog from DDS Lab discusses choosing the correct cement for all-ceramic crowns.


How can the clinician-technician produce great restorative results? Read more about digital workflow.

Case study illustrates digital restorative process through clinician-technician collaboration

Lee Culp, CEO of Sculpture Studio, and Lida Swann, Prothodontist, discuss how CAD/CAM can offer a more efficient restorative process.

Here's what perfect shade looks like!
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