Porcelain and Stains

Many dental technicians differentiate themselves by using their skills with porcelain and stains to achieve superior esthetics. As new materials continue to hit the market and increase the possibilities for laboratories, make this product page your resource for finding which porcelains and stains will be best for your laboratory.

VITA VM®9 helps you achieve natural, highly esthetic restorations with precise shade match, right out of the bottle.
CeraMaster is designed to finish, polish and super-polish porcelains and enamel. A carefully balanced blend of diamond particles produces the smoothest finish and most glaze-like surfaces.
IPS Ceramic Etching Gel (20 s) is used to generate retentive bonding surfaces on all-ceramic restorations in preparation for incorporation.
IPS Empress Universal Glaze Spray is quickly and easily sprayed onto fully anatomical, characterized IPS Empress CAD and Empress Esthetic restorations and fired in the Programat furnace using glaze-firing parameters.
The new range of stains and glazes from Ivoclar Vivadent provides artistry without the need to carry multiple dedicated systems. The system can be used with all ceramics, metal ceramics, and zirconia.
This new Nacera US coloring liquid concept for perfect, lifelike shade results, especially in combination with white Nacera® Zirconia, is available in 16 body colors and various effect stains covering the entire chromatic spectrum.
Renfert’s two diamond polishing pastes for zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate, as well as its all-in-one polishing paste for bonding ceramic, hybrid ceramic, or high-performance acrylics.
Dental Creations’ universal modeling liquid for both low- and high-fusing porcelains eliminates slumping, reduces buildup time, maximizes shade results, reduces firing shrinkage, and eliminates steam tears and margin lifts.
Imagined, developed, and tested by MDT Dominique Vinci, United Colors by Smile Line is an assortment of intensive fluorescent colors for porcelain buildup.
VITA VM®9 helps you achieve natural, highly esthetic restorations with precise shade match, right out of the bottle.
Save time, increase production and create life-like posteriors in a single bake. VITA VMK MASTER® is a natural feldspar veneer ceramic for classic ceramic alloys.
Ceragroup Industries has for many years manufactured universal glaze powders that have been used on millions of porcelain, zirconia, and lithium silicate restorations.
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