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Learn more about improving client management and increase customer loyalty!

How can you improve client management and increase customer loyalty?

LabStar is a simple, cloud-based lab management software that makes your lab better. 


Learn more about how your lab can achieve growth!

How can you achieve growth?

Jim Glidewell, President and CEO of Glidewell Laboratories, discusses investing in your lab and creating capacity for the future. Learn more!


Learn more about how customer reviews can help grow your lab!

How can the quality of your work pay off?

Labworthy explains that customer reviews can drive referrals for your lab. Learn more!


Learn more about what the FDA expects of CAD/CAM dental labs.

How does the FDA classify lab-based CAD/CAM manufacturing?

Tim Torbenson provides valuable insight into how the FDA views dental laboratories and its expectations for CAD/CAM manufacturing. 


Learn more about how the new tax laws could affect you!

What will new tax laws affect small businesses like yours?

As accountants and attorneys are exploring how these new laws could impact businesses, it's important to get a jump on how these laws affect your businesses. 

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