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Learn more about tools that can help you organize everything from prescriptions to invoices!

What business management tools do you use?

Evident provides a variety of tools, from prescriptions to invoice creation to a doctor portal, to grow you lab!


Learn more about the essential elements of phone prospecting new clients!

How do you expand your reach?

This article discusses how to reach out to new prospects through phone, with a focus on three things.


Learn more about educating clients on the value of your team and technology!

How can you communicate the value of your team and your technology to your clients?

Deborah Curson-Vieira provides insights into educating clients on expertise, education, and value of your team and technology.


Learn more about what the FDA expects of CAD/CAM dental labs.

How does the FDA classify lab-based CAD/CAM manufacturing?

Tim Torbenson provides valuable insight into how the FDA views dental laboratories and its expectations for CAD/CAM manufacturing. 


Learn how debt strategy can be good for business growth!

How can you leverage debt to create a path to success?

While business owners might shy away from debt, this article provides examples of when borrowing money could be helpful.

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