Milling Machines

Whether you need a wet mill, a dry mill, or a combination mill; a large production machine or something small and efficient; the wide array of options on the market today provide something for nearly everyone. Make this product page your resource for determining which mill(s) on the market best fit your needs.

Not only can this machine be used as a purely dry or wet system, it can also be operated in wet/dry combination mode, during which operation can easily be changed between milling and grinding.
The CORiTEC one, 250i, 350i, 650i, and PRO version mills feature 5-axis milling of over 30° divergence for both wet and dry processing. Each machine is manufactured to order.
The DATRON D5, a five-axis dental milling machine and winner of the Red Dot Design Award for Industrial Design, is controlled by an Apple iPad®.
The DC5, DC1, and DC7 5-axis simultaneous milling machines, available through Zubler USA, are designed from the ground up for today’s digital laboratories.
Dentists and laboratories can use DWLM to create restorations from proven dental materials with unprecedented levels of detail, easily, reliably, and economically.
Biodenta’s state-of-the-art DentaSwiss CAD/CAM solutions enable in-house milling to accomplish partially and completely edentulous digital workflows accurately and efficiently.
The Dyamach DT2 is an affordable, fully open, premium 5-axis wet/dry mill, designed for in-house production of complex titanium implant bars and abutments.
Roland DGA Corp's DWX-4W produces crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, and veneers at high-speed with its Jaeger DentaDrive spindle and simultaneous 4-axis milling.
The inLab® MC X5 is a five-axis milling and grinding unit that switches seamlessly between wet and dry functions and processes a wide range of materials.
Talladium’s MASTERmill zirconia, PMMA, and wax milling machine is highly efficient and delivers consistent restorations.
MAXX Series, made of a granite base frame, aims to provide minimal margin chipping and enables coping margins to be designed thinly, which minimizes re-making and the hand finishing process.
Zirkonzahn’s Milling Unit Compact Line M1 makes proven CAD/CAM technology accessible for everyone. Thanks to the various versions of the M1 line, any laboratory’s requirements can be met.
The affordable ORIGIN Proteus 5x Milling Machine has a small footprint. However, this robust, simultaneous 5-axis mill tackles big jobs with state-of-the-art manufacturing and cutting-edge technology.
Same-day crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers, with fast-producing restoration design.
The Preciso M200 is a compact, dry, precision 4-AXIS desktop mill that offers unmatched speed, accuracy and reliability.
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