Implant Systems

From angulated screw channels to advanced attachments, today’s dental implant systems offer various options for providing fixed or hybrid solutions to edentulous patients. As these solutions become increasingly popular, dentists often look to technicians for their expert opinions on how best to treatment plan cases. Make this product page your resource for browsing the various implant systems and components on the market.

BellaTek® Bars and Frameworks provide simplified laboratory procedures for removable and fixed prostheses with precision difficult to match using conventional laboratory techniques.
Aurident’s Delta Milling Center offers companies the opportunity to mill implant bars from either models or STL files.
Blue Hader clips by Preat provide both stability and retention for worn Hader bars.
Cagenix 360, the new overlay-onframe system from Cagenix, features a monolithic PMMA or zirconia overlay mated to a milled titanium framework.
Straumann's CARES® Variobase™ Abutment complements its existing range of customized abutments with a titanium bonding base and a zirconium dioxide coping.
Though a common indication, single-unit molar restorations can be challenging. Nobel's Complete Posterior Solution provides shorter time to teeth while reducing complexity and risks.
Core3dcentres® is a complete, one-stop solution for titanium bars and milled frameworks in PMMA, zirconia, titanium, and CrCo for screw-retained bridges. Currently 19 implant brands with 105 different connections are supported.
CreoDent Milling Center can deliver excellent solutions to all your bar needs.
Biodenta offers innovative implant systems with comprehensive solutions. Primary stability and final osseointegration of the implant are expedited via our surface treatment.
Deutsch Dental Arts' Zirconia and Galvano Gold give you a simple elegant telescopic solution which is shared implant / tissue borne, highly retentive, and long lasting.
With full-contour zirconia (FCZ) crown with angulated screw channel (ASC) by Nobel, you can forget the hassle of cement and inconvenient access.
MIST Implant Components (IC) support 16 implant systems with 5 different components.
Inclusive® CAD/CAM Implant Bars and Frameworks are designed and milled using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM manufacturing processes that provide a high degree of precision, strength, and consistency.
The new Locator R-Tx removable attachment system by Zest is the next generation of the world's leading overdenture attachment system.
Medentika, developed by German engineers at Instradent, offers optimized fit compatible with all major implant systems on the market.
Each NobelProcera restoration comes with an authenticity label for your case documentation and to give to patients.
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